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“Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

“Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization

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“Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization Empty “Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization

Post by alleyrose Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:47 pm

“Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization Image
Developed the continuous attacks of the organization of the Islamic state ‘Daash’, which controls vast areas west and north of Iraq, the Baghdad government in a quandary about to join the World Trade Organization, after nearly seven years of continuous steps to achieve this accession. Iraq is seeking permanent membership in the WTO, rather than an observer member, as is the case at the moment. The feet Iraq in February 2011 was asked to join as an observer in the World Trade Organization, and received approval in the same year, and began later in the preparation of the memorandum Foreign Trade Policy, a document key join submitted to the organization. Iraqi officials say that their country began to pursue the requirements to join the World Trade Organization, through the activation of a number of new laws and take some action on the trade and economic system in the country. But Najiba Najib, a member of Committee economy and investment in the Iraqi parliament, she told Anatolia, the procedures to be implemented to become Iraq, a member of the organization needs more time, especially in light of the tense situation on the security front, which has plagued Iraq after the control of the organization Daash over large areas of the country since the summer 2014. She explained that the ‘meet the conditions of accession to the WTO requires the presence of an industrial environment and stable business in the country, while now there are put confused and full disabled for Industry and Commerce, making it difficult economic reality in many of the Iraqi provinces, because of the war against Daash’. She added that the terms of join the World Trade Organization imposed on Iraq to be its economy diversified and is not supported on oil, and to achieve this requirement needs to be more time, because the industry and agriculture Iraqi suffer neglect, and can not be formed in the near future an important resource for the country’s economy on oil-style. Founded Trade Organization Global in 1995 and based in Geneva, Switzerland-based and includes 160 countries in June 2014, and aimed at managing global trade agreements, and monitoring of national trade policies. and put the organization several conditions for joining aimed at identifying tariffs and a commitment not to raise them, as well as the removal of barriers and obstacles related to the import and export Goods and commitment Bagyatea. , said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi prime minister for economic affairs adviser, said that Iraq has begun to achieve a number of paved procedures for accession to the World Trade Organization, including reforms in the tax system, and after that was applied tariff law. Saleh added that there is a tendency for the implementation of other important steps to activate a number of economic laws that make Iraq a multi-financial resources countries, and is not dependent on oil as a major source of revenue. He pointed out that Iraq had made ​​considerable progress during the past seven years in negotiations with the World Trade Organization, in preparation for accession , pointing out that the government and parliament who are currently issuing legal, economic legislation supported by the implementation of the terms of accession to the World Trade Organization. Iraq relies on oil imports to finance 95% of the budget, the country produces about 2.5 million barrels per day, with expectations to increase production to four million barrels per day . Iraq is facing a financial crisis, and up the budget deficit during the current year to $ 21 billion, as a result of the fall in global oil prices by more than 50% since June, as well as the high costs of the war against al-Islamic state.

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“Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization Empty Re: “Daash” hamper Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization

Post by Terbo56 Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:58 pm

In short, it is the 'Elite', with the help of 'Obama', that does not and never did want Iraq to better themselves- The Iraqis were poisoned a few years ago during the 'Hussein' presidency, and Obama only added to the insult and injury of this country- He doesn't want them to get out of poverty-He would rather anyone that was a scourge of the earth to die anyway- That is part of his involvement with the so called New World Order, a population of only 500,000,000 to survive in the U.S.- There is a stone in central Georgia that was carved pertaining to the destruction of people and genocide like Hitler exposed the Jews to back in the 30's and 40's-World war two-
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