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Economic situation is reassuring .. .. and the only Iraqi citizen aggrieved with weak purchasing power DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Economic situation is reassuring .. .. and the only Iraqi citizen aggrieved with weak purchasing power

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Economic situation is reassuring .. .. and the only Iraqi citizen aggrieved with weak purchasing power Empty Economic situation is reassuring .. .. and the only Iraqi citizen aggrieved with weak purchasing power

Post by Ponee Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:49 pm

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Muhannad Mustafa who follows Iraqi economic affairs do not find him just like any other even poor ones states, he has money and wealth and resources that make it finest country in the world, but the political Incorrect which manages the economy and wealth in the country prevented the birth of a new series of actions and decisions that will put an end to all the obstacles that increase the tragedy of the poor who do not have, but the daily strength now, citizens demanded that work and a real lift Iraq from the predicament sons today, especially since a lot of people either working in the private sector or the government or Even entrepreneurship affected by what passed by the State economy. 

Situation requires tough decisions is subject to change
Ahmed al-Muzaffar, a taxi driver that "the general economic situation of the state requires finding a series of measures that make people more prosperous and stable so it is imperative that there be Mbdhula real effort by all parties, which is trying in various ways to pull the country from economic predicament suffocating."

He adds Muzaffar for "tomorrow's Press," that "the streets of the capital need to be a lot of things that will restore its glory, especially since a lot of people complain about the lack of the simplest things that make them like other countries that are trying and various ways to get into our society to society was accepted and preceded us by far The reason is because of the slowdown stakeholders and opinion in making decisions that will restore the country's glory, which we desperately need him in those times Pack, The lack of the most basic aspects of the mission live, accompanied by political instability and security crises which generate mostly things that directly affect the overall state's economy, which leaves damaging on citizens, particularly low-income owners. " Many expenses are giving me sleepless nights under the paralysis of purchasing power

In a sign of Amir al-Qaisi, the owner of markets food that "the general movement of the markets and in all provinces, including areas of Baghdad does not rise to the level of expenditure and consumption that we be spent per month, monthly Valaijar example of 800 000 dinars added his wages electricity Associations and other things that may exceed one million and a half and this mostly become spent by Malian private on the grounds that the store can not be him that fills all those needs which the wage goods supposed to Aqtnyha once in a while I did not put ", noting that" all of this and other aspects of the mission life that I live on a daily basis from and that person can not afford Vmsariv House and wages are all shop parked on the economic situation in the country confused and in need of artificial respiration is far from dodgy Hess legal decisions, but it does not serve the citizens of all the real economy. "

Explains Qaisi for "tomorrow Press", "The purchasing power is now partially paralyzed and in most areas of the capital, without exception, because of the political and security situation is stable and that we are witnessing chapters bombing there and refill there are factors that lead to paralysis developmental movement of the owners of the money, particularly traders and owners of goods who justify high prices to the lack of available land ports hundred percent as in the past and the adoption of the aircraft, mostly in the importation of goods which leads to high prices to the detriment of direct influence on the aggrieved consumer foundation of the transfer. "

Chapter word country institutions and economic decision-makers
While calling Nabhan Al-Haj, the owner of a gift shop, the Iraqi government to "the need to find real alternatives that will restore the Iraqi market prestige that was before a simple periods, we can not deny that the country is going through a big dilemma as a result of lack of real ability to extend security and stability in all parts of the provinces But we at the same time can not receive these new variables that the country was destroyed and Aath years back, dealers and friends of mine from out of the country severed my relationship with economic and trade them for not being able to adapt to the new reality imposed on not being able to pay on time you're careful it In an earlier time Vdaotai estimated one thousand dollars would you give stronger in light of the economic situation prevailing in the absence of a clear purchasing power of Mstlk. "

And demanding Nabhan through for "tomorrow Press," "By the radical by the relevant government institutions economy of the state and that have in every word crisis Chapter live crises one by one and the Hereafter Between cooking gas crisis, which appeared shortly before, fuel, electricity, water and sewage networks and other things that are meant to clear and strategic policy real and effective for the advancement of the economic reality of the country, we need the rest of the world, which has become a race against time to get to the economic stability and prosperity, which generates many aspects of mission life away from individualism, racism and sectarianism that Anridha live Pena. "

Live the pain and heartbreak and address the richest country in the world
Asked India Abdul al-Rubaie, Her feminine accessories, for the case that the country is living, said, "When the situation remains so, Aoulsena richest country in the world, either it was worthwhile to approve the budget on time to avoid the crises that replace us daily, who is responsible for the loss everyday we pay from our own money for life to continue only have the gold and do not see the color, Oil in Other countries invest in all the ways that lead to real and actual production of the resources that the evolution of the wheel of progress and prosperity, for how long the case of the poor citizen like this is reassuring. "

She Rubaie for "tomorrow's Press," that "the economic crisis plaguing the country needs a prompt correction of the policy of the state and all-round lack of a real rapprochement between the majority of the state's institutions always turns to loss effort that aimed to Halhh problems detrimental to the families needy The poor and low-income owners and entrepreneurship. "

Attention Mahmoud Allawi, a camera shop owner, said that "most of the customers who took pictures at the local and which are private Pfaalat will hopefully be submitted for the purpose of finding the opportunity to work, which has become the mind of everyone, even in dreams, Valkhrig and unemployed and the owner of self-employment, and others are all today are affected of the crisis, which has become stifling all the provinces. "

It calls Mahmoud through for "tomorrow Press", to "the formation of committees by government institutions concerned about economics, control and accounting traders weak-minded people who take advantage of what is going through the country in these times so that there is not a greater loss paid for the ordinary citizen solution duty, but the implementation is supposed not to go on too much. "

Economist: the cause of the crisis is the dependence on oil product only
As economist Bassem Jamil Antoine explains, "The current crisis was the result of reliance on oil revenues, and without the benefit of it to create other productive sectors, particularly in the fields of agriculture, industry and tourism, noting that" the need to adapt to the current reality and focus on activating the role of the private sector. "

Said Antoine for "tomorrow's Press," that "the process of activating the private sector need to develop economic programs by experienced, efficient and economic elite to collect their Manmam management process, pointing out that the State during the past ten years has failed to Iraqi economy transfer to it that make it a global market remains randomly and a setback in light of international competition and global economic overheating. "

Reliance on the private sector and raise the fight crisis
For her part, the Labour and Social Affairs and member of the parliamentary Huda carpets, that "the economic crisis experienced by the country returns causes to the state, which relied heavily on oil revenues, the budget, pointing out any that are supposed to rely on the private sector, to raise income and combat the economic crisis. The carpets for "tomorrow Press" that "the working methods and finding new innovations that will raise the economic situation of the country, particularly the non-oil investments, including the economic sector is being a real gateway to lift the Iraqi economy."

She carpets, "The economic crisis has generated a day a lot of things and negative aspects, including unemployment, housing and employment crisis when most young people who have the finest academic degrees, but the confusing situation experienced by the state needs to restructure to promote the economic and trade sector."

Deputy Kurdish: promoting tourism in the country and the duty and necessary
As seen from the Kurdistan Alliance MP Susan Baker, said that "Iraq has a chance to take advantage of the mistakes that were present in the budgets of the past years, and building a strong economy depends on the strategy of the Court of plans."

It adds Baker for "tomorrow Press", "The dependence on oil is not the survival of the welfare of Iraq, especially since there is a decline in oil prices, so it is necessary to activate Saahth Iraq and the rest of the areas falling within which financial returns for the country."

Investment Authority: the private sector did not take a real role
In a related development, said Chairman of the National Investment Commission Sami al-Araji, said that "the private sector is directly responsible with the public sector in resource development and leadership of the economic process in the country," noting that "the Iraqi economy is now undergoing a transformation from a planned to a market economy centralized economy." He added, Araji for "tomorrow Press", "The private sector did not take the role of form in which it is supposed to be so that there will be seminars and conferences that will work to make the private sector practiced real role."

This live all sectors of the country's recession and depression, which affects directly and negatively on Ymoatn Iraqi particularly low-income owners who make a living on a daily basis for their livelihoods, and their wages daily threatened with extinction as a result of the apparent absence of decisions that will re-economic status to its former position, which makes her Shan and gate about economic openness on the global and regional countries and that everyone knows where the state if they live a good economic situation, it will be in the ranks of developed and developing countries.




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