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Iraqi Prime Minister in charge of preventing 60 civilians and military accused of corruption from traveling DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraqi Prime Minister in charge of preventing 60 civilians and military accused of corruption from traveling

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Iraqi Prime Minister in charge of preventing 60 civilians and military accused of corruption from traveling Empty Iraqi Prime Minister in charge of preventing 60 civilians and military accused of corruption from traveling

Post by Ponee Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:04 pm

Iraqi Prime Minister in charge of preventing 60 civilians and military accused of corruption from traveling 20qpt963

Baghdad « Quds Al-Arabi »: prepared Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his advisers close, a list of persons of different categories and functional ethnic and sectarian slopes, including senior military, accused of« treason or dereliction of duty »in the battle in which the government of Nouri al-Maliki earlier lost control of about half the size of Iraq for the benefit of the organization of the Islamic state last June, and in particular the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, the loss of a city of Mosul, Nineveh province, and Tikrit, Salahuddin province, in addition to many important cities in these two provinces and in the Anbar province. 

However, the charge against senior officers not only on the military side only, they are accused of or in cahoots with the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Abadi's office, which dissolved the new prime minister Haider Abadi, a few days of receipt of the office in a meaningful message after, he wants troops File Management Armed different way than his predecessor. 

This was followed by his decision to the above-mentioned detects «aliens soldiers» any ghost who earn salaries without having a physical presence in the military, in other words, that the salaries were to go to the pockets of the fat cats as described by the Egyptian press of corruption cases in seventies of the last century. 

In the list issued by Abadi, civil servants accused of financial and administrative corruption. 

Observers noted that among Banned from Travel Ahmad al-Maliki the eldest son of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who is accused of smuggling amounts of multi-billion dollars overseas, was part of the set in the basement in Beirut during the presence of Ahmed al-Maliki in the cellar. It was said that day that Ahmad al-Maliki has been in custody or detention pending investigation, but his father, who became vice president of the republic, and suddenly appeared in Beirut under the banner of consultations with Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah. 

But press reports from among close influential circles in the Lebanese capital, said that Nuri al-Maliki came in a hurry to try to close the case, which was the arrest of his son on the background, but the lawyer for the Lebanese file a lawsuit demanding market Maliki father to the Lebanese judiciary for his role in the bombing of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut accident, which happened on December / December 1981 15, when al-Maliki was in charge of the military office of the Dawa Party, and it was the day a resident of Damascus and coordinate its steps with the Syrian intelligence in full, and is used in his movements military road used by Syrian forces that were present in Lebanon at the time. 

and led those process to the deaths of Iraqi Ambassador Abdul Razak Mohammed gesture advisor journalist Harith Energy, Ms. biblical narrator wife of Nizar Qabbani, the poet who was working at the embassy, ​​and a number of Lebanese workers based lawyer to hire their relatives in the prosecution of offenders, led by Jawad al-Maliki or al-Hajj Abu Israa It Nuri al-Maliki Iraqi Prime Minister Bahmh and blood. 

did not stay Nuri al-Maliki after waving to the case in Beirut long, said close to him that he received assurances from Hezbollah to use his influence inactivated in protecting Ahmed al-Maliki and released silently and without provoking a political or judicial fuss, in the circumstance Lebanon was living successive political crises and some with judicial and security nature, and this is what actually happened, as Ahmed al-Maliki returned to Baghdad by stealth, to expose something Abadi prevented him from traveling those back. 

But the political and parliamentary circles, especially from the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and the Integrity Commission, began to pose serious questions about the government's ability to implement the decision of the travel ban, especially since the border with Iran lawmaker or forfeit not to individuals, but in front of the tanks and the Iranian mechanisms that come and go without the slightest formal procedures. 

As they ask the same degree of force on the reasons for leaving large whales roam and swim in the seas of corruption and continue occupancy highest positions in the State, and prosecute young staff only, but security officials say al-Abadi like walking in a minefield and can not open more than a front for himself, and so he goes to kill the tree gradually plan after cutting small legs even wither and die on its own, but this is believed more than official team Abadi, he would enter into a direct confrontation with al-Maliki, not political or judicial, only after alienating him from his supporters that he says are familiar with the nature of the political alliances needs to be a long time, especially since al-Maliki has Iranian support open. 

The military wanted men in front of the parliamentary commissions of inquiry to investigate the problem in the defeat of Mosul, they are also part of the equation balances that provide umbrellas political and legal protection and accountability to prevent them, not because they are innocent, but because they are backed by powerful blocks.


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