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Kurdistan has the lion's share in the budget of 2015 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kurdistan has the lion's share in the budget of 2015

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Kurdistan has the lion's share in the budget of 2015 Empty Kurdistan has the lion's share in the budget of 2015

Post by Ponee Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:27 pm

Kurdistan has the lion's share in the budget of 2015 _2B542_1_105032262zaqw2zzzaza

BAGHDAD / JD / .. counting deputies Krdstaon budget in 2015 of the best budgets in the history of Iraq, calling Spring budgets because they Anceft Kurdish people and given full rights, in what was considered Arab MPs the current year's budget as "unfair" because it gave great privileges to the Kurdistan region more than it deserves to Other Iraqi provinces account, noting that officials in the region have succeeded in pressuring the federal government to obtain large concessions in the 2015 budget.

The director of the Iraq Institute for Energy Louay Khatib told / BD /: "After a review of the federal budget tables for 2015, it became clear that the Kurdistan region will get returns of 550 thousand barrels agreed with Baghdad (including the disputed Kirkuk fields), as well as retain discretion oil extracted above the agreed quantity (and non-participation of Baghdad returns), in addition to access to at least four billion dollars to cover the expenses of the region, which will be funded from the Basra oil. "

As noted member of the Finance Committee MP for the province of Babylon, Haitham al-Jubouri said officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government and through their representatives in the House of Representatives succeeded in pressuring the federal government to include large financial allocations with oil contract agreements allow them to dispose of the production and export of oil.

Jubouri said the agency / BD /: "In the time that suffer the federal budget for 2015 of a large fiscal deficit prompted the government to cut costs and the application of the austerity plan, we believe that the Kurdistan region will not be covered by the policy of austerity and gets high privileges in the same budget, while the Basra which produces more than two and a half million barrels of oil do not get the most basic rights, as well as the rest of the provinces that suffer from Mahromep government deems to reduce expenditures under the pretext of austerity. "

For its part, confirmed member of the Kurdistan Alliance for the province of Arbil, Susan Baker, said that after the formation of the new government and the participation of all political factions in the government headed efforts towards the development of solutions to the outstanding problems and the legacy of previous governments, including the differences between the center and the region about the oil.

She said Baker told / BD /: It occurred there are ongoing meetings between officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government and officials in the federal government on oil was reached preliminary agreement on oil production in the province and sell it through the national SOMO and had was welcomed widely by all the political parties, which led to easing the crisis, indicating that through these agreements received the province on all his rights in the budget of 2015 even become one of the best budgets in the history of Iraq, but is spring budgets being Anceft the Kurdish people, which met with an economic blockade for more than 10 months by the previous government, asserting that Iraq needs such agreements, particularly in the field of oil that Iraq is totally dependent on oil wealth.

The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari has warned the Kurdistan Regional Government to export oil region without the knowledge of the federal government, considering it a breach of the Agreement between the Governments of the region and the center about the oil, which made observers worry and Atenban that something will happen in the near future and if the Minister of Finance gives signs that the provincial government will strike oil agreement concluded wall display and export oil without reference to the Baghdad government.

The 2015 budget amounting to more than 125 trillion dinars had arrived in Parliament at the end of December 2014.

The House of Representatives has completed the first and second readings of the budget and to wait for the third reading and then vote on them, and some lawmakers who predicted approval would be in the middle of this month. / End / 8 /



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