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July 2010 -- Adam Montana said the lower denoms were out and that  the RV was really close  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

July 2010 -- Adam Montana said the lower denoms were out and that the RV was really close

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July 2010 -- Adam Montana said the lower denoms were out and that  the RV was really close  Empty July 2010 -- Adam Montana said the lower denoms were out and that the RV was really close

Post by Ponee on Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:29 pm

Posted 17 July 2010 - 07:15 PM
July 2010 -- Adam Montana said the lower denoms were out and that  the RV was really close  Star_big
[Adam Montana] I'm getting some AWESOME feedback from my CBI contact over the last week
[leggman24] hello adam
[Adam Montana] Matt that was you? yeah great post
[Matt] Adam Montana - Yep
[mark_mich266] Niko - way too much!
[Adam Montana] It sounds like there's a lot of bzz in the CBI
[Adam Montana] about Maliki just about being 100% done
[Matt] Adam Montana - read the last one I did, you will def. laugh
[Adam Montana] there's a rumor floating around
[Boots8310] Adam Montana Lay it on us Fearless leader!
[Adam Montana] we already know they have the smaller denoms
[Adam Montana] my contact saw them personally
[mark_mich266] cool
[Adam Montana] and i think a few other members here saw them as well
[Adam Montana] but my CBI contact was witness to the trucks bringing them into Baghda
[Adam Montana] they're locked invaults obviously
[Adam Montana] there was an issue, apparently
[Adam Montana] with the ATMs detecting them
[Adam Montana] the smaller denom
[Adam Montana] so that was an iss\ue
[Adam Montana] but it was a software issu
[Adam Montana] and I'm hearing that they have the software bugs worked pout
[Adam Montana] out*
[Adam Montana] obviously when they RV people will need to get lower denoms
[Adam Montana] and a major player in the cashing in will be the ATMs in Iraq
[Adam Montana] I'm not sure exactly how it works
[Adam Montana] but what I'm hearing is we're really close, because the smaller denoms are set to be distributed as part of the cashin
[Adam Montana] which
[Adam Montana] let's be honest
[Adam Montana] the cash in is going to turn iraq into a MADHOUSE for a bit
[Adam Montana] so they need every angle covered
[Adam Montana] between that and the political hiccups being just about over
[Adam Montana] we're close
[Adam Montana] i don't have a date
[Adam Montana] i'm not even going to guess
[mark_mich266] Will the ATM's be inside stores, banks, etc?
[Adam Montana] but i can tell you i've heard from my CBI contact and a couple of other contacts in Iraq more in the last week than I have in the last month!
[Adam Montana] so i'm excited
[Adam Montana] that's all the intel I have
[leggman24] thanks adam.
[mikemd115] thank you
[linda55] thank you Adam for the great intel on this
[Adam Montana] you have to spread it further, can't let the long lines last forever
[Adam Montana] oh one more thing
[Adam Montana] i know there was some issue with microsoft/java
[Adam Montana] alerting people about a trojan or something
[Adam Montana] everyone, i hope you know one thing above all else
[Adam Montana] RV or not
or not
[Adam Montana] i take YOUR security personal, as if you were each a personal responsibility of mine
[Adam Montana] so I busted my butt trying to figure out what was causing those warnings
[Niko] last time I messaed with a trojan was in college..not sweatin git
[Adam Montana] my host probably hates me because I ran them RAGGED
[pokerplayer] And people wonder why I say this is a great site !!! Thxs Adam, appreciate the Intel
[mark_mich266] Thank you, Adam!
[Adam Montana] they'd say the server is clean, i said ' SCAN IT AGAIN."
[Matt] Adam Montana - Any word from Sonny1 on his July 26th date?
[linda55] pokerplayer , that is very true
[Adam Montana] Matt i'm not saying a date - but I'm not going to disagree with him either!
[Adam Montana] I know why he's saying July 26
[Matt] Adam Montana - OK, ty
[Adam Montana] and it's a huge possibility
[Adam Montana] BUT
[Adam Montana] it's Iraq
[Adam Montana] so we can't know for sure
[linda55] when it gets here it will be here
[EagleEye] thank you again Adam
[Adam Montana] so the virus issue is over, if you are getting anything you will need to scan your computer with a good AV
[Niko] adam, if it gets exteneded..does anything happen during ramadan or is that a blackout period?
[pleasantvalleySunday] Adam Montana ty ty
[Adam Montana] the reason pepople get the warning HERE is because the virus tries to steal your password
[leggman24] Adam Montana thanks again.
[Adam Montana] so it's not coming FROM DV, it's acting on your computer trying to steal your DV password
[jcny47] Adam Montana Hi Adam...without giving a specific timeframe, do you think this will eventually unfold?
[linda55] leggman24 , we know we are close
[Adam Montana] but I've resolved all of those issues on the site
[Matt] Adam Montana - and as for the circus, I convinced the midget down the street that you didnt mean it personally when you said clowns....
[Adam Montana] and the RV is looking REALLY close


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