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Questioning the VND

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Questioning the VND Empty Questioning the VND

Post by Ssmith Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:59 pm

Bandit33 wrote:

It seems the Dong has been in some level of discussions regarding the reset. I thought this was interesting...
As for the Vietnamese Dong currency (VND) it is predicted to go up in value for the reason that Vietnam and Russia signed 17 agreements November 12, 2013 aimed at boosting political, military and trade ties while increasing cooperation in the energy sector. Also Vietnam has the second-highest level of oil reserves in East Asia. About 40 percent of Vietnam’s output comes from fields operated by the Vietsovpetro joint venture with Russia. In March 2013 they launched free-trade negotiations, once completed this would deepen commercial links further. Also China has been investing heavily in Vietnam which means those countries will be going through the BRICS bank not the World Bank or the IMF. I personally believe it is a safer investment than the Iraqi, only because the country is at peace and it is aiming to prosper using the alternative method to the current system.

Does anyone know if Vietnam has passed any laws to prohibit all of their people that may have $1,000,000. dong in country {such as a waitress may have that amount which is say equal to  $60. us currency.} from becoming extremely rich all of a sudden in country. It does not seem like a government would like that if all of the worker bee's became wealthy. Such as our government seems to be proving. I and my friends in this venture have the Vietnam currency also  but that is a question that does not seem to come up. As in Irac they have been trying to get all the big notes off the street away from their people for a few years now and I have not heard any of that from Vietnam. Thanks if you have an answer.
I have a friend who is a native of Vietnam and, among other things, attended Harvard Business School.  He is also a regulatory expert and one smart cookie.  Three years ago, I asked him his opinion on the revaluation potential for the Vietnamese currency and his reply was unexpected and surprising.  He said that the potential was low because Vietnam had already revalued their currency.  I did not check any further; that was enough for me.  So I bought a bunch of Iraqi Dinar.

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Questioning the VND Empty Re: Questioning the VND

Post by Kevind53 Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:43 pm

I dunno much about Vietnam's currency situation, however given the fact that Vietnam and China are barely on speaking terms right now, (China's been trying to put the muscle on Vietnam and take control of some of the oil rich areas along the border) I would have to question the validity of the rest of the information.

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 Questioning the VND 2805820865  Questioning the VND 2805820865  Questioning the VND 2805820865  Questioning the VND 2805820865
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