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 The reference is to move to neighboring countries, and demanding the right step to speed up the adoption of the budget in 2015   DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The reference is to move to neighboring countries, and demanding the right step to speed up the adoption of the budget in 2015

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 The reference is to move to neighboring countries, and demanding the right step to speed up the adoption of the budget in 2015   Empty The reference is to move to neighboring countries, and demanding the right step to speed up the adoption of the budget in 2015

Post by Ponee Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:46 am

 The reference is to move to neighboring countries, and demanding the right step to speed up the adoption of the budget in 2015   809489719

Supreme religious authority promised the government move to open up with neighboring countries as "the right step", in reference to the recent visits of officials to Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some countries in the region. The representative of the religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai in his Friday sermon that Throw from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif, was attended by a reporter the agency all of Iraq [where] that "witnessed the scene from an external move the aim of opening up to neighboring countries and the opening of a new relationship with Iraq represents a true step we hope that received Tjawaba fit them in growing efforts to resolve the problems in Iraq and the region. " He throws the hope "that the change in military leadership step towards reforming the military and the security of the system and hoped the political parties, especially the leaders is a serious and real cooperation to repair performance in government institutions." He added, "It has become clear to all officials and many citizens what are the reasons that led to the Great Depression in the security institutions, which were input into the entry Daash and control of the areas in Iraq, we find the failure to state institutions perform their duty, and these need to be the will of the serious and urgent action to rectify mistakes policies of the past. "

The representative of the religious reference to "the need to eliminate corruption and this can not be manipulated, but the cooperation of the leaders of the various blocs to eliminate corruption away from patronage and strictly and without fear of one, and we must begin at the level of leaders of political blocs and their representatives in the institutions."

He noted that "should the leaders of all the blocks diagnose citizen of corruption in the bloc and affiliated them and be on alert and warned that there deceptive addresses affect corruption, including in the legislative and executive authorities camouflage bloc or party or electoral process, which does not give justification never to the survival of this wrong track support." .

And between Karbalai that "chronic problem of corruption has been exacerbated in recent years and must be concerted efforts to combat it, and remained at these levels there is hoped the political and security stability of scientific and economic progress for the Iraqis, and various other aspects of life."

He stressed that "the professional construction of state institutions needs to be reform in the various institutions and the adoption of the party or bloc under the pretext that loyalty is the one who ensures the safety performance with neglect is clear for the adoption of efficiency, integrity and courage in the decision-making criteria is behind many of the state institutions fail," pointing out that " The country needs to be political leaders have the courage and boldness and foot to take crucial decisions and lack of acceptance of the accession of any person in the site, especially important ones, if you do not qualify, even if it was loyal to them and their parties. "

He said the representative of the religious authority, "the past few years have proved that the different leaders and inconsistencies may hurt Iraq a lot and people but hurt even blocks itself and contrast, are motivated both at home or abroad as a team carrying their Iraq on sectarian accounts or regionalism is the one who gives weight and respect for others, and leaders hoped that rises above their own interests, leading to cohesion in the inner and outer core issues and to achieve the supreme interests. "

On the financial budget for the years 2014 and 2015, said the representative of the religious authority that "the failure to approve the budget for 2014 has been hurt much of what was expectancy completion of important projects for the citizens and missed opportunities on many of the graduates and the unemployed and put some provinces in the awkward position of operational services and expenses."

He pointed out that "with the current end of the year has to be to speed up the approval of the budget in 2015 and since oil prices fell and the face of the deficit has to be for the leaders to speed up and show the necessary flexibility in the estimation of the things the country condoning some of the demands that can be postponed for another time, and to insist on disrupting this budget means The harm would befall everyone and leads to disruption of the country. "

Karbalai and called for the formation of committees to raise Almazlomyat for people and meet their legitimate demands.

He said that "one of the important factors for the response of the citizens with the government and support her is to lose the grievances of the subjects and their legitimate demands and to respond to them may be political leaders and discounting the preoccupation with the situation complicated careless about it must be assigned to committees whose members enjoy the integrity to stand up to people's problems and solve them."

He added that "On this occasion, we refer to the suffering of university students in hosting in other universities is they to need it urgently so as not to miss the year Aldarcyh also that many of the students who have won high rates, such as 96 and 97% complain of lack of acceptance in developed colleges college medicine because of the lack of school seats, "calling on the Ministry of Higher Education to" do its best in this side, "



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