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TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014

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TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 Empty TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014

Post by Ponee Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:07 am

Full Conference Call Notes from the TNT TONY call 10-15-14

(Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#



Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  It's Wednesday, October 15, 2014, and we are here.  I’ll give you the information first, so that people at work can go to work, then we’ll discuss what makes sense about the information.  DC is here… we’ll see how much we get out of him today.  We are NOT accepting any phone calls from Texas today!  Anyone who doesn’t watch football, they won on Monday night, they have a multi-million-dollar player, and he held up a local store and stole goods worth $100.  Who does that make sense to?  I like Texas, but man…

We’re going to have a good day today, should have had a great day yesterday, and DC has an explanation for that. I do want DC to tell us what’s going on in Iraq…

DC:  Sorry I missed on Monday, glad to be back. In terms of Iraq, there are explanations on television saying they are ready for its international banking and currency reform, everything is ready and fine.  They are basically saying this is going to go at any time – that’s on TV right now, and it’s coming from the PM, the CBI and a few others like the finance minister.  That looks really good, and it puts pressure on everyone else. The cards are still at $3.58 throughout, and it’s causing immense frustration for the CBI to shoot or get off the pot.   They have voted on a lot of laws, and they are finishing up passing laws now related to the RV and the Budget. That should be published tonight or tomorrow;  it’s not required for the RV but it helps.  Parliament continues to do its job. There are major business conferences in Baghdad with 40 different countries and lots of high biz people there now.

ISIL is still in the country;  there have been setbacks, but if ISIL had a good week last week, very serious actions and decisions are being made, and this is a manageable situation.  Everything is looking up, although there have been a few suicide missions or drive bys in/near Baghdad.  They are not surrounding Baghdad, and that is mainly for the press.  There are some serious battles, but throughout the province rather than IN Baghdad.

Tony:  On Saturday, Fox News put out an articles saying that the two final ministers had been named, and they were the same as we said 6-7 weeks ago.

DC:  They do need to – can’t hear – there is pomp and circumstance around the formal seating of the ministers, but the defense has been in his seat working for seven weeks now.  It’s a good fit for Iraq, and that is much more important than the swearing in ceremony.

Tony: the Budget has been passed and will be formally announced on Thursday.

DC:  That has very little relevance for the RV. The Budget is about where Iraq is going to put its money, and those numbers have been in the Budget from 2010 onwards.  It’s not significant.

Tony;  Okay, we are two guys talking about what makes sense to us. We put 10-12 years into Iraq in order to get a monetary return and a future.  This should have happened years ago. Then we got the whole manipulation of Maliki, and allowing ISIL in so that they would let him declare martial law.  Parliament didn’t fall for that one.  Now ISIL has taken on a life of its own, much father and faster than expected, but we’re still not going to let Iraq fall into ISIL’s hands.  But in order to do some things, they have let ISIL go on even though we can contain them, but we can’t do that until it’s the last step.  At the moment, 52% of the people say it’s time for ‘boots on the ground’, but there has be overwhelming support. Now the news is talking about Baghdad being surrounded, blah, blah, blah, and at the same time we know that there are over 80 representatives discussing how to rebuild Baghdad and the Iraqi economy, and people think that Baghdad is about to be overrun by Friday?!  What is the reasoning for painting that picture?

DC:  Washington is panting for action in Baghdad and the surrounding countryside.  ISIL is in Anbar province and a few roads and other territories, and those can easily be taken back.

Tony  Are they ever going to be concerned with landing at the Airport?

DC:  No.  The terrorists are firing RPGs, and someone could be taken out, but they are watching that extremely closely and they are prepared.

Tony:  There are two option at this point – timing and all the craziness we heard this morning.

DC:  Let’s finish up with the news.  So basically the UN sees this as done, or partially done.  The UN and NATO are getting antsy.  In Washington, the Democrats were promised this would be done by now, and they are getting very frustrated by the delays.  The Senate is controlled by Dems right now and it seems likely that the Republicans will take over at the mid-term elections.  That will probably make this is a lame-duck administration, so they are concerned as well.  Even the most optimistic view is that the Senate will be taken over by the Republicans, we just don’t know by how much.  If they have an October surprise they might get a few key Democrats elected and keep the Senate in Democratic hands, which will help the White House get things done.  They are not going to announce this on CNN, but they will be able to show that the stock market is recovering, the economy is doing okay, and pour some money into those marginal states at the last minute.  The Democrats were counting on this, and they are furious that this hasn’t yet happened.  A couple people got in the way on the US side, and it’s causing hell in the government because they are blowing it for their own side.

Tony:  Some people asked me to do some things on Monday’s call, and I clearly told them that they want ME to put MY head on the chopping block while you go spend your money?  Or to burn the house down?  I’m not going to be exact but as an armchair quarterback, we are looking at their plays and we have 17 days do get this accomplished. I could get something started, but you want us to educate the entire US community about the dinar and what has and has not happened in the last year – in 17 days?!  And then tell them who it was AND get a Congressional investigation started?  I can’t.

DC:  Look at the homes and cars bought… concentrate in only the tight poll states?

Tony:  That is concentrating on the positive side, hoping to shift those 4-5 states.  They can only do that if everyone listens to the quarterback and does the same plays!

DC:  That’s what people believe has happened in the last three days.  It’s a long shot and we shall see if everyone is listening.  A lot of Democrats AND Republicans think it is plain stupid that they have spun this out so long.  We only know so much, and this is the best we have put together with the information we have.

US banks are cued up and ready.  Some banks have full staff ready, some have people on 30-minute call-back.  Every organization has trained staff, and they are all exhausted and ready to get this done.

Tony:  I heard we gave away the Federal Reserve AND the Treasury!

DC:  That’s not possible.  I understand people are scared because this is an absolute nightmare, so disheartening, but that is not the way the world works.

Tony:  The Federal Reserve isn’t even owned by the government, so how can they give it away to another country – or that they would let another country come in and tell us what to do with our money.  Who does that make sense to?  I got phone calls about it this morning, in the chat room and on other boards – it’s not even possible!  I had to send out a tweet this weekend because these same idiots said I was in Atlanta exchanging!  These same people tell you that the President and VP have been arrested. If it were even close to reality, then I could see people saying it, but really!  I hope we don’t get any of those questions!

DC:  I think we are ready for a call.  Everything is ready and those who have been fooling with this are ready to give it up and get on board.

Tony: Those same people said that last week, though!  Today it’s going, they are agreed, as far as we have heard.  That’s where we are at, and why we are still waiting today.

DC:  That’s why we don’t mention people or organizations is because we don’t’ want to antagonize anyone.  We get yelled at and nailed when we are seen to pick sides.  Those who were actively screwing with the system are now on board and we are ready.

Tony:  Thanks to everyone who sends us emails – Pam reads every one – and also those who are posting their stories.  The best thing is when people can accomplish what they want to accomplish and create a legacy for their families.  We want to educate you on what to do after the RV, and Wells Fargo have offered to teach us what to do with unexpected wealth.  That guidance and the connections made in those classes will last a lifetime.  I will ask Pam to close out the new forum, but those who are TNT members can still post inside our forum.

DC:  I read some of the stories and they are so touching.  Also, they will be part of the history.

Tony:  I have a guy printing out the stories for future reference, and sending it to the senior statesman so that he knows he took part in something important and valuable.

559 caller:  I’ve been waiting 960 minutes, because I needed my Tony+DC fix!  I have been listening three times per week for 18 months.  If you guys could just record something with a little music, then I can continue to get my fix!  That gentleman who was making jokes about CA, we are the ‘granola state’ because of all our fruits, nuts and flakes! [Appreciation]  Are there exchange centers in/around Fresno?  Also, is the Zim in the first basket?

Tony:  Probably, or you can come here to Sacramento.  Yes, Zim is in the first basket.

Caller:  Will this be mid-October or the end of October?  Do we have a Plan C?

Tony:  There is nothing stopping this from happening – no reason within the process.  If it stops it’s for outside reason, to accomplish something else.  It should have happened yesterday.

DC: IF all the Democratic players get their act together, it could come out in the next few days.  IF they continue to bicker, it could take longer.

407 caller:  Deletion of zeroes in Iraq?

DC:  They have removed almost all the three-zero notes – they have been exchanged out.  Right now we are in the fourth quarter with one or two minutes and they are two touchdowns behind. It can be done, but you need great players and a lot of luck.

Caller:  Back in August, some said that President Obama wanted this to wait until past the election.  That never made sense to me…

DC:  My understanding is that Obama wanted it in April, then June, then everyone said, “third quarter” and everyone got excited about it. Then one or two very powerful folks – not the boss – continued to push it along for a different agenda, possibly self-serving.  Why they would not want our economy doing well with good news coming out of Iraq – that makes no sense to me at all.   They think they will benefit from it being announced at a specific time.

Tony:  Take the Raiders. When Al Davis passed away, the general manager hired a rookie coach.  I told everyone this was not the guy, but they are said, “Oh, he’s good”.  They fired the staff around him, but left the coach in place.  The team lost the first four games, so they fired the head coach, and promoted the assistant coach.  Why would you fire him and not fire the assistants at the same time?  They came out and nearly won, and said they could have been playing like that weeks previously… well, why didn’t they?  The assistant coach wanted to be in charge.  It makes more sense to do this months ago, but now we are running out of time and REALLY need to change strategies.

Caller:  [more of the same]

Tony:  I used to work on cars, but these days I don’t because my brother is a board-certified Ford mechanic.  I don’t have to know about cars because he does.  I don’t have to know about trusts and foundations, because Ray does.  I don’t know about how run the forum, because Pam knows all about that.  So that other strategy didn’t work, and they have to try something else.  I hope it works this time.

352 caller:  I listened to your scenario about the delays – will the same people delay it again?

DC:  I don’t’ know.  They had a kumbayah moment in a meeting this morning, and some people were suddenly made aware of HOW it has been delayed up until now.

Caller:  If they delay it again, DC, will you tell us who is doing it?

DC:  No.  I’m too smart for that.

Caller:  How many people have cashed out in the last 45 days?

DC:  I don’t know how many.

Caller:  If the 800 number is accessible, and the contract rates are provided by the UST and China, why don’t we start moving?  It doesn’t affect Iraq one way or another!

DC:  We could, but the CBI has to pull the trigger in conjunction with the US.

Tony: There is still a process that we have to go through, and it was going and then stopped at someone’s request.

Caller:  A week or so again, you said you had a plan to cash out with Sterling, a special deal.  If so, why do you have to sign an NDA?

Tony:  Huh?  I have a plan for the bank, and I do have a plan if I need to go to an exchanger.  Maybe we were talking about that.  If it’s better for me to go there than for him to come to me, then I will go to Atlanta.  That wouldn’t be my first choice, and please don’t everyone go to Atlanta.  I have never, ever, ever worked for Sterling.  I believe in Sterling and in Frank, he’s professional, and I am sure he has a plan.  I do know that others have tried to make side deals with Frank, but he has refused to make those deals, and I respect that.

We are not skating over the people who are not giving us the right information.  You have to understand that at the level of the information … I am not going to be Ollie North. I tell them to leave me alone and I’ll leave them alone.  It doesn’t make sense to have a fight with Washington DC, to put myself and my family at risk, so that we can tell you four or five names!  Not going to happen.  There are some things bigger than our getting paid.  When it’s directed at us, and if we weren’t getting treated right, that would be another thing.  Right now , they are planning to treat us right;  there is just a different agenda as well.

DC:  What is the point of getting them riled up and putting us even more at risk when we have no leverage at this time. They don’t give a darn about Twitter or about our throwing ourselves on a sword.  I have police protection for my family as it is, and I’m not going to make them a bigger target for no purpose.  If they were trying to screw us over, that would be a different story.  In today’s meeting, they promised to get off the pot, so it should be okay.  I’m not happy with the situation, but I’m not about to make it worse by antagonizing anybody.

Caller:  You have never created an issue, and if they use you as an excuse to drag this out…

DC:  They do use us an excuse, they have put us on blacklists and published stupid things about us.  We accomplished a lot with the Twitter campaign, because they were thinking of cutting all the public out of this exchange.  This is an incredible blessings, and most of us are just going to do our exchanges and be thankful we can leave the rest in the past.

650 caller [yet again]:  Timing?

Tony:   Monday evening was rescheduled for Thursday.  Iraq is ready to do this. They keep posting this on their television, giving people different explanations.  Now, today, the CBI and finance ministers talked for quite a while about how this is ready.  So it is not Iraq.   This has gone back and forth.  They did ask for the extension over the weekend, but they were ready again by Monday.   It’s a constantly moving target.  Even though everyone has now agreed, I know who it is, and I’m not entirely confident.   The US appointed the head of the IMF and the head of the World Bank…

DC:  We believe that it’s the BIS/IMF were this conked out.  The GOI and CBI set this off on Monday night, sending the GO instruction to the BIS and IMF.  Their boards are controlled by the US, more or less. They don’t have much day-to-day influence, but they do have some say on the RV+GCR.  IMF was fine, but the BIS had someone say “Well…” and they stopped the process. The US has taken advantage of that in the past, the BIS put everything on hold, yet again.  We don’t understand all the pieces of that delay, but that is where it is stalled now.  We also don’t know why the BIS would entertain these arguments;   they have a two-step BS detection process, and we don’t know where they are with that.

Caller:  [more of the same]

Tony:  There is a window and a time for it to be taken off hold.

DC:  The BIS has a review process, and they have to appeal within X hours.  The review board has to say if the delay is legitimate or not, and if not, they kick it out.  People have to define a problem with a transaction and the steps required to fix it.  Then they give X number of hours to set it right.  We are waiting on that kind of pause.  We understand the latest pause has been cleared, and we  pray this is the end of it.

Tony:  On Monday, I said there was a system issue;  after that, there was a request. They are using different reasons to prolong.  Today they agreed they will no longer apply those reasons.

DC:  The BIS is now under intense scrutiny, which they were not in the past. They are basically transactional, and now everyone is saying “Oh, you are the problem!  If you do delay this, then it have better be for a very good reason!”  This is actually good for the BIS, because it relieves them from a lot of political pressure.

Tony:  And their own team is now saying, “What are you doing?!  You’ll cost us the game!”

DC:  Understand that the Boss wants this RV.  It will benefit most people who blocked it in the past.  A few folks around the boss have a different vision and want to have their name in the lights.  We don’t fully understand this, so we are not going to go into that any more deeply.

Caller: Someone said a month ago something about donating to an LLC;  it would be great if that person would repost that.  [chit chat about 800 numbers]

719 caller:  I live in Colorado, but I was brought up in Texas.  [chit chat]  I’m so glad you exploded that story about the Fed and the UST being handed over to the Chinese, etc.

Tony:  The Admiral has not gone in yet, nor his people. I get calls every night about stuff being handed over to China. Come on!

Caller:  I am disappointed every time you say “It was supposed to go last night”.  So many people are hurting and we cannot help our local campaigns.  If the President knows some person around him is holding this back, he should fire him! In Colorado, the Koch brothers have poured 98 million dollars into the political race – why don’t they put that into the economy?!  Also, doesn’t Iraq have a lot of bills due around now?

DC:  Some part of the GOI has received loans from other governments, because they are starving.  That’s how they have been subsisting.

Caller:  If they miss the payments, are the other countries going to shrug and say, “It’s not Iraq’s fault, it’s the US.”  Can we do that when we miss out paying our house loans?

Tony:  I understand the disappointment and we fly past deadlines, but we feel we should keep you informed of what is going on.  We go through that disappointment five times a day.

Caller:  The longer this goes on, the more people buy into this, especially people who have not been listening and don’t know what to do!  I don’t have time to be responsible for them!

Tony:  Once you sign the NDA, that’s when it starts affecting you.  Nothing you have said before the NDA counts towards that issue.  That’s why I’m telling people all this information now, because I’m not under an NDA right now.

Caller:  We sent an email to our group urging them to ask questions now, while they can.  One colonel did get on the call and said that the RVJ will not be announced until the ministers are – but didn’t that happen last Saturday?

Tony:  Yes, and they will be announced again tomorrow, so according to him, the RV is also being announced then, right?

Caller:   Is Abadi kicking the can down the road because of the US?  Here’s this new PM, doing a great job, and we should be calling him a hero instead of messing him around.   I hope that by this weekend we are done, at the bank, and moving on with your lives.  Do it or don’t do it!

601 caller:  [chit chat]  Regarding this political thing, you only use money to buy media in elections.  So those who want this to affect the election need to pull the trigger today, otherwise the expected value will come too late.  It’s more about being organized in a certain way.  They need to get that money in their hands, not bringing it down to the wire like this. The people who didn’t get the message should have been more politically savvy.

DC: That’s it.  The Democratic Party believes that those few people are not looking out for the entire party, just for themselves. Also, there may be other factors we don’t know.

407 caller:  This thing is so crazy, I think we need to keep to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).  Do you have suggestions on where to find independent wealth management?

DC:  Banks and wealth management companies offer Sudden Wealth classes – in cities or at holiday locations.   They will teach you the principles of conservation and investment.

Tony:  You can go to multiple banks and states with lotteries, and see what they suggest where to go and how to educate yourself.   Or go to the professional financial advisers association in your city or state, and go to multiple classes before making your final decisions.

Caller:  What do you think about the USAA (US Army bank)?

DC:  I’m a life-long fan and member.  They don’t do everything there, but they are very good.

609 caller:  I’ve been on this call for over a year and this is the first time you picked me!

Tony:  Pam just texted me and told me to choose new people!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  I couldn’t get on the forum.  Can we go to the bank as a group?

Tony:  When they say TNT group, they mean everyone who listens to this call.  Then look at the “TNT group” as those who have been listening to these calls for the last two years, NOT the 4-5 million dinar holders in the general public.

Caller:  Do you think we will be at the bank this week?

Tony:  It is scheduled for this week, yes.

Caller:  We were not able to sign up for your celebration, but we’re coming anyway!

Tony:  We just did that to gauge the interest.  As soon as we are authorized to do it, we will do at least those four events and people will be able to register again.  DC, are you coming?

DC:  I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to attend, but if I can, I will.

Caller:  Will someone tell us where to go in New Jersey?

DC:  There are a lot of places in NJ.  [That’s what the 800 numbers are for!]

Tony: It’s been brought up a couple of times that these celebrations might be dangerous for me, but these are the people who are happy!  Who want to learn!  But there are some real psychotics out there.  However, there will be cops and undercover agents, so I’ll take the chance.  The thing is, we might not be allowed to according to the NDA. (DC:  the NDA I’ve seen expressly forbids that kind of meeting.)

970 caller:  [Appreciation]  How is the GCR going to change the world?  [and more of the same]

DC:  Iraq is the foundation and they deserve the praise/glory.  Iraq will change dramatically, with physical construction, power, jobs, money from oil, training… Iraq will take off and be in the G8 within five years.  Yes, they still have to deal with ISIL and other issues, but when you have a lot of money, it’s so much easier to deal with ISIL and other resistance problems.  Iraq will be a stable democracy in the area, encouraging others around the Middle East in terms of increasing growth, democracy and tolerance.  Oil consumption will rise around the world, and that will help growth worldwide as well. Many charities will help poor areas in Africa, India, Southeast Asia;  many diseases will go away, people will be fed, clothes, housed, with clean water.  Many will move into the middle class, which will fuel economic expansion throughout the world.  The US and Europe will start the economic boom, buying houses, cars, consumer durables, and that will mean people will be employed and/or retrained.  There will be more spending on infrastructure, and again, many more charitable work in the US.  Within a few years, many folks will be much better off and debt-free, and it will be really fun to watch.

Tony:  We should notice this over the Christmas holidays, with more spending.  The biggest change will be the poorer countries, not just with their living standards but the way they think.  It will foster democracies and force dictators out as people get more comfortable, smarter, and able to travel, so they can see how systems work elsewhere.  The global humanitarian projects will bring up living standards AND educational standards;  when people’s basic needs are met, their mindsets will change, too.  There will also be companies in Iraq and other ME countries – when they have computers and internet, they will see how others live in the world.  Part of the humanitarian projects is to get educational opportunities into those countries.

Once any change occurs, any change, someone loses some of their power, and those people will fight tooth and nail to keep that power.  Not everyone has been aware of what was going on, such as Maliki letting in ISIL and then they got out of control.  Yesterday there was a meeting at the White House, and they acknowledged that ISIL had got more out of hand than they expected and now they would be revising their plan.  A lot of that has been going on.

I have always said, “Do this part and let’s take care of this”.  Fixing everything is a whole lot simpler, but not until you do this part.

DC:  It was a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting, so we don’t have to worry about this anymore.  Just get this part done and the rest is a lot simpler.

Caller:  I want to set up some money in a foundation or trust for my children, not just give them the money.  In my family, dollars are no longer the issue, we don’t need to work just to survive, but I do want to make a difference in the world, and set up the funds so that my kids and the people it goes to will do the right thing. Also my sister is ill and I want her to focus on getting well.

Tony:  You don’t want to just sit on the porch because you don’t have to go out and make money any more.  Where do you leave a legacy?  You should put it into something you are passionate about.

Oh, on television they spoke just now about firing the Director of the CDC in Atlanta because of what’s happening in Texas.

DC:  I’m glad to be back on the call.   Everything looks really nice.  I think we described enough of that without picking sides, just saying “Here is the situation”.  We are quite ready to get this thing going.  Thank you for all the letters in the forum.

Pam:  There are some great letters!  We have a few hundred more to go through, so don’t duplicate what you sent.  I’m not censoring anything, just organizing, and I don’t want to have to read them over and over.  Just put in your story.  I think it will be amazing.


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TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 Empty Re: TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014

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TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 Facepa11

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 TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 2805820865  TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 2805820865  TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 2805820865  TNT TONY and DC Full CC Notes -- for Oct 15th 2014 2805820865
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