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TNT Nana2you with a Bank Story saying  that the RV will happen soon DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Nana2you with a Bank Story saying that the RV will happen soon

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TNT Nana2you with a Bank Story saying  that the RV will happen soon Empty TNT Nana2you with a Bank Story saying that the RV will happen soon

Post by Ponee on Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:47 am


Nana2you:  This Was Just Sent To Me......This Happened Friday Afternoon

Just hung up talking with son who is a banker in USA. He has a client from Iraq who stopped into the bank on Friday so son invited him into his office. Their relationship is only from their bank dealings. Son has wanted to connect with this fellow but had no reason to call him out of the blue.

 They had some chit chat then son asked how things are in Iraq and he said in Bagdad it is like it was ten years ago with people coming and going and shopping and normal daily activities. In the North problems, serious issues.

 What is the situation with the Dinar? It has been interesting to watch what is happening with that. We are hearing there will be a revaluation of the Dinar. What do you know. Yes, yes that is true. Years ago I could exchange one dinar for three USD now 1120 dinar for one USD but soon it will be back to the way it was even higher than the $3 we used to get per dinar.

 What do you think of the new government? Oh, very good. Inclusive with all people in Iraq and the nations around Iraq. Maliki used to deal with other governments only if he personally could get something financial out of it. Abadi is working with everyone. Maliki has stolen a lot of money. His son lives in a mansion in Switzerland.

 What about the cards? Yes, people are now using the cards in Bagdad. It used to be gov workers got $10 a month now they get $2,500 to $3,500 a month, and yes, they are getting back pay. It is all very good.

 So Abadi is doing a good job? Your family thinks so too? Yes, and actually Abadi is great uncle of mine. (the relationship thing is confusing as he does not mean a a brother to his grandfather as we would understand using the term great uncle. The fact is he says Abadi is a relative.)

This man has regular contact with his family in Iraq. He is very much aware of the RV. He has lots of Dinar in Iraq and expects to be a wealthy man soon.

 His only concern are the three banks held by ISIS/ISIL. He is concerned that they have a bunch of money, stolen from the banks they captured.
He was extremely clear though that the RV will happen soon. He knows the cards are real. His family is using them at the new rates. Government people are getting paid at new values and back pay.

He was very happy with the progress in Iraq.

Nice to hear these things from someone who stands zero to gain by telling all of this. He was all smiles while he talked.  Nana2You


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