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Canada Goose from TNT

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Canada Goose from TNT Empty Canada Goose from TNT

Post by Ssmith Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:25 am

Here is what the Goose that to say about the situation at TNT:

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 3:51 PM, sage <************@*****.***> email the following to TNT, still no response, and clock is ticking!:

This is a formal request that you delete my profile/account, “canadagoose”,  from TNTDinar.activeboard.com and all TNT sites, servers and databases. immediately.
I deleted my profile myself through the profile edit page on 24 Sep 2014 and subsequent searches came up with “no results found”.  But I have now found my profile back up on main site with status “deleted”.  I cannot sign into it, however, as the password has been changed.

Canada Goose from TNT October8

or call bluff but be careful about your next move it can shut a site down without warning!*
(cont.) ~~~>

If I do not hear back from you within 72 hrs with proof of the profile having been deleted from the servers, I will initiate legal proceedings.

With legal advice, I am repeating my request that you delete my profile/account “canadagoose” from all TNT sites, servers and databases.
It has been 48 hours of the 72 hours allowed.  I expect to hear from you soon with proof of this having been done.

For those who did not read Gooses Farewell, here it is for y’all:
Just letting you all know I am leaving TNT…and want you to know why.  Sorry I am not as politically correct as JCR and Wethrin.  LOLI joined this site for the info it provided and the chance to discuss the workings of the gcr with other intelligent people.

I stayed because I fell in love with the members.  I became a mod to help out because I cared.Then we were not allowed to discuss anything, then we were not allowed to ask questions, then we were not allowed to have an opinion. I was told “don’t answer member questions if your opinion differs from his”.

Several months ago the intel stopped coming.  I don’t think it was the intel team holding back, it was just not being listened to and passed on.  Notice the calls have not changed in substance since JCR and Wethrin left?

I cannot stomach the way the site has become.  It smacks of MLM bs, Stepford Wives and Gestapo-like behaviour complete with snitches and lynches.

I love all the members dearly and very much hope to meet everyone after reset…somewhere.   I will assume I’m not invited to Vegas anymore!  ROFLMAOOO

Keep in touch please, I’d love to hear from you.  If you don’t have my email, I am  @OneHappyGoose  on Twitter.

Now TNT, before you respond with threats like yesterday to JCR, here is what happened (by Goose herself):

The night I left TNT, I was in chat for a few hours after all the mods were gone. I had things to say and did not want to be interrupted by a pesky ban. I had a good time as usual chatting with the peeps but also tried to bring them some insight into the “team” they were so blindly following. It worked in a few cases and they woke up, but most are still asleep and dreaming of their hero.
I warned them all to delete all their pm’s (private messages) because they were being read if there was any hint of dissension. If they had an opinion different from Tony’s they had better keep it to themselves or risk banning.

There used to be great discussion about all Intel received from everywhere…according to Tony’s suggestion on his calls many times where he said to gather all the pieces, go and discuss them in chat, make our own decisions. But that became a no-no and people were banned for discussing outside Intel. The “Do Not Post” list grew longer and longer until about the only thing permissible was recipes and the weather.

The site is full of snitches that report back to Pam and the mods but they only capture one or two lines out of an entire conversation to make it seem like the member is bashing Tony or his information.  I had that happen to me and, after arguing the point, was given “the gag order”…..”DO NOT answer members’ questions if your opinion differs from Tony’s”.  Remember that Pam? In skype? I am so glad skype archives all conversations.  Wink

I questioned the information being given, I fought for the members daily to keep them from being banned for stupid (or no) reasons, and listened (watched) in the secret mods’ skype room to the “team” talking about and making fun of members.

In June I told the mods that I was going to the streets and might find wifi a little sporadic for awhile but would do my best.  I was online as a mod as much as possible until almost end July, then had to go off for awhile due to circumstances in the shelter.  When I signed back on first part of September I found I was no longer a mod.  They “hadn’t heard from me for months” so removed my mod designation. Funny thing, they had my email and phone number but I didn’t hear a word from any of them the whole time.

Having said that, I do not want sympathy or kind words…I bring this up only to shine light on the type of people at TNT.  Previously a couple members had asked about safe places for their animals because they were homeless as well and heading into a shelter.  When chat members generously offered hospitality or assistance with the animals, the homeless members were banned for “soliciting for personal gain”.  I brought this up in chat the night I left too.

I deleted my own account from my “edit profile” page when I logged off, having deleted all pm’s before.  About a week later I was informed my profile was back up on site, minus my bright red Maple Leaf avatar, and status read “deleted”. This means they brought my profile back off the server, which is illegal.  I highly suspect they brought back all my pm’s too to read through.  I have tried and cannot sign in to my profile and I assume they changed the password.  (That’s a whole ‘nother story – “ninja bans”)

I have written to get my profile/account deleted permanently from all servers and databases but haven’t received word back. There is a next step and I will be taking it. The truth will out….and it will be painful.

Thank you Goose a breath of honesty around here goes a long way! Also thank you JCR for your honest post!
Now… lets see how Dumb TNT really is or isnt? I’m calling bluff that you mention this on the call b/c we know you see what will happen if you even try this… not to mention everyone is sick of Pam’s story time or Tony’s yelling for 30 minutes using the word ‘Idiot’ 100’s of times per call.. Tony you do know only F#%kHeads use the word Idiot, so I guess it suits you well..
Oh, one last thing if TNT IT staff doesn’t know how to do this what does that say for ID protection post RV to all Intel, Mods, & Members (do you need an Exo clue? HA!)
~ goodbye forever TNT!! ~

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Canada Goose from TNT Empty Re: Canada Goose from TNT

Post by Billyg Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:48 pm

Wow. I think there be a few lawyers that got burnt by the "House of Tony" that would love to take this case. If all is true, this could be one more good size thorn in Tony's butt. All we can do is help educate the people that are still on the other side of "Wonderland".
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