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Files economic awaits Iraq's new government DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Files economic awaits Iraq's new government

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Files economic awaits Iraq's new government Empty Files economic awaits Iraq's new government

Post by Ponee Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:40 am

Files economic awaits Iraq's new government 9156575

Iraqi government needs to respond to the new files including several economic problem of unemployment and poverty, housing and activation of development policies and private sector investment. The President of the advisers in the prime minister Thamer Ghadhban optimistic performance of the new government in the economic sectors and projects implemented to stop the delay in approving the budget in 2014. In an interview to the island expecting Anger adoption of the budget in the coming days. He said that the reasons for the budget deficit in 2014 due to expenses that were more resources by up to 35%, but the government was forced to reduce the deficit to lower rates. He pointed out that the ongoing investment projects, especially those related to electricity and oil because they "have seen purely in earnest in the last months of 2013 budget surplus. For his part, member of the Finance Committee of Parliament Abdul Qader Mohammed that the "war on terror" has impacted negatively on the economy, which drained a lot of money. Abdul Qader Mohammed: the war on terrorism Astzvt a lot of money and impacted negatively on the economy."

The recession

and said that the adoption of the government's budget on oil primarily brought the economy to a recession. But he pointed out that "the central bank had a stockpile large fiscal deficit exceeding much, which is reassuring."

He stressed the need for adoption of the budget during the remaining time of the year, because Iraq is in "war on terror" needs to create all the energy. "

He ruled that gets crippled the Iraqi economy in spite of the presence of vital areas under the control of the organization of the Islamic state , which "impact on oil exports through the northern port currently stalled."

On the other hand, emphasized the former central bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the situation in Iraq has become an exceptional because the occurrence of the four provinces under the control of state regulation is the nature of the exchange and make financial priority to military spending.

Saleh said the island revealed that the budget in 2014 turned into a purely operational, nor where there any side investment, leading to delays in other productive activities.

Saleh stressed that the adoption of the budget is important to clarify the ambiguity expenses (Alice)

Ambiguity expenses

and sees the benefit of expert -oho Musrfa- that the adoption of the budget is important to clarify the ambiguity of expenses and approval of investment projects and sensitive task, and that must be a priority.

He said that resolving the issue of the budget in 2014 is necessary to adopt a 2015 budget in accordance with the priorities of the survey contained storing the investment of big projects task, especially those related to oil.

Saleh pointed out that the budget has been designed in the past year under good conditions away from the security crisis, and the roof was spending 70 trillion Iraqi dinars (65 billion dollars) deficit of default is 32 trillion dinars, or 20%. But he pointed out that the investment expenditure is no longer contained because of the collapse of the security developments.

Among the operating expenses amounting to 1 on the roof of 12 in 2013, and that the deficit surplus default and has no value now. He said that Iraq will not borrow from abroad to fill the deficit of my time.

The banking expert said that Iraq "will not witness economic progress as long as the investment process and the budget is Off deferred."



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