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A Continual Pictorial Story

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 A Continual Pictorial Story  Empty A Continual Pictorial Story

Post by Ponee on Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:24 am

A Continual Pictorial Story -----  I will continue to add to and update this post.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140901184024-iraq-0901-horizontal-gallery
Iraqi volunteer fighters on Monday, September 1, celebrate the breaking of the siege on the Shiite town of Amerli as they advance toward the town from the south. ISIS militants had surrounded Amerli, 70 miles north of Baquba, since mid-June.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140831125620-iraqi-shiite-turkmens-0830-horizontal-gallery
Iraqi Shiite Turkmen, mostly women and children, try to board an Iraqi Army helicopter aid flight bringing supplies to Amerli on Saturday, August 30.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140827164803-01-iraq-0827-restricted-horizontal-gallery
Kurdish Peshmerga forces stand guard at their position in the Omar Khaled village west of Mosul, Iraq, on Sunday, August 24.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140827165139-02-iraq-0827-restricted-horizontal-gallery
Kurdish Peshmergas fight to regain control of the town of Celavle in Iraq's Diyala province on August 24.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140827165432-03-iraq-0827-restricted-horizontal-gallery
Peshmerga fighters stand guard at Mosul Dam in northern Iraq on Thursday, August 21. With the help of U.S. military airstrikes, Kurdish and Iraqi forces retook the dam from ISIS militants on August 18. A breach of the dam would have been catastrophic for millions of Iraqis who live downstream from it.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140821105714-01-iraq-0821-horizontal-gallery
Displaced Iraqis receive clothes from a charity at a refugee camp near Feeshkhabour, Iraq, on Tuesday, August 19.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140821105905-02-iraq-0821-horizontal-gallery
A woman holds her sister during a sandstorm at a refugee camp in Feeshkhabour on August 19.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140819085821-01-iraq-0819-horizontal-gallery
A fighter with Kurdish Peshmerga forces battles ISIS militants near Mosul, Iraq, on Monday, August 18.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140819090017-02-iraq-0819-horizontal-gallery
A Shiite fighter defends a post while backing the Iraqi army in its fight against ISIS militants south of Baghdad on August 18.

 A Continual Pictorial Story  140819090242-03-iraq-0819-horizontal-gallery
A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter patrols near the Mosul Dam in Chamibarakat, Iraq, on Sunday, August 17.

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