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Sample Letter for Congress

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Sample Letter for Congress Empty Sample Letter for Congress

Post by GreyWolfe on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:41 am

Below is the actual letter I sent (via On-Line contact forms) my representatives, as well as Speaker Boehner, in the House and Senate today. I am posting it here without my name and address on it so that if any of you want to use it (or any part of it), please feel free to do so.

============ ============== =============
To those in authority as our (We The People) representatives,

As you ponder whether to raise the debt ceiling or not, please take into consideration the following facts you may not be aware of:

1) If you want to gain more seats back and win the House, Senate, and the Presidency then the RNC must pick and support people who are True Conservatives that stand for Moral Values, our Constitution (as the founders wrote it to be interpreted), and ones who will do the hard task of voicing that we need to cut government spending by TRILLIONS, not billions! Not just in rhetorical speeches, but ones who say what they mean and mean what they say (showing it by doing what they say they will do)!
2) Continually COMPROMISING is NOT the answer. The Bible is specific that compromise is like being lukewarm versus being either someone hot or cold. If you are lukewarm or cold, you are not with Him and He will spew you out of His mouth. I do not know about you, but for me that scenario scares the living daylights out of me! Be careful what you choose for things to vote on. You are in a responsible position that the Lord Our God has allowed you to be placed into. With that comes many responsibilities the Bible teaches-warns of right and wrong choices-decisions.
3) Sen. McCain lost in 2008 mainly due to a lack of people coming out to vote for him. The RNC picked him as a moderate to enhance the RNC winning the election … we see how that worked out. Even though he was a left of middle progressive, the conservative people were not fooled … those that did vote Republican only voted-supported him because of his choice of a true conservative named Gov. Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate … the others just stayed away. Look at the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio when the marriage amendment was on the Ohio ballot. People that had not voted in decades or ever were standing in lines to vote still at 3 to 4 the next morning!
4) Immigration reform must be done in SEPARATE bills … A) Fund the building of our walls; B) Allow the Law Enforcement to perform-enforce what the law already is on the books and jail and/or send home the law breakers; C) Enforce the laws that will prosecute businesses using illegal immigrants (as slaves). D) After A, B, and C are working: then, and only then, figure out what to do with those still in our country illegally … most will have gone home already because there will be no work for them.
5) LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: The USA under Pres. Bush purchased 3.7 Trillion Iraq Dinars to cover the cost of our time in Iraq War covering this last decade. He also signed the Pres. Executive Order 13303 (recently extended by Pres. Obama) to allow USA Citizens to buy and sell the Iraq Dinar (IQD) legally while Iraq was still a country under UN sanctions. Very soon the Iraq Dinar will revalues it will allow the USA to pay off the national debt with enough left over to help out with Social Security and Medicare fund shortages (because the funds were stolen-borrowed from these last 50 years). The revalued value of the USA holdings of the IQD will be between $12 Trillion to $48 Trillion US Dollars (USD)! But there are these WARNINGS (3, but not all) I pray you will heed:
A) Do not allow these funds to be stolen from or used to pay off a budget that is too large!
B) Do not allow Pres. Obama or anyone else make use of these funds for their personal projects! Make sure these funds pay off debt and are not used for current or future budgets or projects.
C) Please be good stewards of the funds that are going to be under your management.
You are stewards and guardians of your representative positions, our economy, our Constitution … this is not a time to fail yourself, your family, the people you represent, the people of the USA, or more importantly the God who is described in detail in the book you laid you hands on when you accepted the position you are now in (i.e. – The Bible of The One and Only Almighty God)!

May the Lord Our God Bless You, Your Family, and all who help you!


“I can only hope that I make a difference in hope and encouragement where ever I go by speaking out and standing “in the gap” firmly for The Truth of Our Almighty God and for Our Original Constitution of the U.S.A. for all who live here and want to live here as citizens who will love our great nation!” ['Grey Wolfe'---- June 29th, 2011]

PS - A few of books you want to get (I might say need to get):

"The Original Argument" (great non-fiction: 'The Federalist Papers' rewritten - at least 30+ of the 85)


“Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” (excellent non-fiction biography by Eric Metaxas)


Lastly … some books that you can read for fun … but … will keep you on the edge of your chair while you read them!

Since I first read Jack Cashill’s only fictional book that is an all night read because you cannot put it down. It is called “2006: The Chatauqua Rising”, I have kept my eyes open for thought-provoking, stimulating, and spiritually challenging Christian Themed books. Especially

The next set that came my way was Oliver North’s fictional Trilogy books (Mission Compromised, The Jericho Sanction, and The Assassins).

Now there is this new fictional book by Dr. Patrick Johnston, a General Practitioner (MD) from Zanesville, Ohio. It has the same prophetic writing style warnings that may happen if we do not stand up in the gap when God’s Word and His Principles are not heeded ... either in our churches, in our communities, or even in our nation. "The Revolt of 2020" a fictional work that is a political-Christian themed thriller and is also the first of a trilogy that is an excellent book and one that grips you from the first chapter! It was written by an. He is a great guy that I have been in communication with that has a zeal for Our God, Our Country, and Life in general!

All these books are timely books for our society today that I am loaning (and giving out) all the copies I can afford to buy on my SSDI Disability checks.
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