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Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq!

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Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! Empty Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq!

Post by Ponee Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:16 pm

Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq!

Author: Baghdad Invest |
June 27 2014

As many of you know Iraq is experiencing difficulties with groups of terrorists hell bent on forming the Islamic Caliphate.

For the last few days I have seen my frustration levels increase, because of the actions or should I say lack of actions being taken by the United States of America in accordance with the crisis currently ensuing in Iraq.

What is the Islamic Caliphate?
My observation of ISIS is that they would like to see a modern Islamic Caliphate formed with a modern twist. It is mainly extremists who aim to see this come to fruition because they are mostly associated with great Muslim empires.

The caliphate was the Islamic state  was previously established after the death of the prophet Mohammed in the beginning of the seventh century and was eventually ended in Istanbul in 1924. They consider this institution that controlled massive tracts of land stretching across continents to be the bond that held Muslims together.

The attraction is about power on one hand and justice on the other. ISIS does not just want Muslim unity, it also has particular vision for how Muslims should be governed in the form of a very outdated Sharia law.

Why the USA is starting to frustrate me on the ISIS crisis?
I wanted to talk about the frustrations I am feeling for the American Government. This is not an issue with the great people of America who I care about as much as the Iraqi people. This is simply me, a citizen dissatisfied with the actions of the American Government.

There are a number of events that have taken place over the last few weeks which have kind of confirmed to me that the USA Government is not necessarily on the side of Iraq.
Iraq is under attack from ISIS. You know that and I know that. ISIS is rapidly surrounding Baghdad from the North and the West threatening a full scale attack on the capital of Baghdad.

  • Syrian War Planes have carried out a number of air strikes on ISIS positions INSIDE of IRAQ. John Kerry’s reaction is to issue a warning after Syria helps bomb ISIS. Rather telling indeed… the moment Iraq needs help, the country next to us that is suffering attacks from ISIS helps us out because we have no air capability and the United States warns Syria to not get involved.

  • Due to Iraq’s chosen preferred partner, the United States stalling to provide Air Support or fighter jets. Iraq has had to purchase second hand fighter jets from Russia and Belarus. Guess what? They will arrive in Iraq within 2 to 3 days. The fighter jets are so urgently needed to slow the advancement of ISIS, sadly the USA government has chosen to delay and stall turning the process into a long winded one which in this case is madness bearing in mind ISIS are in a rush to destroy Iraq.

  • Iraq is out of Hellfire missiles leaving the Iraqi military with no offensive capability, and no real air force to fight the offensive from ISIS. Iraq has the money to pay for weapons but the American Government is reluctant to service the need.

  • Barrack Obama formally makes a request to congress for $500m for the US military to train and equip “moderate” Syrian rebels. This is insane and simply adds “more fuel” to the fire that is so evidently burning in the Middle East. As has been proven on numerous occasions in the past these “moderate” rebels turn out to be not so moderate. At a time when Iraq needs help the most Obama is requesting more money which I have no doubt will be directly used by these individuals in Syria and Iraq with the aim to topple both governments.

Those are just four reasons why I am starting to think the United States of America is not even on Iraq’s side. It feels like the United States of America is attempting to do everything it can to keep Iraq pressed down meanwhile ISIS sweep in and raise their flags. To make it worse, a request for more money for weapons, training and aid for the “moderate” rebels in Syria.

For weeks now Iraq has been BEGGING the USA to send Fighter Jets and weapons that Iraq has already contracted for, but the USA does nothing. Iraq turns to the Russians and they fulfil the need with delivery within 3 days. Great job USA! I am starting to wonder is the USA really the enemy here? In Iraqi circles, many are pointing the finger at the Gulf region in conjunction with the USA. I want to say again, I am not blaming or pointing at the people of the USA but I am indeed pointing the finger at the Government of the United States of America.
An Iraqi I spoke to earlier today so clearly pointed the following out “We didn’t ask for their help in 2003, they insisted. We are asking for their help now and they are refusing”
John Kerry warned Iran and Russia to back off…..I would be happy for Iran, Russia and Syria to back off…. but only if America would step up to the plate and be the partner it so terribly portrays itself to be.

Shame on you the American Government! (not the American people, just the ones who make the decisions)


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Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! Empty Re: Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq!

Post by Kevind53 Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:53 pm

While I have no love for our current administration or their policies, some of this is apples and oranges. Russia and Belarus both are literal used weapon lots, with tons of used and unneeded equipment just waiting for the highest bidder. The planes purchased from the US are NEW and are built to order. Technically, they are being purchased from the manufacturer, not the USG. It's not like the manufacturer has a parking lot full of FA-18's just waiting for shipment. (And yes, Russia does have literal parking lots filled with planes.)

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 Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! 2805820865  Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! 2805820865  Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! 2805820865  Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq! 2805820865
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