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Maliki to leave .. but pay attention to the nation called Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Maliki to leave .. but pay attention to the nation called Iraq

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Maliki to leave .. but pay attention to the nation called Iraq Empty Maliki to leave .. but pay attention to the nation called Iraq

Post by Ponee Sat May 10, 2014 8:06 pm

Maliki to leave .. but pay attention to the nation called Iraq
Battles being waged today our armed forces the heroine in all its different forms against terrorist groups, especially Mar we knew that our troops took the lead in recent times, and began exposure vast reservoirs and kegs of terrorism in some parts of the Iraqna wounded, and cost the enemies of humanity heavy losses minds fossilized and equipment, the men swore to put the nation in Haddqat their eyes, and pledged our mothers bereaved and Oitamna and Eramlna and the elderly, the Revenge of the alien creatures and bats of darkness, and crush their heads without mercy, and the blood of their children and their parents will not go unheeded, but would be an incentive and motivation to achieve a brilliant victory, God willing.

To leave al-Maliki, although he Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and to leave his ministers and his good decisions and wrong, and exalted those who do not faulting Let's leave all our conversations side, and Nightlife hills night, but we put arrows cash aside that draws some of our security, and to pay attention to homeland called Iraq, they want slaughtered and dancing on his body covered with soil of the prophets and imams and the prophet and the saints and martyrs to leave everything, and be supportive and help our armed forces, which do not shut her Jaffna in order to live in peace and security, they deserve all the love appreciation and gratitude for their and Abzloh sacrifices for our country and our people, yes understand our children and brothers who Istron largest heroic epics, today Ohaosna keep the land division and I want them to slaughter from their pulpits suspicious and paid the price and framed employment and treason.

But who wants to singing out of tune and Honks Bnchaz Samvunyate towards the brave men of the armed forces, it is not uncommon for the children of prostitutes who are sheltering in the shadow outside his tent, which has become dilapidated and pant Aouradtha then it does not profit you beg and seek pardon the sword left his home and heads rotten time has come to picking, the flags disinterested and paid the price, and the pro-Daash and his ilk, he has to reconsider their positions well, and not what I'm saying Iraq when he hears or reads utter statements by officials Olson reduce receipts and describes what our heroes do not deserve!! Do they have the right to Atnamoa wealth of Iraq and Itbuua large positions in the state and the government? I do not say only a great poet Muzaffar Tomb of Representatives (Show me a more vulgar than you are in it).  http://goo.gl/vwXTJt

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