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Short Markz and I4u Members Chat Friday Evening DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Short Markz and I4u Members Chat Friday Evening

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Short Markz and I4u Members Chat Friday Evening Empty Short Markz and I4u Members Chat Friday Evening

Post by Ponee Sat May 10, 2014 8:30 am


Short Markz and I4u Members Chat Friday Evening

Believe13] its so quiet today...could that be a sign?

Believe13] I hope the weekend goes faaaasssst

Gdsgrl21] Believe13 can you imagine our reaction when his thing finally happens? I wonder if they'll have smelling sals in the banks rofl

[mailboxmoney] i think once it happens no one is gonna believe its real baby

[MarkZ] For the record, I do not talk to Tony, couldn't tell you who DC is and they never asked me to stand down. Not sure where that crazy rumor started. Other than that.... How is everyone? :

[highhopes] MarkZ So glad you came in...This quiet was brutal today!!!

[ [time4rv] MarkZ / A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on Tony's Forum which had a list of over 730 names on it. Does your list have approximately the same number?

MarkZ] time4rv What is the list about? I know nothing about it.

[time4rv] MarkZ / It was supposed to be the list of people that have stopped the RV. After I saw it, I hit refresh and it was gone.

[MarkZ] time4rv oh that...I told him to stand down.... hahaha Just kidding, I couldn't tell you a thing about it.

[highhopes] MarkZ Is it time to start naming the detractors- or are we about to see the RV???? IYO of course..lol

[MarkZ] highhopes IMO heck yes we are about to see it. I refuse to give you a timeline but I expect it this month and I pray I am correct.

 [highhopes] MarkZ woohoo and thanks

[Ruth] MarkZ Have you ever heard of the C.N.O.I.?

 [MarkZ] Ruth no

Ruth] Cherokee Nation of Indians. that's where I heard about the Chinese elder thing.

[stthomas cowboy] MarkZ there was news today from mtn goat which was not particularly good and from Tony which was encouraging for this weekend. Which was the most correct?

[MarkZ] stthomas cowboy Mtn Goat was more accurate in the reasoning but I expect her best case scenario. But honestly I didn't read what Tony said. My cuz sent me Goat's post though.

[firenice] MarkZ is the UST still stalling?

MarkZ] firenice no

[ModelWoman] MarkZ Have any idea why Jack Lew is going to China?

 [MarkZ] ModelWoman How do you know that?

 [ModelWoman] MarkZ Saw it in Recaps I think?

 [MarkZ] ModelWoman hmmmmmm I should start checking recaps. Smile

 [Glurerivyg] Jack Lew flying to Beijing on Sun 5/11--   http://www.moneynews.com/streettalk/treasury-lew-china-currency/2014/05/09/id/570593/  

[stthomas cowboy] MarkZ. tony said this will be the best weekend- of our journey!

 [MarkZ] stthomas cowboy He will very likely be right.

[ModelWoman] MarkZ Also The Pope gave the Political Idiots a bit of H**L today!   http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-urges-un-leadership-to-resist-culture-of-death/

MarkZ] ModelWoman You want to talk about change.... This Pope came into a crap storm that included raids on the Vatican bank and the fed offices that were located there. I personally am almost impressed with him. That means something from me because I still blame the catholic church for the dark ages.... Smile

[ChildOfGod] MarkZ hi Will you be doing a call next week or do we have to wait till post RV ?

[MarkZ] Gang I need to take a few. I will try to make it back in tonight. ChildOfGod There is a great chance that the answer is yes to both parts of that. Let's see how the week shakes out.

[firenice] MarkZ try to come back in for a while. You are very calming to everyone

[MarkZ] firenice A close friend of mine had a motorcycle accident last week and he is doing very poorly.

I just need a moment to clear my head so I can give you all my full attention. sagefemme hi, ModelWoman  Ok back in a bit.

[ModelWoman] MarkZ has left the building! .


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