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What Will Ending The National Emergency Do For Me? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

What Will Ending The National Emergency Do For Me?

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What Will Ending The National Emergency Do For Me? Empty What Will Ending The National Emergency Do For Me?

Post by Guest Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:27 pm

Ending the National Emergency is the one event that has the potential to bring about world peace.
Ending the Banking Emergency of 1933 would make the United States eligible to participate in the global economic ‘reset’ which is pending for over 180 countries around the globe.
Ending the National Banking Emergency and resulting global reset would bring about complete debt forgiveness of all private and public debt resetting the global economic system back to a level playing ground. The currency of every country will be based on the actual real assets of the country. Every currency will be value backed rather than the ‘fiat’ currency of the Federal Reserve Banks.
This is to include the discharge of all mortgages, credit card debt, school loans, etc. and will facilitate the emergence of receivership and a return to solvency for all the People of America.
Ending the National Emergency will open the door for the distribution of the new Treasure Notes, a currency of value, issued by the Treasury in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and will bring an end to the private Federal Reserve Banking System and their private collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service,
Ending the National Emergency will mean the immediate repeal of the 1939 Amendment of the Trading With The Enemy Act that made every American an enemy combatant and enemy of the United States and would bring about the release and return of the interest back to the People for the use of our Good Faith & Credit.
Ending the National Emergency would void every Executive Order issued since 1863, remove the profit from war by removing the funding therefore and bring about the return home of all military personnel.
Awareness of the Law of Attraction tells that what we fight and war against always results in more of the same to fight and war against. We know violence and war beget more violence and war. On the other hand we understand that peace begets peace.
We understand that the world, out there, is a reflection of what is within. If we do not like what we see out there then we must look within for the solution. Once we change what is within then that which out there will change as well.
For decades we have acted on the belief that ‘If only THEY would change then we would be alright’ refusing to take responsibility for our own reality. We know that when you are pointing your finger ‘out there’ then there are three fingers pointing back at you.
We are the creators of our reality and must take responsibility for our creation. We must stop pointing our fingers and start taking responsibility for our own actions.
If we wish to live in a world of peace let that peace begin with us. Let that peace begin within. Let us Be the Peace and change we wish to see in the world.
When one walks around with true peace in their hearts true peace is what they reflect for their reality no matter what chaos the world is in.
Peace begins within. Let us all choose peace for it is a choice.




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