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120 deputies are threatening to derail the budget .. South and angry Maliki to cancel the new petro-dollar ratio DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

120 deputies are threatening to derail the budget .. South and angry Maliki to cancel the new petro-dollar ratio

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120 deputies are threatening to derail the budget .. South and angry Maliki to cancel the new petro-dollar ratio Empty 120 deputies are threatening to derail the budget .. South and angry Maliki to cancel the new petro-dollar ratio

Post by Ponee Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:45 am

120 deputies are threatening to derail the budget .. South and angry Maliki to cancel the new petro-dollar ratio

 Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

Facing the federal budget for the year 2014 objections unprecedented, having described the way passed the House of Representatives as a "trapping" bear the responsibility of the government alone. The talk among the parliamentary budget for the collision of the mass of an estimated 120 parliamentary deputies, led by representatives of the central and southern governorates in addition to the masses of the Kurdistan Alliance and united those who have expressed their support for the demands of the "oil provinces," the lifting of the petro-dollar allocations for $ 5.

He said the House of Representatives that the budget in its current form, contrary to the law of the provinces, and threatened to boycott the session to discuss the budget, demanding the need to return to the government.

Furthermore, informed sources revealed, "long", that "the reason for the governor of Basra suffered Majed Nasraoui to a heart attack recently, had an altercation with Finance Minister Maliki ally, purity of net debt due to the latter's insistence on reducing the petro-dollar."
In this context, the MP said Jawad Albzona, the "long" yesterday, that "the law of the provinces not organized in a region number (21) came into force after it is ratified by the Presidency of the Republic was published in the Official Gazette," stressing that "the government is obliged to apply the This law in the federal budget for the year 2014. "
Albzona added that "the allocation of the budget law the amount of one dollar for every barrel of oil extractor for producing provinces is unacceptable and may not be constitutional because it conflicts with provincial law, which provides for $ 5."

He said the Attorney breakaway bloc of state law by saying that "the budget year 2014 will not pass and will be interrupted by the Kurdistan Alliance bloc and united and Vice southern provinces of Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar and Wasit, and will boycott parliament, which will affect the quorum of the session to discuss the budget."

He MP breakaway Maliki's coalition to "the presence of 50 deputies from the central and southern governorates would boycott parliament sessions next added to them mass citizen now totaling more than 30 deputies as well as the mass united (40) deputies and the Kurdistan Alliance bloc of more than 40 deputies in protest at the lack of Alaptrdolar provision was included by the government. " Albzona and see that "the government budget was booby-trapped and can not decode the House of Representatives this trapping whatever discussions because any addition or amendment thereto must take the government's approval," and urged a "return to the Cabinet to include the $ 5."
He added, asking, "Why did not the Government implement provincial law allocates $ 5 for every barrel of a product or a duplicate of gas or oil to the provinces producing oil?", Stressing that "raise funds for the petro-dollar will not affect the doors of the budget because the amount of large up to 163 Trliuna."

In the meantime, the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed its solidarity with the demands of the "deputies oil provinces" in order to raise funds for the petro-dollar to $ 5.
The MP said Haji Mahdi, the "long" yesterday, "The government violated the Constitution and the law in the preparation of the paragraphs of the federal budget for the year 2014 non-commitment to the petro-dollar allocations stipulated by the law of the provinces, which began earlier in the House of Representatives and the majority." He said Haji said, "the government address this gap in the 2014 budget as soon as," stressing that "the Kurdistan Alliance with the budget law went back to the government for redress of all the Iraqi people."

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance that "the government's argument reduction of petrodollars is that Basra produces alone 750 000 barrels per day, making them get large sums of money and enormous compared with the provinces other oil while there are provinces poor will not benefit from these provisions," persisting saying "government trying to apply the central system largely because it maintains its opinion on the unity of Iraq and this is a misconception on the government's review. "

In the meantime, MP Adel al-Maliki, a member of a coalition of state law for the province of Basra, said that "the central government bound by all the laws enacted by the H

ouse of Representatives, including the application of Law No. 21 provincial average."
Maliki said, "long", that "the provincial law granting local governments the powers of administrative, financial and wide will cause it to promote their betterment deteriorating, which includes the transfer of the powers of seven ministries."

The MP for the province of Basra that "the application of this law will give local governments large sums of money through the development of the regions and the allocation of the petro-dollar," but he went on to comment that "the central government did not include allocations because of the petro-dollar budget pressure and the large deficit."
He stressed member of a coalition of state law, saying that "the deputies of Basra, with the ambition of its citizens to allocate petrodollars and manipulated by the government vowed to put a clause in the budget commits to the inclusion of $ 5 per barrel."

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