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Politicians: international visits by the Prime Minister enough to open new horizons for Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Politicians: international visits by the Prime Minister enough to open new horizons for Iraq

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Politicians: international visits by the Prime Minister enough to open new horizons for Iraq Empty Politicians: international visits by the Prime Minister enough to open new horizons for Iraq

Post by Ponee Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:05 pm

Politicians: international visits by the Prime Minister enough to open new horizons for Iraq

Politicians: international visits by the Prime Minister enough to open new horizons for Iraq Screen-shot-2013-11-29-at-3-42-07-pm

12/11/2013 0:00

Stressed the importance of increased security cooperation, economic and political
marked by official visits made ​​by the Prime Minister recently, many of the pros, which is able to bring Iraq back to normal in the international map, especially as the objective of such visits, according to parliamentarians, is the activation of many aspects of economic, political and security, which is able to have tremendous benefits for the country, as well as the ability to remove the misconceptions about Iraq, which is seeking several actors to consolidate intentionally.

comes these assertions, the time is passing through the region the conditions of a highly complex , which called on MPs to call for the intensification of these visits that would exit agreements security able to ward off the risk to Iraq due to the growing terrorist ideas.

reports were internationalist classified terrorist attacks, which exposed the Iraqi people at the hands of groups of satisfaction, as “extermination collective “, which made ​​a number of members of the House of Representatives, to claim engages with the visits of the Prime Minister in a positive way, emphasizing its importance to the future of the country, calling for intensified during future periods.

National Alliance MP Ihsan al-Awadi, believes that “visits by Prime Ministers are evidence of the wide horizon enjoyed by Iraqi diplomacy, especially following the opening of new horizons for cooperation with surrounding countries, and the world, stressing the need to deal with these visits in a positive way and in a spirit of teamwork, because the prime minister does not represent himself but represents the entire state. “

He MP in an interview for the “morning” that these visits will open new horizons for Iraq in various fields, social, economic and political, as well as being build bridges of good relations between Iraq and the world, adding “that repeat visits and the participation of the international community will contribute to the cancellation of the idea confused about Iraq , which is trying in some quarters that are perpetuated and give the impression is incorrect about the progress made ​​in the country. “

said Al-Awadi, “Iraq has become a heavyweight pivotal role in the region, as evidenced by his initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis, which has taken a wide range in the Pacific regional and global by virtue of its history and its impact on these countries . “

For its part, called MP for the coalition in Iraq free high Nassif political blocs to “deal positively with the visits of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to some neighboring countries, which are in the interest of Iraq militarily and politically and economically.”

Nassif explained in a press statement seen by “morning” “The criticism of visits by al-Maliki to some neighboring countries such as Iran and Turkey are lacking neutrality and objectivity is in itself an insult to Iraq, noting that al-Maliki as prime minister, which by virtue of this position represents Iraq and does not represent himself.”
and added: “The Maliki’s visit to Iran recently , and his upcoming visit to Turkey, comes at a time when Iraq conditions of security in a very difficult and complex, and coincided with reports internationalism and international stresses that the suffering of the Iraqi people today at the hands of terrorist groups but it is a genocide. “and showed Nassif:” The is the duty of everyone to support and encourage these visits, which is necessary to open up new horizons for Iraq in various fields, particularly the areas of security. “Turn The president of Rafidain parliamentary Kanna” that Iraq is still suffering from the international isolation until recently because of the actions of the former regime, and it has been able to deal with Iraqi diplomatic isolation to some extent, especially after the intensification of official visits to the prime minister. ” He said in an interview for the “morning” that the duty of the government to draw a line begin and begin diplomatic work, and the duty of the Prime Minister to seek to baptize Iraqi diplomatic and directed this approach will contribute to the framed in a practical way through bilateral meetings, which will result in the development of all respects, at various levels, whether economic or social, as well as create a positive atmosphere in harmony with the next phase of Iraq developed and democratic. “

and drew MP “that such visits took widen significantly by Prime Aloza, and Speaker of the House, and included tours parliamentary Prime Foreign Relations Committee Humam Hamoudi, a result in favor of Iraqi diplomacy. “
noting “that Iraq shares with neighboring countries, the components of many, including social, political and security, so it demands the establishment of relations objective with them, in order to maintain its security and interests, and this confirms the role Effective in the Pacific region. “


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