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As a result of damage to paper currency .. Re-use of mineral claims for small monetary categories DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

As a result of damage to paper currency .. Re-use of mineral claims for small monetary categories

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As a result of damage to paper currency .. Re-use of mineral claims for small monetary categories Empty As a result of damage to paper currency .. Re-use of mineral claims for small monetary categories

Post by Ponee Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:37 am

As a result of damage to paper currency .. Re-use of mineral claims for small monetary categories



Ali Abdul-Hussein

 As a result of damage to most of them, can not maintain their quality for a long period of use, has become the currency with small groups into grumbling and resentment of the citizens as a result of digging majority, thus opening the door to calls for restoration of the coin for these categories of money they are not affected by various factors that are exposed during circulation for long periods.

To talk about this topic, I found newspaper (public opinion) that some dialogue about it, was following her Poses with some of the interviewed:

Citizen Jabar Ali (retired) told us about it, saying, "This phenomenon exists in all countries of the world, but they are dealing with naturally contrary to what exists we have, it is assumed that the banks isolating banknotes affected and printed new alternatives to them; so as to facilitate the handling of such currency on an ongoing basis, wondering, why do not you print new currency instead المتهرئة the distribution?. This is what we suffer through pension Tkadhina our salaries every two months, are often torn.

Aqeel al-Saadi citizens (employees) adds that "the majority of Iraqi banks impose those currencies on account managers, who in turn distribute salaries to employees, and who will suffer in the dispensing commands to later in markets that are not accepted by."

While Hussein Mohammed pointed out (taxi driver) to the National that our currencies are made of paper is good, and print is good, which displays it to be damaged, sometimes we are forced to accept these currencies damaged citizens after the despair of the existence of other good.

She drew the Mona Ghalib (employee) to consider the need to be replaced ministry Currency damaged and pumped to the market a new currency of the categories themselves, and the launch of currency small; to stop the rise in prices as a result of the absence of these categories, as well as re-work coin to preserve the paper from damage.

 And Kausar complained Zuhair (housewife) rejection of most of the shop owners and taxi receipt of the some pretext damage currencies note she got from during Tdaha to the needs of the home of one of them.

The Amar Abdullah (dealer), referring to another problem experienced by the majority of colleagues his career from the Iraqi currency, which it does not fit in business dealings; because the largest category in which a small value to our work, as well as the speed of damage to the poor quality of the paper used in the industry, so we are forced to deal in foreign currencies (the U.S. dollar) for easy carrying and the difficulty of forgery and good quality.

 Director banks Hilal Taan explained that the currency is currently composed of six categories: twenty-five, and ten thousand, five thousand, and this is very good not complain of any problems, but the imbalance is happening in the categories of Alpha and Alkhmsmih and two hundred and fifty dinars, being smaller and frequent trading in them.

 He added that the Iraqi currency printed by a foreign entity and difficult to forge, but the younger categories suffer rupture being the most in the deal, nor harm from dealing in these currencies as a general situation in all countries of the world and naturally used and accepted by everyone.

He stressed that if citizens can repeat this case back to the banks and replace damaged currency with new ones, and this issue does not pose a threat to the movement of the Iraqi market.

 With regard to the lack of small coins as a result of exposure to damage, explained that the need to can these categories refer to the banks and replace the large groups that possession of small ones and new ones.

Hilal Taan stressed that the project coin exists in all countries of the world, but in Iraq need to be a period of time to accustom citizen them again, as well as the implementation of the plan to delete the three zeroes, pointing out that in the earlier agreement was reached between concerned to postpone the project until the end of 2015 , then deleting the zeros "means the currency's strength in dealing small in size" becomes there is a need to launch a coin.

Reconsider Baltalv
Hadi economist Kamal stressed the need to reconsider the relation damaged money by the central bank by toggling the damaged ones new ones فوجودها the longer a nuisance to the citizens, especially in their dealings and mobility markets.

He hinted that in all countries of the world there is a rate of 5 percent can be added by the Central Bank to currency trading related to gross national security and the financial result of the damage and to increase the number of residents and transactions, as well as trade activity, and this is what is working even in countries with economic systems conservative, adding that the Government of Iraq credit card is weak and adoption of macro-trading cash should be considered in the renewal of banknotes damaged and distributed among citizens in order to facilitate their dealings, stressing the role of the law in this aspect, since there is no need to impose a fine on those who do not accept the money.[/ltr]



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