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Stryker--Rv then managed float

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Stryker--Rv then managed float Empty Stryker--Rv then managed float

Post by Ponee Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:54 am

11-5-2013 Newshound Guru Stryker [WHY IN YOUR OPINION WOULD IRAQ NOT JUST DROP THE ZEROS FROM THE END OF THE BILLS. THIS WOULD PROVIDE A MODEST INCREASE IN VALUE TO THEIR PEOPLE, GO 1:1 WITH THE DOLLAR THEN FLOAT. THIS WOULD SAVE THEM BILLIONS. OURS WOULD BE WORTH $25.00'S.] They could very well do that but they have the resources to RV first and then go to a managed float too. BTW, it would not increase the value modestly, what you're referring to is a neutral event for their people.

There has been hundreds of article over the years that state they want to increase the purchasing power significantly, not modestly. No one knows exactly what will be their program but I believe through my research that they want a asset back currency like it is now but they will add their proven reserves (per the IMF gaud lines) to their hard currency reserves, which will increase the value of the dinar prior to them redenominating into lower banknotes.
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