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8ball - 8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011 (copied from DINAR RECAPS) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011 (copied from DINAR RECAPS)

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8ball - 8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011 (copied from DINAR RECAPS) Empty 8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011 (copied from DINAR RECAPS)

Post by dinardiva Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:15 pm

8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011

06:45:56 [dsny2020] so does anyone think that this is our weekend?
06:54:03 [8ball] well yes
06:54:17 [8ball] they are having meetings with multiple ministries
06:54:19 [dsny2020] good
06:54:24 [8ball] in Parliament
06:54:30 [8ball] if I would guess
06:54:33 [dsny2020] that is what i was reading
06:55:06 [dsny2020] they just need to finish the meetings
06:55:40 [8ball] finance, commerce (trade), education, and planning
06:55:50 [8ball] all at the same time
06:56:13 [8ball] looks to be a meeting on how to roll out the RV
06:56:15 [dsny2020] that should speed up the process
06:57:06 [8ball] CBI was't there but I think it is more about making sure taht the adjustments are made
06:57:31 [8ball] CBI is done...... and waiting for the knod
06:57:55 [dsny2020] us too...just hope they nod soon
06:58:22 [8ball] well it all stems back from the meeting on June 22nd with Maliki
06:59:13 [8ball] and that is the date that the CBI..... was met
07:00:01 [8ball] sorry can't put the link in here
07:00:04 [dsny2020] so do you think we are in a day to day watch
07:00:20 [8ball] article is placed in my last chat
07:01:20 [8ball] meeting of the independent bodies
07:01:53 [dsny2020] so they are meeting today
07:02:07 [8ball] probably still meeting
07:02:19 [8ball] the ministries
07:02:38 [dsny2020] hope they stay there until they are done
07:03:57 [8ball] well i would say we are about a week away....... with an Iraqi tolerance of plus or minus 6 months
07:04:18 [dsny2020] lol
07:04:34 [DMD] lol 8ball
07:04:50 [DMD] but ty...lol
07:05:34 [8ball] but with the ministry's today I do believe they are reporting on RV readiness
07:06:00 [idahoshorty] woohooo 8ball thank you
07:06:03 [DMD] amen and sure hope so
07:06:33 [dsny2020] there really are a lot of things that have to be in line for this to happen
07:06:57 [8ball] yes the people have to be aware of what is happening
07:06:57 [DMD] so true dsny2020
07:07:01 [dsny2020] gm idahoshorty DMD
07:07:11 [8ball] when the price strucure will change
07:07:31 [idahoshorty] good morning 8ball DMD dsny2020
07:07:33 [8ball] commerce was there
07:07:44 [8ball] Finance
07:07:49 [dsny2020] it will affect everything done in iraq
07:07:49 [DMD] gm idahoshorty 8ball
07:07:50 [8ball] Education
07:07:59 [8ball] Planning
07:08:13 [dsny2020] all the big guys
07:08:29 [8ball] you need green lights from all of them
07:08:43 [idahoshorty] 8ball I think you are right on the money
07:08:51 [dsny2020] it will greatly help out there education
07:09:21 [8ball] well the education ministry has being having seminar's....over time
07:09:54 [8ball] and I have watched how this ministry has been involved
07:10:15 [8ball] in this capacity to make awareness
07:10:22 [8ball] to the RV
07:10:46 [8ball] Finance is pretty clear cut.... adjusting budgets
07:10:52 [dsny2020] i always said i won't care about iraq after rv but i think it will be interesting to see there progress
07:11:00 [8ball] trade minister will adjust prices
07:11:22 [8ball] Planning minister will have the inpact and when it has to occur
07:11:45 [8ball] or when it was planned
07:12:50 [idahoshorty] 8ball I like waing up to a woooohoooo thank you
07:12:58 [8ball] np
07:13:12 [dsny2020] i would be glad to help them with that
07:13:34 [8ball] we are a week away from the 60 day gate from Maliki's meeting with the Independent body
07:13:46 [8ball] bodies
07:14:20 [8ball] They are in Ramadan
07:14:30 [8ball] Parliament is still in session
07:14:56 [dsny2020] do you think they will stall because of Ramadan
07:15:12 [8ball] no I think they will RV since they are in Ramadan
07:15:29 [8ball] and they have a reason to celebrate...!!!
07:15:54 [idahoshorty] I am ready
07:16:01 [dsny2020] me too
07:16:29 [8ball] Ramadan is a holiday of sorts so this would be a great time to RV
07:16:48 [8ball] And make Iraq's presence felt across the mid east
07:16:52 [8ball] and the world
07:17:37 [dsny2020] they are going to be such a leader in the middle east
07:17:56 [8ball] they will be a economic force
07:18:05 [8ball] which is badly needed
07:18:09 [8ball] at this time
07:18:26 [dsny2020] thats for sure
07:18:49 [dsny2020] someone needs to step up to the plate
07:19:27 [8ball] I think that Maliki and Iraq have made sure they have got everything they could get out of the RV
07:19:50 [dsny2020] that for sure
07:19:56 [8ball] Global Immunity for 18 months would have come with a deadline
07:20:11 [DMD] that make perfect sense to me and hope it does to them
07:20:14 [8ball] which they got from the UNSC
07:20:23 [dsny2020] they have gotten every debt release that they could
07:20:35 [8ball] and being that we know Iraqi's don't like to work hard
07:21:05 [8ball] especially their politicians
07:21:26 [8ball] The are in Ramadan....working in Parliament......
07:21:36 [8ball] speaks volumes to me
07:21:50 [8ball] On a Saturday
07:21:51 [dsny2020] yes it does
07:22:47 [8ball] so this is why I think the 60 day gate means something
07:22:53 [8ball] ok
07:23:07 [8ball] I will BBL need a coffee
07:23:12 [DMD] ty
07:23:13 [dsny2020] make sense
07:23:24 [dsny2020] ty 8ball
07:23:28 [8ball] np
07:24:17 [dsny2020] that was sure an uplifting chat
07:25:12 [DMD] sure was .... love it
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8ball - 8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011 (copied from DINAR RECAPS) Empty Re: 8Ball Chat 8/14/2011 post by Maynard57 at PTR 08/14/2011 (copied from DINAR RECAPS)

Post by WelshDinar Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:25 pm

Cheers 8Ball good chat post Ilikeyou
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