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Bondlady & Admin Shredd Chat 10/15/13 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bondlady & Admin Shredd Chat 10/15/13

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Bondlady & Admin Shredd Chat 10/15/13 Empty Bondlady & Admin Shredd Chat 10/15/13

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:11 am

A little fact based discussion to cut the hype ... Hope you find it as refreshing as I did.

Bondlady & Admin Shredd Chat


[tlm724] I need your attention for just a few minutes please we need to clear something up that is going around the dinar net

[tlm724] our player sent me an email late last nite  the email was a posting of the economic reform law

[tlm724] okay the economic reform law was published on the iraqi economist net, this web site is for economists, scholars etc for debate and discussion

[tlm724] some sites are saying that the Law has been passed and has not been published yet. I have to respectfully disagree with that and I will tell you why.

[tlm724] we constantly check ALL the COM and Parl websites, we read minutes etc... we have our finger on the pulse always and we have not seen one thing relating to this law, now IF I am wrong that's okay because we would love nothing more then to have this bill passed and I will gladly eat crow for that !

[tlm724] but until we see it in the gazzette and in the minutes we just can't assume it was passed  [Shredd] yes indeed

[tlm724] now Iraq has snuck several laws past us before so I won't say its impossible I am just saying we need to see proof

[tlm724] it's an extremely important law and we did a chat on it, the COM did indeed pass it but it needs to read in parliament 3 times then in the gazzette. BLC will not leave you hanging ever ! If we see it you will know ! Thanks  

BondLady] good morning everyone

[Shredd] gm what bigger laws are we looking for ? infrastructure....

[Bondlady] infrastructure, protection of the product and consumer law those 3 I'm looking for so they can enact ALL the tariff laws

[Shredd] and the law of indebtedness right?

[Bondlady] thought they did that 1 already didn't they?

[Shredd] two readings if I recall

[Bondlady] ah  I saw where they forgave the farmers debts from back in 2003

[Shredd] really? nice

[Bondlady] wouldn't that go in with it

[Shredd] not sure...the conversion of balances...debt/cash etc

[Bondlady] and I saw a few years back where they had forgave some loans too from poor people back in 2003 or before

[Bondlady] sucks they don't want do the laws we need cause it would be a feather in Maliki's cap

[Shredd] and Maliki wants to run for third term

[Bondlady] ino

[Shredd] I thought that was not allowed in constitution

[Bondlady] and that in itself will stop them from passing what we need to see unless he can cut some back alley deals with the blocks which I'm sure he can.

See if we look at the election law you can see why it didn't pass which would limit the terms.

Maliki and Barzani did do a deal, as you see Barzani ran again and won and now its Malikis turn to do the same thing.

And if you look at it in terms of TERMS then you see the new term would make 3 terms if he wins...BUT

[Bondlady] if you look at it like this... Maliki was placed by the USA in his 1st term he was not voted in by the people on that 1 he was placed.  now THIS term he was.

So if you go from when they first got there free democracy and free votes then you could assume that he has only legally done 1 term which would be this 1 not counting the new terms elections. He was only voted in once so far so he could actually pull it off if they are looking at it in those ways.

[Shredd] Bondlady do you think Maliki has the constituency?

[Bondlady] he might

[Shredd] and there is concern of removing the zeros with the elections coming up..........that must be in anticipation of what?

[Bondlady] think that's why the election law hasn't been passed an they will probably go with the old election law with a few minor amendments

[Bondlady] that's just it Maliki is gonna have to do some very fast bargains and shady deals to pull this off imo he has already done that with the kurds. The kurds are holding up the election law

[Shredd] making promises

[Bondlady] so imo Maliki will go again and there's a good chance he will win unless some 1 like Hakim runs then I don't know he will win again if allawi try's it so I don't know

[Shredd] Bondlady tlm724 do you think Maliki in another term will be good for the dinar growth or bad for it?

[Bondlady] Allawi fighting and has fought any kind of progress for the last 3 plus years because he looks at it like he's fighting Maliki not fighting to give the people a better life but the opposite. Maliki is going to have to figure a way to make the people happy to pull this one off IMO

[tlm724] Shredd imo he is pushing the important laws so yes

[Shredd] I tend to agree that Maliki in office is good in regards to stability and much has been accomplished as of late under his watch and like you said BL, he was placed there by the US

[Shredd] I asked about what the people think of Maliki because I'm not sure he needs to win with bringing value to the dinar

[Bondlady] I don't think the dinar will stay low for long

[Shredd] it just cannot

[Bondlady] they have economic commitments but they must start the tariffs in full soon and the currency must have international status and no 1 wants to deal with tons of paper from them when they pay for exports with there own currency which they stated to the WTO they would use dinar to pay

[Shredd] Bondlady right

[Bondlady] so were in the home stretch as far as I'm concerned

[Shredd] regarding investment into Iraq, yes regarding the currency, yes

[Bondlady] but that stretch may be a stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as they are surely slower than a snail. They have to hash and rehash and rehash everything to the point of exhaustion before they will say ok then do it

[Shredd] Iraq has the 23rd (or so) highest reserves in the world, farming has been coming back manufacturing is coming too

[Bondlady] yes and industrial is now taking the lead and agriculture is going great and live stock too, they are now having plenty of ranchers as well as farmers. so that food sector for them is great and is and will grow more and more and reduce imports for meat and veggies and also fruit so now its industrial turn.

[Shredd] grow GDP

[Bondlady] they need that for the growth and jobs to make there own cement  and bricks and steel they have all the minerals they will ever need to make any kind of building stuff maybe not lumber though as they are in a desert but the rest of the stuff they have, copper steal anything to make asphalt, nails, tools,

they have the ability for it all except for wood so industries will make them boom ahead quickly and the gov used to own like 95% approx of all the industrial plants in Iraq now thev have opened that up to the people and the world to invest in

[Bondlady] infrastructure law is whats needed at this point to bring that all about then do full tariffs on everything the pay checks the food the product everything

[Bondlady] they aren't too happy over there losing a home bowl game for Iraq because of security and stupidity on infrastructure law. they open this multi-billon dollar sports center in Basra for it and the GCC says nope

[Shredd] Bondlady because they know the $$ that brings in

[Bondlady] yes Iraq love's their soccer too as important to them almost as much as food and water

[Shredd] for me, the only intangible here regarding timing is getting security under control

timing of dinar revaluing that is

[Bondlady] yup

[Shredd] I checked with our sales and strategy guys and that's what they said too....security

[Shredd] imo, at least half of the issue is perception and I see Al-Qaeda is growing in strength too

[Bondlady] yes Shabibi did too and wanted the gov to support the CBI actions and I take that to mean support the CBI with economic laws and reform what we wait for is what he waited for too

[Shredd] who knows how long that will take though, right?

[Bondlady] yes the Syrian crisis has aided Al-Qaeda in coming back to Iraq and they are thriving I just don't post all the gruesome bombings and stuff they keep on capturing the biggies or Al-Qaeda that helps and keep on finding stock piles of weapons bombs etc.. that hurts them

[Shredd] yeah, and a tolerable level of that will continue but once an acceptable level of "control" is had, progress can thrive

[Shredd] worse down south, no different than "bad parts" of cities where businesses pull out and move to safer parts here in US, so for Iraq, the kurd region for example

[Bondlady] their stupidity ran us outta there when they couldn't even defend themselves..that..and a wimpy president an campaign promises

[Bondlady] yes hey they now have 24 hr electric too something they haven't known for years and years

[Shredd] oh really? nice.....I missed that I knew they were close

[Bondlady] even before the war they still lost power they didn't have the best electric in the world not like us and it was already dilapidated before we hit it

[Bondlady] so they have all new stuff now and it took awhile and a lot of corruption went through the elect ministry too but finally they are almost 100%

[BondLady] ty need to start my work day

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