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What's Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation  By Dave Schmidt DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

What's Going on with the Currency Exchange? Reality vs. Speculation By Dave Schmidt

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What's Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation  By Dave Schmidt Empty What's Going on with the Currency Exchange? Reality vs. Speculation By Dave Schmidt

Post by Meme Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:15 am

What's Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation  By Dave Schmidt

Ok Folks,

There have been some statements recently posted on the blog sites that are creating confusion and concern amongst a lot of the readers.

So let me start with this statement:

We live in a world where financial transactions are governed by a rule of law.

You may have your disagreements and different opinions, but the banks are not stupid.

They will not stick their necks out on questionable procedures where they could be legally shut down, create a public relations nightmare and be put out of business.
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People are very protective of their money.  

If customers for one minute think a bank is shady, not honest, doing backroom deals and cannot be trusted; they will pull their money out in a heartbeat.  I would, wouldn't you?

They have to operate in the context of governed procedures within the context of the law.  I'm primarily talking about the operations of how it affects us, the everyday people at the local level on a day to day basis.

 I'm not addressing what takes place at the Federal Reserve and international banking cartel; that's a different story.

So what's the concern?

 Some of the items being reported just don't make sense legally and operationally for a bank.  They have so many legal loopholes you could drive 100 Mack trucks through them turning this into a public relations and legal nightmare for the banks.

 I'm not here to shoot the messengers, but…….

I am beginning to have some concern about who they are receiving their messages from

Who is giving them this information, what are their sources, and what is their basis? 

If it's coming from the top officials in the banks, then I am concerned.  If its top officials giving the information then something is wrong, something is real fishy as to why they would be giving out this info.  

They are professionals and they know it doesn't have a heartbeat of standing legally.  They are not stupid, insane at times, yes, but not stupid.  They have their legal staff on top of their every move and are careful about what they say regarding these issues.

There are three areas of concern:  ‘

1) The NDA, non-disclosure agreement,

2) The IQD vs. IQN designation,

 3) The statement of taxes being different.

Before I expound let me be clear.

 I am acting as a reporter/analyst in this case.  I do not have the inside scoop of intel the others have, I am reporting and giving my opinion based on what I am reading on the blog sites just as you.

 Could this all come down to nothing, yea.  In the end it could end up not making a bit of difference.  But, we will not know that until the RV happens.  In the meantime, this info just doesn't make sense and it does give me concern to why it's being given the way it is.

So, what about the issues? 

I wrote an article last week on the NDA and talked about it with callers for two hours on my radio program Wednesday night.  You can listen to it archived and it is accessible on my blog site. 

I won't go into detail on this topic, it’s been covered, but legally it is absurd and ludicrous.  I don't know why a bank would want to touch it even if the Dept. of Homeland Security tells them to.

 Every bank in the country would have to receive a blanket immunity clause from the federal government protecting them from prosecution.  Let alone it has no impact and enforceability outside the United States.

It just doesn't make sense; it is totally outside the rule of law. ‘

So who is telling the bloggers this info and why?  What is their motivation for giving this information

All it does it create confusion, chaos and fear. 

But, you heard my opinion on my radio program regarding the issue.  That's how the cabal/banking cartel works; create confusion, diversion, chaos and fear.  That lets them do their dirty work behind the scenes in secrecy while we are distracted by other comments and events.

The big question we all have:  What if the NDA is implemented, should I sign it? 

Folks, you need to make that decision for yourself and I’m not going to judge you, condemn you or begrudge you one way or the other.  Do what’s best for you. 

I’m not here to create an ideological war, I’m here to help us think about the truth and how important that is in our lives.

 I haven’t even made up my mind yet.  Here’s why! 

All it takes is one attorney to make an appeal before a Federal judge and they can invalidate the NDA, stop it in its tracks because it is so far off base, impossible to impose and unconstitutional.

It takes someone to sign it to bring a case before the judge.  If necessary I may sign it for that reason alone!

The second issue, the IQN-VNN currency designations vs. the IQD-VND. 

Based on international procedures on the international foreign exchange, all currencies have a three letter nomenclature designation.  As of today, Oct. 12, 2013, the IQN/VNN does not exist.

 Could it be coming, sure and I think it is very likely in the future.  But, that's not my point.  When you go into a bank and exchange a currency, there will be a nomenclature for the currency you have in hand. 

For the dinar it is currently IQD and IQN does not exist.  If it does would someone please show me the foreign exchange posting where it's displayed, I couldn't find it anywhere.

 A currency cannot legally have two different designations with two different values. 

Now, let me be clear, yes it could change at the time of the RV, but here's the issue, legally a bank cannot exchange a single currency with two different rates based on a verbal designation form the person presenting the currency.

Can you imagine the chaos, confusion or anger if someone says the wrong thing and loses millions of dollars because they said IQD instead of IQN.

That is a lawyers dream for class action lawsuits let alone a banks public relations nightmare.  This is backroom bank secrecy shenanigans at its best. 

You, the customer, having the secret code and password can get an extra millions of dollars over those who do not.

Allow me to paint this picture.

 An elderly individual who happens to be in the U.S. but does not speak English goes into a bank to exchange their currency, either teller window or private appointment, makes no difference. 

They only know one word in English, "exchange."  The lay down their 25K dinar note and say in broken English, "exchange."  What's the poor banker to do?  Oh my gosh, the individual did not give me the secret password of IQN, I therefore must give them the rate of IQD. 

Based on the reports coming in on the blog sites, this could be the difference of $3.47 per dinar vs. $27.87 per dinar.

Wow!  Do you see the legal problem facing the bank let alone the power given the individual doing the exchange?  You're putting this individual who is doing the exchange into the position of making you super wealthy just based on what they heard, IQN vs. IQD. 

How do you think the employee feels if they think you did not say the right password?   That employee just deprived you of millions of dollars.  I sure wouldn't want to be that employee who has to walk out the door after work into a dark parking lot.

 That person just deprived someone of millions of dollars because they didn't say IQN.  This issue is just plain downright stupid folks.  I wouldn't want that job in heartbeat, there's no way I'd put myself in a risk situation to be that decision maker.

Folks, do you see how ridiculous this is.  Secret codes, secret passwords in private meetings giving someone extra millions of dollars all going against the rule of law.  Are we moving back to the old wild west where there is no law to be upheld? 

Or is there some government agency totally abusing its power with such tricks as trying to impose an NDA on us.  Now imagine someone mentioning this to the media and it gets reported. 

Wow, chaos, anger, possible rioting and a public relations disaster for the bank where it happened.  And this info is coming to us via top bank officials, without verification or reliability of its source. 

These sources do not have to give us their names, but they can give us enough info to explain why they are recommending something that is just plan ridiculous and illegal.

 Can you see the pattern?  Confusion, chaos, secrecy, fear and diversion, all by what's being reported from those who should know the difference.

The third item, the tax rates. 

I cover this extensively in my Q&A article I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  I've also had a retired IRS agent communicate with me that my report was spot on. 

When it comes to taxes, the law is the law and only congress can change it. 

Yes, the issue of currency exchange vs. commodity exchange can a make difference.  But, I have yet to see anyone come forward and explain its legal basis and how it could happen. 

Yet, sources continue to report there will be a different tax rate based on different issues. 

The difference of these rates could mean the difference of millions of dollars in our pockets. 

Remember folks, only about 1% of the U.S. population is participating in this currency exchange, let alone the rest of the world.  Can you imagine the anger and disgust directed toward us if we receive a special tax treatment and rate giving us millions of dollars not available to them?

 Again a possible stage for confusion, chaos, anger and public mayhem based on reports coming from sources who should know better.

Once again, I am not here to shoot the messengers giving us this info on the blog sites.

 But I do think the messengers need to be responsible for what they are reporting, especially when it is just so far off base from what is normal bank operating procedures. 

And yes, I am beginning to question the reliability of their sources.

  Supposedly their sources are top professionals with the ability to be "in the know."  Well, I think their knowing appears to off base or there is some other agenda behind the intel they are sending our way.

Something's just not right in 'bankersville.'

So, after all of that, could it all turn out to be nothing, yes! 

But it could also turn out to be misinformation to keep us in a state of confusion while we continue to experience delay, after delay, after delay.  It's an age old tactic to feed misinformation amidst secrecy to create a diversion while those behind the scenes play their dirty work.

Do you see what I see?  Feed us with misinformation, create fear and anxiety.  Set us up to be a 1% group that becomes overnight millionaires, thus creating anger, rage and chaos from the other 99%.  Then making us sign an NDA to silence us, so they can protect us from the masses.

Wow!  What a setup of power and control.  The banking cartel has controlled the world’s money supply for centuries, now they’re losing the game. 

Their next step; if we can’t control the money we’ll control those who became wealthy. 

We’ll silence them and let Homeland Security have access to all of their banking and financial transactions for 10 years.  What an example of their insanity and insidious need to be in power, to keep us salves to their economic control of the world.

Our job is to stand up for the truth, ask what the truth is.

 Otherwise we've become no different than the cabal bankers and politicians.  We’d be the ones receiving special treatment, receiving millions of dollars and becoming super wealthy from inside secret intel and scoop.   Then end up becoming despised by the 99% of the country realizing they missed an opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s time for us to put on our thinking caps folks and wake up to what is happening.  To the cabal/cartel it’s not about the money, they already have theirs in the billions; it’s about keeping their power and control.  It appears they have been leading us on and creating this day after day delay for some time.

As much as this may cause some reaction within you, keep yourself in a place of calm, peace and prudence.

It's the power of love and forgiveness that changes our world.  I'm choosing to focus my prayers and thoughts with love toward the banking cabal.  Love conquers all, it changes our world and it's what's going to release the divine riches for us to enjoy.

This is obviously a story to be continued.....truth is powerful, we will come to know the truth.  In the end it is the truth that set's us free!    Blessings!!!    Dave Schmidt

[url=http://What%27s Going on with the Currency Exchange? Reality vs. Speculation]thesedonaconnection@msn.com[/url]



If you can't laugh at yourself, you have not lived.
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What's Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation  By Dave Schmidt Empty Re: What's Going on with the Currency Exchange? Reality vs. Speculation By Dave Schmidt

Post by Meme Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:21 am

regarding that post under comments:

10/13/2013 4:53pm
Actually forex has the IQN listed as iraq new currency and the xe site as well it also has a value assigned to it of 1465.00. As for the vnn I have not seen it I. Any of the currency sites.
10/13/2013 5:41pm
I just looked. XE has IQD listed but no IQN. In fact several different phrased internet searches turned up zero reference to IQN other than on dinar blog site. I found the same on forex.


10/13/2013 5:08pm

Here is a link for the IQN ref:


Dave Schmidt

10/13/2013 6:20pm

take a look at the web site and look at the nomenclature designation. It is not a currency, it is a stock. USDIQN is a 6 letter nomenclature, not a 3 letter for currencies. In two places on the web site it is referred to as a stock.


10/13/2013 7:27pm
Below is a live chart of the Yen..It has 6 letters too.And is a currency. USDJPY


Ms. M
10/13/2013 6:28pm
That website is NOT showing the Dinar as IQN. That is their stock. Click their currency converter tab - you will find no IQN but you will see IQD.
10/13/2013 5:29pm
Here is a link to the IQN/USD exchange!
10/14/2013 12:46am
USDIQN apparently means USD vs. IQN. That is the exchange rate between USD and IQN. The table at the bottom of the page shows IQN in the "currency" box. I assume this page has been made in preparation for the release of the IQN.

If you can't laugh at yourself, you have not lived.
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What's Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation  By Dave Schmidt Empty Re: What's Going on with the Currency Exchange? Reality vs. Speculation By Dave Schmidt

Post by Kevind53 Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:30 am

A solid post, and I mostly agree with what he has posted. However, I do not but into the whole evil cabal/cartel/whatever scenario. I have to agree as well that the IQN quoted posted by one of the commentators is nothing. It only appears there, and only in conjunction with the USD. It is some sort of derivative or anomaly, nothing more.

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What's Going on with the Currency Exchange?  Reality vs. Speculation  By Dave Schmidt Empty Re: What's Going on with the Currency Exchange? Reality vs. Speculation By Dave Schmidt

Post by Daox13 Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:48 am

I just wish people would get a clue... but no matter how many times you spell it out for them and no matter how many different ways you show them.. they will follow blindly because that is how they ride through life, following.

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