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The Callsquad 8.11

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Post by Cabo Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:22 pm

The Call Squad
August 11, 2011
Episode 72

Patriot, Joey, Vic, Tim, Scott, Steve, Diana, Deb, Pam, Yukon

Patriot describes a variety of missions, objectives, style, sources, and intentions of the squad that can be heard at the beginning of every call replayed on the website: See very interesting

free documents and downloads often referred to on calls, for your edification. Especially look for our ‘Freedom From Intel’. This is an official document which is the Unclassified US State Dept. report called ‘The Iraq Project’. It has been the blueprint for rebuilding Iraq written in 2002. They are still following this plan very specifically, so there is no need for rumors or high placed contacts with so-called intelligence. This is the plan and we help you analyze the news media reporting the steps as they are completed.

The Call Squad broadcasts: Sunday thru Thursday, 8pm to Midnight EST, even after the RV

Or call for Replays of every night’s calls: 760-569-7699, pin 637255# or Backup 194924#

Diana reads:

Iraqi Govt to Announce $Billions of Opportunities in London

Iraq Business News is delighted to be chosen as the official Media Sponsor of Iraq Mining 2011.Billions of dollars worth of investment opportunities are expected to be announced by Iraq’s Minister of Industry and Minerals, H.E. Mr Ahmad Nassir Al-Karbooli (pictured), on 7 September at Iraq Mining 2011 in London, a conference on Iraq industry and materials, including petrochemicals, cement, steel, fertilizers, minerals and construction materials. Investment contracts in these sectors are likely to be presented. Key Confirmed Attendees and Speakers:
Read More button on right
■H.E. Ahmed Nassir Al Karbooli, Minister of Industry and Minerals
■Dr. Sami Al Araji, Chairman, Iraq National Investment Commission
■Dr. Qusay Al-Souhail, First Deputy President of Iraq Parliament
■H.E. Thamir Ghadhban, Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister
■Dr. Ahmed al-Shamma, Deputy Minister of Oil
■H.E. Ali al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
■H.E. Abdul-Kareem al-Sammaraei, Minister of Science and Technology
■H.E. Dr Ali al-Dabagh, Minister of State
■Dr. Kamal H. Latif, Deputy Minister of Environment
■Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi, Governor of Central Bank of Iraq

The event will also see the unveiling of the most comprehensive geological survey ever conducted on Iraq by the US Geological Survey and Iraq Geo-Survey. The rigorous study was undertaken over a seven year period and will reveal Iraq’s hidden potential for the first time. At the two day conference, from 7 – 8 September, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals will be presenting its strategy for creating world-class mining, mineral and material industries in Iraq, which will include PPP schemes and the privatization of major industries. Plenary sessions and workshops led by the heads of Iraq’s minerals and materials’ industries will also take place, providing opportunities for delegates to discover Iraq’s vast investment opportunities. Other senior Iraq government officials present will include the First Deputy President of the Iraq Parliament, the Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister, Deputy Ministers, Senior Advisors, Director Generals and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq as well as top representatives from the banking, business and education sectors – all attending with the sole purpose of carrying outbusiness with potential foreign investors. Dr Abbas al-Hussaini, CEO of Iraq Mining, said: “Iraq Mining 2011 is the culmination of over two years planning to produce the first ever Iraq event to not only showcase Iraq’s mineral wealth, but to create a platform whereby international investors can engage with high level Iraqi decision-makers here in the world’s finance capital – London.” Iraq Mining 2011 has been organized in conjunction with the National Investment Commission of Iraq (NIC), whose role is to support Iraq’s substantial re-engagement with investors from around the world. The NIC has devised generous incentives for foreign investors, who qualify, including: 10 years tax exception; the repatriation of profits from investments; and a three year exemption from import fees for required equipment and materials. “Iraq is well known for its significant oil and gas reserves but few are aware that it’s rich in minerals,” said Dr Abbas al-Hussaini. “The Mishraq native sulfur deposit in northern Iraq, for example, is the largest known occurrence of stratiform bio-epi-genetic-sulfur making Iraq a potential world leader in sulfur production. After decades of underinvestment, due to conflict and sanctions, Iraq is now actively seeking international investment and expertise to help rebuild its world-class mining, mineral, and material industries.” This year, foreign investment in Iraq is set to double from $42 billion in 2010, to an estimated $80 billion in 2011, with investment in Iraq already totaling $45 billion so far this year. With such attractive investment incentives and growing confidence in Iraq’s stability, the country is fast gaining recognition as an important and exciting market for foreign investors. To register for Iraq Mining 2011, being held at the Royal Garden Hotel, London, 7 – 8 September, please visit www.iraqmining.com to register. Organizations interested in exhibiting should email info@iraqmining.com or call +44 (0) 207 559 1412.


Patriot Squeals and barges in: WOW, OMG, WOW OMG …Diana, Holy Smokes, where did you find this article? Do you know what you just read, I mean, I know you know what you just read, but do you know what this means for Iraq? For years Iraq could not do so many things because of sanctions. (Patriot is VERY excited)! Now they can, the article said! If anyone has any questions about Chapter 7 being lifted now, the sanctions must be off. The second key point I hear is the designation of PPP, which is Privately Placed Platforms, which is major as an International Money Play, and is a very important topic for another night that we can’t get into now, but it’s a very positive sign for their economy and status of industry opportunity. Last October 2010, since there are too few quantities of Gold and Silver to back the world’s currencies today, the IMF stated that as they attempt to monitor and develop global financing in a positive way, new regulations or strategies will be adopted to utilize up to 80% of a nation’s proven but uncollected minerals and mining resources as tradable commodity or collateral to back the value of their currency, rather than allow currencies to remain baseless FIAT currencies like the USD became in the early 70’s. Iraq has now said that a 7 year Geological study is done, so they can more accurately estimate the true amounts of various minerals, elements, and of course, oil and gas. The results of the study will be revealed for the first time in about 3 weeks. Some countries can now use grains from agriculture but this study will show the world the true wealth Iraq holds. This is an incredible article from the Iraqi Business News folks; the wealth is there, and lends itself to why they can RI/RV back to the pre-Saddam era, back to what it used to be; and clarifies what amount of future potential they can justify using the IMF’s new rules on currency value backing by natural resource commodities rather than just fiat currency. This is why the WTO and the world will accept their currency valued at a higher rate, perhaps a reinstatement rate with some inflation adjustment that Shabibi has been saying their currency will be. Can you guys say, “RV Substantially”? Beautiful article, Diana, Thank you! I can’t believe you didn’t wake me up with this article?

Vic: Remember when Shabibi talked about ‘Another Economy’ that has nothing to do with oil or gas? Shabibi is brilliant! He knows what he has both above and below the ground. He has studied with the best scientific minds available to learn just what his country possesses, it’s current and future market values, and he will use that Gold, Sulfur, Rubies, Uranium deposits, and much more than just oil to monetize his people’s future livelihoods and lifestyles.

Joey states this article is connected to Shabibi’s credibility and leadership; Joey reads:

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank’s

August 10 2011
Decline in revenues of Iraq’s financial crisis highlighted the risks of continued U.S.
BAGHDAD – Haider al-Rubaie Flaih
Experts played down the economy the risk of crisis Alaalmihalta began rocking the U.S. economy and what can be reflected on the economic reality of Iraq, is that economists have called for the importance that the government undertakes the responsibility to find other outlets to diversify income sources and not rely heavily on oil imports, while the total when world oil prices around $ 88 after contact with price limits of the 110 before the crisis, U.S. officials have warned in the economic aspect of that that decline may serve to create confusion in Iraq’s budget for the coming years, critics at the same time to calculate the price of a barrel of oil in the General Budget for the year 2011, which amounted to $ 85 ..
Has noted economist and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh during his (morning) briefing that the issue of reducing the credit rating of the United States can cause Banhaddarat significant economic for many countries, especially those that rely mainly on the sale of oil to support the budgets of Finance, referring to the The risk of declining world oil prices may continue in the major markets during the coming period, which means financial losses of the largest exporting countries, the price per barrel after reaching nearly $ 85 in close before the crisis to the borders of the $ 110 ..
With regard to the economic reality of Iraq and the possibility of the impact of the crisis the U.S. by Saleh said that Iraq as a country is subject to economy-General of the variables stakeholders and both, unfortunately, is not subject to state control, the two oil prices in the global market, a key article that support all the budgets of the country financially, as well as, the dollar, which is the main currency for oil prices, a category of cash selling Iraq through which all exports of petroleum, it is the other subject to change through what is happening to global economies of major countries and therefore, the returns can be negative on the economic reality in Iraq in general about these two variables, which Atgman economy Iraq’s internal way or another ..
However, the expert pointed out that the central bank hedge quite a bit to face such a crisis can be reflected on the economic reality in the country, and among the general budget for Iraq for next year 2011 will not be affected significantly by the hedges of Finance of the Central Bank which has the financial surpluses and the small to meet the so global economic risks, stressing that the central works in earnest and for years to control such crises as they occur due to fiscal policy can address the deficit made in the financial returns of the country by the decline in oil prices, for example ..
The expert warned of the risk to keep on oil as the sole can be relied upon to support the budgets of Iraq, calling on makers country’s economic policy to diversify sources of income in Iraq in various ways and not rely mainly on the export of oil in the implementation of investment plans, indicating that this dependence leaves us more vulnerable to such crises and collapses can cause serious economic future if it was retained in place (economic rent) upon which Iraq is a great. The expert pointed to the existence of significant problems in the balance of payments of Iraq, which made central to the hedge in large part by financial reserves, which he in favor of the bumper as the most prominent of the landing and the financial income of the State arising from the fluctuations of the global economic ..
To that proposed by the Parliamentary Energy Committee to increase production and increase exports in order to address the decline in imports of the country that could be affected by global economic crisis, the new, noting that this might be reflected in a negative and dangerous to balance the country’s future and lead to a financial deficit hinder the implementation of dozens of projects investment.
A member of the Committee on Energy and Oil parliamentary hospitality in a press statement he made earlier: that the decline in oil prices will negatively impact on the budget, especially after that select specialists in studies accounting and economic experts the price of a barrel of oil to offset the country for the next year to (85) dollars, In case this continues we will decline to raise production and increase exports to ensure the stability of Iraq’s money. “
Fayad, said: We seek to improve the level of oil production, through the laws that have been submitted to the House of Representatives ..
For the first time since 1941, announced that Standard & Poor’s a week ago to reduce the credit rating of the degree of the United States and one of the state from AAA to the AA+ because of the inability of the U.S. administration recently for solving the debt problem.
The agency noted in a statement to be made to reduce the deficit, which was agreed upon last week in Washington, does not amount to control the crisis of growing debt has said that its outlook on the U.S. debt is still negative, which means the possibility of reducing this category once again to the degree of, uh, uh only during the next two years if the situation continues as it is.
It is likely to increase borrowing costs this step at the end of Alomrbalnsph the U.S. government, companies and consumers, is also expected to be the decision of Standard & Poor’s negative repercussions on the global financial markets ..


Joey: CBI’s Shabibi looked for diverse income for their economy and budget so they are not vulnerable to a crisis…so Shabibi was on top of this contingency a long time ago, and they planned for it and need to vote in favor of exporting goods in order to address the decline in oil export. Also they requested to increase other exports. Because of US inability to address the debt problem, they have had to protect themselves with diversification. So back to Diana’s article, Shabibi knew that he had other avenues to pursue.

Patriot: It looks like as we discussed, a couple weeks ago when questions were asked about what could be delaying the RV, and I repeatedly said, “Shabibi is watching what the dollar will do, because once he hangs his dinar on the dollar he has a two year ride; he didn’t want to fill in the ‘X’ until he knew the ‘Y’ in the equation”. This article indicates that our hunch was true, he’s been working on this diversification for a long time.

Vic: It’s incredible. Shabibi is well on top of his game and knows what’s going on

Vic has an article very interesting relative to Maliki’s recent trip to China

Chinese company to build najaf power station By Salah al-Khuzaie AK News Aug 10, 2011

Najaf – Najaf Provincial Council has made a preliminary agreement with a Chinese company for it to build a power station, the head of the energy committee in Najaf told AKnews.Talal Bilal said the US$79 million electricity project will have a capacity for producing 100 megawatts. The station will be run on oil. The agreement came after the Chinese National Electricity Company presented an offer to the council whereby the council would pay the costs in installments over five years. The agreement on Wednesday could ease the province’s dire electricity shortfall, as the 100MW plant will provide 25% of the province’s power. The company has vowed to assume operation and maintenance of the station for three years. To produce 100MW the station will require 55,000 liters of fuel per day, a quarter of what Najaf refinery produces per day. “The station will be built near the refinery for the ease of transporting the fuel,” Bilal said. “The company will complete the project in six months and it is expected to operate next summer” Less than 7,000MW of electricity is currently available to Iraq’s power grid which is not adequate to provide most people with even eight hours per day. During the summer months when air conditioners battle the 50 degree heat demand hits 14,000MW.


Vic comments: So not only Germans and Canadians, but also China now, too. They’ll be working 24/7

Patriot: 100 MW is very big. Just 1 MW in USA is about 700 homes on ave in the USA… so it should power 70,000 homes. Is that going to be in Najaf Province? What is the major city?

Vic: Najaf is 160 Km or 99.42 miles SW of Baghdad.

Joey exclaims that this is the doozy we’ve all been waiting for!:

Urgent (News): Exclusively Publishes the Text of the Draft Act of the National Council, Submitted to Parliament

On Wednesday, 10-08-2011 12: 08 PM

Baghdad (News). Got the (news News) received a copy of the draft law of the national supreme policies presented by the president of the Republic to the presidency of the House of Representatives. The draft law that included the National Council is binding when he got the majority of 80 percent, and of the resolutions to get less than that figure went as recommendations to the concerned authorities.

He said the draft law on the independence of financial and administrative council will work in accordance with the constitution the laws in force. According to Article (5), paragraph (v) to work to achieve a consensus and formulate common views on constitutional amendments, in order to ensure to address gaps.

Following is the text of a draft to the National Assembly Law and Policy: Got the approval of his Excellency the President of the republic to submit a draft law above on the basis of the provisions of the item (i) of article (60) of the Constitution herewith mentioned bill to be submitted to the House of Representatives approved the legislation on the basis of the provisions of paragraph (i) article (61) of the constitution. Based on what was approved by the House of Representatives in accordance with the provisions of the item (i) of article (61) based on Viability given to us under the constitution in implementation of the political agreement. The law was enacted.No. (Of 2011)
The draft law
The National Council High
Greenfield objectives

Article (1)
First: establish the so-called (National Council of supreme policies) has moral personality and financial and administrative independence.
Secondly: All what comes out of the council in its activity and competence be binding when he got the majority (80 percent), according to the constitutional mechanisms to the parties concerned, and in the resolutions, which gets less than that figure went as recommendations to the concerned authorities.
Third: The National Council is the supreme policy in accordance with the constitution and

Article (2)
First: be the work of the Council for one election cycle renewable if necessary in line.
Secondly: be of the national supreme policies secretariat a special administrative structure to agree on its composition.
Third: The National Council is the supreme policy budget, especially by the by and in accordance with legal contexts of the state public budget.
Fourth: The Council will be the headquarters of the force and the appropriate protection belonging to it.
Fifth: The Board shall establish national policies and rules of procedure organize its work.

Article – 5.
Objective: effective contribution in resolving the contract to the political process in Iraq and the general outlines Supreme State and shall make such recommendations and suggestions on legislation and laws as well as the reform of the judicial system in accordance with constitutional procedures.

The areas of activity
Article (4)
First: To abide by the constitution.
Secondly: foreign policy in general.
Thirdly: the security and military strategic.
Fourth: The economic policies, financial and monetary.
Fifthly: energy.
Sixth: investment.
Seventh: national reconciliation.
Eighth: Strategies the Organization of services, environment, health, human rights, culture, human development, and education.

The terms of reference of the council
Legislative areas

Article (5):
First: to provide proposals for legislation the mission in accordance with the constitutional contexts.
Secondly: the discussion of conventions and treaties related to strategic security and defense and sovereignty of the country and express opinion on it.
Thirdly: the list of priorities of laws and legislation through the House of Representatives based on the strategic objectives agreed upon.
Fourth: to make proposals to amend force, and in particular by the Revolutionary Command Council-and the rest of the various stages of resolutions and instructions issued in the era of the former regime with a view to revocation or amendment in accordance with the constitution and the Democratic system and federal and so as to achieve justice in coordination with the authorities concerned.
Fifth: action to achieve a consensus and formulate common views on the constitutional amendments in order to ensure to address the gaps that have emerged during the previous phase and promote the efficiency of the Federal Democratic and stability and progress.

Operational areas
Article (6):
First: discussed issues of national reconciliation and decision-making it within the context of the council agreed upon.
Secondly: the unification of views in the management of the files in the state’s institutions and economic, security and foreign affairs and services, energy and other to achieve harmony and unity of the state policy on the completion of the executive branch.
Third: The controls and criteria to ensure harmony between the general budget allocations plans, objectives and priorities of the strategy.
Fourth: define national priorities, including to Iraq of the seventh article and a timetable for its implementation and follow-up to that.
Fifth: to find solutions to the crisis and effective for the success of the executive authority to carry out its work and removing obstacles that hinder their performance.

Judicial areas
Article (6):
First: to work to ensure the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers.
Secondly: the proposal to set up the federal Supreme Court and its work to ensure its neutrality in accordance with the constitution.
Third: To submit the proposals need to complete the reform of the judicial system and its independence, impartiality and working for the rule of law.

The membership of the council

Article (4)
The council is composed of:
First: the president of the republic and his deputies
Secondly: the prime minister and his deputies
Third: The House speaker and his two deputies
Fourth: the president of Kurdistan region
Fifth: The chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council

Two members from each of the four main blocs

General provisions
Article – 5.
The council issued resolutions and instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law

Article (5):
Is the law of the approved and published in the official gazette.
The rationale for the
Based on the political agreement in view of the urgent need to coordinate and policy-making Supreme State Administration in order to participate in the resolution, on the basis of dialogue and understanding between different national forces and the need for the establishment of a national council to achieve the objectives of national reconciliation and ethnic conflicts and create a suitable atmosphere for community welfare.
Initiated this law


Joey: This all has to do with the national reconciliation. It lists all the key areas and leaders that will cooperate together with this political agreement in order to participate in the resolution…and the need for a National partnership, and a suitabll

Patriot: Just to put this in perspective, Joey, two things jump out at us: all that about justice and protection of ethnicities, all of those were part of Erbil. Also, this is no longer hypothetical, and for anyone to say that this is not done is sadly mistaken, because THIS WAS PUBLISHED IN THE GAZETTE which is like our Congressional Record. This being published in the gazette will go down as a major part of Iraq’s historic posterity. Erbil is complete, that means HCL is complete, Article 140 is complete, and all the points in the Erbil are done because it’s published in their national record. And what we’ve been seeing in their activity related to sanctions having to be lifted…this is a Sovereign Nation. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, on June 30 stated to the Iraqi Delegation, that they could trade with whomever they choose. This is major and all the pieces we know that have been on the table are now dovetailing together. It’s an awesome picture!

Joey dredges up yet another dot to connect from her archive of past articles, and reads:

This is the old article from March 15th, 2011

Reveals the source of the Iraqi agreement on the nomination of Tired-Obeidi as defense minister Editor: CC | NQ Tuesday, 15 March 2011 12:56 Alsumaria News / Baghdad revealed the source of a parliamentary early Tuesday, the Iraqi List, agreed on the nomination Tired-a–Obeidi for the post of defense minister, as he emphasized that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will present candidates for the security ministries all to Parliament next Thursday with the exception of the intelligence service, who will be appointed president. The source In an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “the Iraqi List, agreed to provide the tired-Obeidi, a candidate to take over as defense minister,” noting that “al-Obeidi division commander in the former Iraqi army and is currently a lecturer at the University of Mosul.” The source, who asked not to be his name, that “the Iraqi List, will be held the evening of the day, a meeting to resolve the nomination of al-Obeidi,” pointing out that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will, next Thursday, the candidates and the ministries of defense, interior and national security to the parliament, without specifying a candidate for the post of intelligence chief he will be appointed “. The MP in the National Alliance Mohammed Chihod predicted in an interview earlier “Alsumaria News” today, to submit to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s two candidates for the defense and interior ministers on Thursday, attributing the reason for the delay in naming ministers of security to the pursuit of the principle of consensus. A parliamentary source revealed, in an interview earlier “Alsumaria News”, the tenth of March current, the existence of differences, “many” of the negotiating team which was formed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the political blocs on the candidates for the ministries of security, noting that the negotiating team, which includes leaders in the state of law Abdul Halim Zuhairi and Hasan al send misleading information to the al-Maliki on the candidates from the security ministries because of personal differences with a number of them. The source revealed another politician for the pressures exerted on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to accept the nomination of persons “not convinced him of” the positions of security, including the Director of the Office of the Adjutant of the armed forces team Farooq Araji for the post of Minister of the Interior. The National Coalition decided during a meeting, on 21 February last, in the house of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari nomination National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, an official to fill the inner bag as a candidate for the National Alliance, as shown the Iraqi List, a day after its support for the launch, stressing its right to nominate whomever you choose for the Ministry of Defence. He is Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, bags and Ministries of Defence, Interior and National Security Agency since the announcement of the formation of the government is not completed in the atheist and the twentieth of December last, was put up Chalabi as a candidate strong to fill Ministry of Planning, which is still vacant are also occupied by acting leader of the Sadrist movement Nassar al-Rubaie. The Iraqi parliament has been granted, in its meeting held on 21 December last, the confidence of the Government of incomplete headed by Nuri al-Maliki, also saw the meeting also sworn in by Chairman and members of the Council of Ministers in accordance with Article 79 of the Iraqi Constitution.


Joey: Remember all those signs about the airplane and going over to Iran, and they always talked about a Defense Minister and nobody knew who it was? …on March 15 he was chosen and agreed to be the Defense Minister.

Patriot: This was one of the 3 ministers. For months we deliberated and looked for the settling of the 3 ministers, and the Defense was one of them. Even today, some in the dinar community don’t believe they are selected and seated. Since March 15th he has been doing the Defense Minister’s job!

Steve: He has been in place for some time. In the previous article, protecting the rights of ethnicity, reminds me of the speech Mr. Melkert read to the UN, that the census was not just for statistics, but for the aspirations of each one and the ability to identify the diversity that makes up Iraq and that their work is not in vain. Job well done, Joey

Joey reads: Submission of the final report tomorrow …between Iraq & United States

Baghdad (news) .. A source high-level government and close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the final report to the needs of the Iraqi forces will hand on Thursday, as announced that the negotiations between Iraq and the United States about the training will begin next week, has signed the Convention between them after the holiday Eid al-Fitr. The source said in a statement singled out by the Agency (news) on Wednesday: “The committees in charge of preparing the final report on the need for Iraqi forces in all its different forms will report on Thursday, referring to: that each class of Ssanov Iraqi forces will present his report and Ahtajmath whether for weapons or for trainers or technical equipment or Technology or just need to train or to devices. “
The source added: “The agreement took place between the Iraqi side and the U.S. began negotiations between the two sides next week, where it formed the Iraqi government to its military, which will start the negotiations then start negotiations on the level of the largest under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and others.”
He said: “The negotiations will be on the first two phases of the military commissions at the level of senior officers from various Alsnov, and the second phase at the top, through the negotiating team headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the ministers, lawyers and advisers.”
The source said: “The negotiations will focus on armament contracts from which to determine the number of trainers, as well as the many forces that will protect the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and consulates in other provinces, and protections officials at the embassy and consulates, and the rest of the embassies that may be Hamaiadtha part of the presence of U.S. the country, and continued: “The negotiations will also focus on troop levels and the period of their presence, and periods of training of trainers and immunity or not, and the whereabouts of those troops or trainers, as well as the type of logistical support, which will post process, or any support for Iraqi forces.”
The source said: “that Iraq may need to 1000 or 2000 coach enough to train Iraqi forces all its different but if add troops for the purpose of protecting the U.S. embassy in the Green Zone and U.S. forces the other which will remain in the country, the number certainly will exceed the 10 thousand soldiers.”
The source expected “to be completed by negotiations on the military cooperation agreement between Baghdad and Washington beginning next September, has signed the Convention after the Eid al-Fitr holiday that is in the first ten days or the middle of next September.”
The political leaders agreed to allow Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki last week to negotiate with the United States on keeping U.S. troops to train Iraqi forces after the deadline for the departure of those troops from Iraq by the end of the year


Joey: Remember, on May 28th, they said you cannot have the ministers until you have the Erbil done…well, Erbil is done! The Troops are staying! Mr. Shabibi must feel more secure! The ministers are in place. This article shows that this is already a SIGNED AGREEMENT and they’re just working out the technicalities! They will have everything completely decided by the beginning of September; how many troops are staying and where!

Steve: So many people have been asking whether or not they will even be staying, now we’re getting very specific logistics. So again, it really helps to read these articles, follow the process and understand.

Joey reads: MP; serious efforts to implement Article 140 of the Constitution.

Baghdad / NINA/– MP for the Iraqiya Slate , Khaled Fahdawi confirmed serious efforts spent by all the politicians to apply Article 140 of the Constitution.

He said in a statement to NINA today: “Since the security file and foreign relations are of the jurisdiction of the federal government in Baghdad , the shenanigans between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region ought to be resolved internally according to this aspect and it’s not logical to call an international force to solve these problems.”

He added: “The staying of U.S. forces in the region of Kurdistan is incorrect and objectionable, and Kurds were among the Iraqi political forces, who demanded entire withdrawal , alluding that Pm Maliki authorized by political blocs leaders to negotiate with Americans to keep part of their forces for the purposes of training in Iraq .”

In this context it’s noteworthy to remind that MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Burhan Mohammed announced yesterday that the government of Kurdistan region would maintain a part of the U.S. troops, for “lack of seriousness of the central government to apply Article 140 of the Constitution,” he said.


Steve: Every day there is a bread crumb and if we would just follow them they are leading us on the path.

Scott: Looking back a couple months ago, leading up to the June 30th date we were watching, it seemed like we would only get a good article every couple weeks, but now we get several great achievements each day.

Steve: Yea, but we didn’t always have Joey back then either. Thanks Joey!

Joey reads yet another vital HCL related: The Kurdistani to support the draft law of oil and gas
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 12:41

Shafaq Kurdistan Declared [Alliance The Iraqi Council of Representatives, …on Tuesday, its support for the draft law of oil and gas in Iraq prepared by the Commission of oil and energy, and voted unanimously by the sixteen members, and submitted it to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.
A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Qassim Mohammed said “Kurdistan is with the draft law of oil and gas, prepared by the relevant committee in the Council and the lifting to the presidency of the Council for discussion, because it is consistent with articles 111 and 112 of the permanent Iraqi constitution, and we do not have any reservations about it.”


Joey: They have voted unanimously on the HCL …and it states the draft law is consistent with articles 111 (which says the resources are owned by the people) and 112 ( GOI will govern the extractions of resources is regulated by law) of the HCL law because of the clarity and support of that document regarding article 140 which says there will be no reservations of the payment to the citizens. They have VOTED UNANIMOUSLY ON THE HCL. That’s exactly what this article that came out today is saying.

Steve: I’ve never thought they can make clear RV decisions until this document is in place, in fact all the final pieces have to be in place. This is a great piece saying they unanimously agree with no dissension; and constitutionally recognizing that the resources belong to the people. No Ambiguity here! HCL is specifically referenced apart from its being included in the Erbil completion.

Patriot: reading an email about low denominations and an RV supposedly projected by the other forums, and he questions that they couldn’t RV until the low denoms are released. They all agree.

Joey: Thinks Vic said something very profound in their meeting earlier in the day, and thinks that Mr. Talibani had a lot to do with the great articles coming out and the daily progress; she asks him to share.

Vic: Mr. Talibani is 78 yrs old and very, very much respected (Allawi 65, Barzani 64, and Maliki 61). Vic reminds us about the culture in the Middle East and Far East where age requires respect by any younger member of society. Any younger person can speak, only after being given permission by an elder person present. The past few weeks have seen much progress being accomplished in meetings at the home of Mr. Talibani, who has the ‘Peace Palace’. We have to remember from proven documentary, when it came time after the trial of Saddam Hussein, President Talibani, was the first to sign the execution papers of Saddam, so that Maliki could be second and it wouldn’t look like he was seeking revenge for the murder of his 7 assassinated brothers by Saddam’s regime. Talibani is from Kurdistan and as you were saying yesterday that we need to keep an eye on Maliki, I believe that Mr. Talibani along with Mr. Barzani is able to do that for the world. In the Middle East, when you are invited to one’s home, and you do your business first, and then break bread together you are with brothers in peace. God Bless Mr. Talibani.

Patriot: We could read a ton of articles for hours tonight, but these are the ones that are the highest priority for tracking our RV event. The positions of ministers is done; and the Erbil agreement is done; the HCL is done; the US Troops have been announced publicly that some will be staying; they are doing business without sanction; the 7 year mineral Geo study was completed recently; and in early September they will be unveiling it’s results to the world which can be justifiable collateral for the value of their currency. Tell your friends we are nearly at the end of this journey.

Also, Get a copy of The Iraq Project and go straight to the end to see where they are and compare it to the news articles we are analyzing here. Once we get an RV, we will open this line to celebrate and then help take the next steps toward post RV navigation.

Vic: I’ve gotten a lot of emails from both Bermuda and the UK and I want to say hello and thank you for listening.

Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/79565-the-call-squad/#ixzz1Uq9L3M1H
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The Callsquad 8.11 Empty Re: The Callsquad 8.11

Post by dinardiva Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:25 pm

Below is a good summary of what is going on:

MED'S CHAT 8/12/11 10 am cdt
08/12/2011 (Thank you Donald for emailing this to us)

Med says to (10:01:05):

Freeway Bill seen on the GET with some thoughts
08/12/2011 FREEWAY BILL 8-12-11 Shabibi has said that he would do the RV when the CBI was CLOSED so not to create havoc. This day is a great day to do it as it gives them time to get their ducks in a row before people start cashing in other countries. You posted this very same things on two threads, for what? You need to go back and study this from the beginning,. IF the RV has been put in the sytsem, it would now be out of Iraq's hands to do anything but give the green light to implement it. There were many banks that showed rates yesterday. All of them waiting on confirmation and a green to cash in....

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The Callsquad 8.11 Empty Re: The Callsquad 8.11

Post by Cabo Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:33 pm

I really like the last paragraph from Shabbi that freeway bill caught...
I am all for that....
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The Callsquad 8.11 Empty FREEWAY BILL post at OOMF 08/12/2011 May this be the last thread you read this weekend! ....... FREEWAY BILL (copied from DINAR RECAPS)

Post by dinardiva Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:34 pm

FREEWAY BILL post at OOMF 08/12/2011
May this be the last thread you read this weekend! ....... FREEWAY BILL

My dear dinar friends,

After years of speculation, intel, rumors, outright lies, hyping and prayers in the mix, the RV is about to arrive anyway!

Now that may be confusing to you, but it is clear as a bell to me! I feel like we have been fighting a war on misinformation that is not intentional and being tremendously hard on ourselves because we become addicted to this dinar investment, or blessing as I would more like to refer to it.

I was on the PTR chat today and a member, who is on there every single time I get on, day or night, said "I am going to go get a cup of coffee, don't anyone say anything spectacular until I get back" led me to start to think of how many hours each of the members spend each day dealing with the dinar RV.

1 Hour? 2 Hours, 3 Hours? 4 Hours? More? WHY?

If you are studying and have studied this event, you must know by now that there is no reasonable explanation for 90% of the things that have been done or reported to be done.

How many of us has made the statement .... "well, when the dinar comes in, I am going to.......? EVERYONE?

Note that when I say how many of us, I am including me!

I will make a deal with all of you, if you can start tonight at midnight and limit yourself to 1 hour on Saturday, 1 hour on Sunday and 1 hour on Monday, I will do the same and see how much better you feel. It is not going to happen before Monday, as you have heard from practically every sight in this deal, so what have you got to lose?

My Sundays are for the Lord. I refuse to work at my job on Sunday even though my position calls for me to work every other Sunday, because this is MY Lord's Day (and before you write me, I know that Saturday may be your holy day or Friday may be) and I believe that it pleases GOD that I spend this day for HIM and family.

Folks, I am just feeling the stress out there every time I get on chat or read the forums and it is time that WE TAKE OUR LIVES BACK and let the dinar revalue without us trying to telepathically pushing th button.

If I thought this RV was not so close, I would tell you. I believe that despite what others are saying that it may happen prior to Monday, but if it does, you will know. Smokers take a NON SMOKING DAY, people all over the world give up things for Lent..... Can we give up the boards for the weekend? I will bet you can and I know you will feel better.

As of this moment, I will wish all of you a great weekend. Don't read anything into this and have it posted that FREEWAY BILL is giving up on the RV, actually, it is the opposite. I have faith that the RV is coming quickly, but I also know that the RV is not the only thing that is important and I choose not to let it rule my weekend as it has so many weekends prior.

Please don't take this as a "religious post" it is a humane post. If you are an atheist, take a few days off (and I have a book I would suggest you read) (JOKING FOLKS) (NOT) but anyway you get my drift.

It is time to take back over your lives and let's start right now....


P.S. People fast to show faith and to get answers, so fast from the threads this weekend. It will not hurt anyone and may just help your family!
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