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CIA: Washington helped Saddam in the use of nerve gas  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

CIA: Washington helped Saddam in the use of nerve gas

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CIA: Washington helped Saddam in the use of nerve gas  Empty CIA: Washington helped Saddam in the use of nerve gas

Post by Ponee Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:38 am

CIA: Washington helped Saddam in the use of nerve gas

report indicates exclusive magazine Forne Climate Precedes yesterday that the military circles and intelligence the U.S. was aware of a generation earlier occurrence of a series of attacks that have been used gas nerves deadlier than in Syria recently, but did nothing to stop such attacks.

In 1988, the last year of the Iran-Iraq war, U.S. spy satellites picked up images indicated that Iran was in the process to achieve important strategic victory by exploiting a loophole in the Iraqi defenses. As a result, the U.S. intelligence officials to transfer that information to the Iraqi side, which included the sites of the spread of Iranian troops, despite the full knowledge that Saddam's army will resort to the use of chemical weapons, including sarin gas, a deadly nerve gas. Included information also pictures and maps about the movements of the pieces of Iran as well as sites installations logistics to the Iranians and details about their defenses flights.

, and the Iraqis have used Ghazi mustard and sarin in four major attacks again in early 1988, relying on information provided them by the satellites the U.S. included pictures, maps and intelligence information again. These attacks have helped to tip the war in favor of Iraq and made ​​Iran agrees to sit down at the negotiating table, and ensured the success of the plan of the Reagan administration fixed by making victory ally of the Iraqi side.

According to documents and interviews belonging to CIA declassified recently that the United States was have conclusive evidence and chemical weapons attacks began Iraq by launching ranging from the year 1983. During that time, Iran was announced to the world on exposure of troops to attack with chemical weapons banned and was established to bring a case before the Security Council, but it lacked irrefutable evidence that condemns Iraq, the evidence contained in the reports and notes on a maximum of secrecy was lifted to senior intelligence officials in the government U.S.. The CIA itself was to refrain from comment on the news.
remained the United States for over three decades applied method accounts cold toward the widespread use of weapons of chemical by Saddam Hussein against his enemies and his own people alike, because the Reagan administration had taken a decision to that of better to leave such attacks take place as long as ستقلب the course of the war. And even if it was discovered that the CIA was betting that the international outrage and condemnation will can Askathma. Then the Soviet Union itself had already used chemical weapons in Afghanistan, but that has not borne any significant consequences.

Earlier reports had said that the United States has provided tactical intelligence information to Iraq, although there has doubts that Saddam would use chemical weapons. However, the documents and intelligence agency recent reveal new details about the depth of the information available to the United States on how Iraq's use of these elements deadly times and used by them, showing that senior U.S. officials were surrounded by note on a regular basis to the size and capacity of the attacks nerve gas. This information is up to the level of official recognition on the part of America's participation in the attacks is one of the most egregious is launching chemical weapons.

was Senior U.S. officials, including "William Casey," Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a close friend of former President Ronald Reagan, had informed the locations of factories that are the preparation of chemical weapons Iraq, also reported that Iraq was trying desperately to manufacture large quantities of mustard gas to meet the needs of its forces on the fronts so that it was on the verge of buying equipment from Italy in order to accelerate the process of the production of missiles and artillery shells packed factors chemical, and that Iraq can be used gases nerves against Iranian troops and civilians as well.

began strong evidence concerning the use of Iraq's chemical weapons to unfold in 1984, but that did not deter Saddam without the use of these lethal factors, including blows to his people. Having stayed Intelligence Agency refrained from supplying Iraq with intelligence information for a greater portion of the war. In 1986, asked the Department of Defense program to involve Iraq as available from intelligence information, but that program was rejected then by the CIA and the State Department.

in 1987 reversed position when uncovered spy satellites for clear evidence confirms that the Iranians Akhdhun concentration of the number of dense forces and their equipment to the east of the city of Basra. What I worry most analysts with regard to the information is to discover the Iranians gap فاغرة the south-east of the city of Basra, a point of contact between the Iraqi Alvegayn III and VII. Also revealed satellites active and wide to engineering teams Iranian moves to confront that gap made ​​them certain of that gravity base to attack al-Rubaie target that point.

in late 1987 to report an encrypted deep secrecy entitled "at the gate of Basra," warns that the Iranian offensive Rubaie in 1988 will be greater than any previous attack, and that there is an opportunity for this attack to penetrate Iraqi Airways and the seizure of the city of Basra. The report also warned that if the Basra fell, the Iraqi army will collapse completely and win Iran war. Says an expert familiar with the President Reagan briefed on the report, then wrote a note in the note addressed to the Minister of Defense, "Frank Carlucci," which he said: "It is not permitted to be achieved victory for Iran."

in the wake of that decision was taken at the highest levels of the U.S. government to give the Iraqi intelligence all the information The details are available on the prevalence and the movements of Iranian forces in the areas east of the city of Basra. Was soon signed sarin gas attacks. By the year 1988 was intelligence information flowing freely on Saddam's army. In March of the same year, Iraq launched a nerve gas attack on the Kurdish village of Halabja in northern Iraq. One month later bombed Iraqi Iranian forces in the Faw peninsula sarin artillery and from the air helping to acquire a major victory and restore the entire peninsula. This success is also hampered attack Iran, which is long overdue to occupy the city of Basra, has been Sirte and Washington often the news because the Iranians will not be able to launch the attack never.

during the subsequent months Iraqis used sarin gas in huge quantities three other times, accompanied by artillery capacitor and Star smoke to cover up nerve gas. Each of these attacks has achieved great success because of the large quantities of complex use of nerve gases. The last of these attacks in April 1988, which is dubbed "Ramadan Mubarak attack." In this attack, the Iraqis use larger quantities of nerve gas yet.

over a quarter of a century was no attack with chemical weapons never Adani size of attacks by Saddam of such weapons .. That the attacks occurred last week outside Damascus.


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