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Post by UNEEK Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:47 pm

I would just like to add a few thoughts to the  story "The Best Teacher Ever" - (EARLIER POST)


I firmly believe with every fiber within me that we can & DO make an impact / impression on the life of another person - It can be negative and detrimental or it can be wonderful like the one above.

Don't think for one minute that you do not matter or that you could not possibly make a difference. I could tell you countless stories how people have made a difference in my life. I have  been put down, walked  on, thrown to the curb & under the bus - I have been falsely accused, abused, and told I would never amount to anything. I am still around - I made it through -

I have been appreciated, encouraged, supported, respected, trusted, valued, and loved. Believe you me when you are experiencing the wrath from the above  paragraph it sure helps to have  someone on your side to help see you through.

I do believe in accountability & responsibility  - I do believe that not everyone has sincere unselfish intentions - I do believe in being wise & Kind at the same time - I also believe that we have our own battles / challenges & lessons to learn  in order to evolve -

I do believe that everything has a ripple affect and our own choices and decisions create our world of ups & downs with ripples -  We can and  DO affect the life of others that may be in our ripple effect - just as the choices & decisions  of others have an affect on our life if we are in their ripple.

I have come to accept through many painful experiences that I "choose" to be the victim by not learning from and moving forward - I have come to realize that it is all the ripples - all the encounters with many  personalities and what they bring to that which causes the ripple and is what most likely is /was necessary to fine tune me  and progress the evolving of my spirit

Those same encounters can and will have some kind of impact and leave some  kind of impression on those involved in that ripple - It may be one of more anger & bitterness or hopefully a more enlightened & compassionate one -

Oh yes more than a few times I did attempt to defend myself which at the time I felt was my right - I argued how I was misunderstood, mistreated, what it cost me , yada yada yada - How they were wrong, unfair, and just plain NOT NICE - Did it change anything?  Yes -- my perspective eventually, lol  Did it change the ones I confronted? No evidence of it happening then - but maybe down the road  further out on the ripples --- maybe -- just maybe

I can only be accountable & responsible for MY actions / ripples -- I did my best to handle myself as assertively, intelligently, respectfully, compassionately, justly, honestly and sincerely as I could. That means NO MUD SLINGING 

We may all be in this Dinar investment - all hoping for the same thing - "RV" - but folks, we are NOT in  the same place as far as physical - mental - emotional - and spiritual senses - We all have different reasons - different stories - different feelings - different thoughts - different choices -and different decisions about everything to do within Dinar Land -

While I may not agree with someones ripple and its effects - it is their ripple and it will play its part. It is a sad thing to say but many young spirits come to enlightenment ONLY through harsh ripples - ones they have created with their choices and decisions  and yes maybe influenced by another persons ripple - Still -- bottom line -- we all are held accountable for our own ripples --


Can we stop the mud slinging? Can we stop making the ripples that feed other ripples that do nothing more than create more ripples and muddy the water? Can we calm the water please?

I will say this in closing that if there is rock solid proof that a criminal act is in progress then  yes I say it deserves immediate attention - Stating a Rumor and stating that it is a Rumor is not criminal - Having advertisements and making a profit from them is NOT criminal -- Posting a Rumor while stating it is  a Rumor is NOT criminal -

 Telling a lie may be criminal - again though, solid proof is warranted before making the ripples  and making a case for punishment-

Many, many times, karma will even the score - The guilty ones of intentionally misguiding, and causing detriment for personal gain WILL be found out and the ones who made ripples and caused hurt and detriment "unwarranted" will also be found out and all WILL reap their just consequences.

Those caught in the crossfire will recover when they take action to accept accountability and responsibility for their own actions, choices, and decisions.  Most, I feel,  will become wiser and stronger because of the ripple effect.

Few will look -- Less will see
Few  will listen -- less will hear

Few will read -- less will heed
Few will hear -- less  will understand
Few will feel -- less will care

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