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Casper Update - August 13, 2013

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Casper Update - August 13, 2013  Empty Casper Update - August 13, 2013

Post by Purpleskyz Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:56 pm

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Casper Update - August 13, 2013

Casper Update - August 13, 2013  Casper_headerMore weeks have passed.

The ‘any minute’ reports keep on coming except the Poof/Zap report which was ‘any minute’ for the last five years but now appears to be ‘month to month’.

The most recent and prevalent excuse for delay is ‘Well Fargo Banksters holding up the R.V.’.

As usual our Intel does not agree with most of the other messengers. This has always been true and WE are accustomed to being ‘out on a limb’.

After reporting in our last update that China was not ‘on board’ with the U.S. and the U.N. receiving Trillions from Dinars revalued in fiat while they were left ‘holding the bag’ with Trillions of uncollectible U.S. Treasury Debt Instruments, WE further reported that WE were hearing that China filed liens on all such R.V. funds should they become available. WE have subsequently heard all such filings have been ‘sealed’ and we should not expect further news in this regard. Shortly after that WE heard that Obama had repeated the comments we have reported so many times before, paraphrasing, “not going to be any new millionaires in the United States”. Then, much ‘noise’ from D.C. regarding ongoing fights over money.

A year ago or more WE reported that our sources were saying that the R.V. is a Cabal Trick to recapitalize their fiat world and to maintain themselves in power no matter the cost to the people. On a dozen occasions since then WE have pointed out and asked whether you understand, that a fiat R.V. would recapitalize ‘the bad guys’-the Cabal- for another hundred years? Do you understand? Do you care, or is ‘getting your hands on some money’ your most important and overwhelming  consideration?  And if ‘yes’, what is the difference between you and the Obama supporters who are dropping babies like slot machines for the sole purpose of ‘getting their hands on some money’, another Government Check?  And doing so 73% of the time out of wedlock? What’s to become of those children? The woman doesn’t care and there is no father anywhere in sight. ‘Gimme some more Obama money’, that’s the only consideration. ’What does this do to the country as Obama uses taxpayer funds to ‘redistribute wealth’ for the purpose of buying votes? And adds another 20 million food stamp recipients and free phones for the sole purpose of buying votes.? WE have pointed out and asked whether you understand that a fiat R.V would recapitalize ‘the bad guys’-the Cabal-for another hundred years?  And reported that was their intention from the beginning. Do you think, do you ever stop to ‘think’? Someone or something is stopping the R.V. in fiat and you are railing against it/them. All you care about is ‘getting your hands on some money’. Will you take the money and tell your grandkids that you gladly participated in the financing and erection of camera’s in all public restrooms in America? Or that you supported the establishment of Hitler’s, I mean Obama’s, Brown Shirts and the militarization of our Police Departments? And domestic drones used against American citizens? And NSA surveillance of all you say and do? And the camps? And the rail cars with shackles?  As an aside, and speaking of ‘shackles’, did you notice the update from ‘D’ at ‘Removing The Shackles’ last week saying it’s a Cabal R.V.? She is virtually quoting our updates from a year ago. Two weeks ago someone playing ‘Q&A’ with Zap asked, ‘is the R.V. in fiat or asset backed’?  ‘I don’t know says he’, I will ask. Did his Sunday night update contain an answer to this extremely important question? WE submit to you that the future of the planet rides on the answer-- and he does not know the answer after five years of ‘bags packed on the bed and ready to leave at any minute’?  Of course the real truth is available through Susan, all you have to do is call for a consultation. If you think you want these funding’s to proceed any more than WE do, or to ‘get your hands on some money’ any more than WE do-- then you are full of pooky. WE have more invested in this Rocky Horror Picture Show than you and your ten best friends put together. WELL FARGO DOES NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY YOU FOR YOUR DINAR, our sources say. And if they did it would be in fiat. WE believe it vital that we each understand the importance of  ‘recapturing our Republic’, not just ‘getting our hands on some money’.

The Cabal intended, (our opinion) to pay us in the normal way, by creating the funds ‘out of thin air’. We get a little, they get Trillions. Banks create funds from thin air with bookkeeping entries. Turn in your Dinar, they give you a deposit slip. There is no real money involved. You write checks for your new car against their bookkeeping entry. THEN, while you are busy selecting your new car, wardrobe and house, ‘they’ are very busy converting the Trillions they got from the fiat R.V. into metals or anything else of real value as the consequences of increasing the nation’s money supply by 500%, or more, possibly a great deal more, are brought to bear upon the average uninformed R.V. or ‘Program’  recipient whose new found wealth is suddenly diluted (debased) massively, By Design. Because they know all  about ’money’ and we do not, in this scenario, which is our opinion/speculation by the way, not known fact, ‘they’ Control the New having used R.V.ed fiat  ‘paper’ to accomplish their intended outcome. Do you really believe a Fed Res Bank, any of them, are working for you? They are following the orders of the Fed and Obama. Obama is mad WE hear, throwing fits, WE hear. Promised so much to so many but can’t deliver, WE hear. Be thankful. If true it would mean that someone or something is stopping their intended R.V. in fiat. The future of your country and your grandchildren is more important than ‘getting your hands on’ some immediate, fiat, soon to be worthless, money. WE believe that whoever/whatever is stopping the Cabals R.V. in fiat is doing us the greatest favor and greatly increases our hope for a return to Constitutional Government.

There is no news except that surrounding the R.V. as that now seems to be part of the ‘beginning’. Everything is tied together, you know that by now. If you don’t like  calling it ‘good vs. evil’  then call it fiat/fractional vs. asset backed. Or ‘paper’ vs. ‘physical’. Or real vs. phony. The Fed spent 120 B buying toxic debt last month, WE hear, not the 85B advertised. Today the PPT was, WE hear, funneling whatever was required to prop up their Neon Sign, the NYSE. And one more time for the record or just for the heck of it, Obama is anti-everything America represents . The man is a communist clown and the biggest and most consistent LIAR I have ever witnessed.  He has surrounded himself with Communist Economist and forty something unelected idiots (Czars) who are running the country and preparing  his speeches while he is playing golf or spending 100m of taxpayer funds on vacation in Africa while preparing himself for a twenty million dollar vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. He could not be disturbed in the residence on the anniversary of 9-11 as Americans were dying in Benghazi while his gal Valerie instructs those who could have saved our people to stop, don’t move, stand down, Obama and Hillary are busy and Panetta has no balls so I, Valerie Jarrett, am running the country now. Obama is, IMO, the greatest enemy America has ever known. His destruction of our country, spending it into oblivion, is intentional and predesigned. Five TRILLION in new debt under his watch and another TRILLION annual deficit for years to come.

Now where was I, business wise I mean? Two more people have passed since last we wrote including Wendy’s husband Gary of a sudden heart attack. Talking to him one minute, gone the next.  That’s 25, or is it 26, in my small world, who have ‘passed over’ having held on by their fingernails for decades while those lying  bastards at  ‘the agencies’ continue their daily bull chit using which ever outlet is available ‘for distribution’ of todays designated ‘storyline’. “THE TAIL IS NOT GOING TO WAG THE DOG”  which means that Banks and Gurus and their ‘Sources’, are ‘downstream’ and incapable of ‘pulling the trigger’ and are constantly being lied to about the reasons why things don’t happen as they were miss-lead to believe..

Openly analyzing, to the best of our ability, the situation we are all involved in, is interpreted by many as being ‘negative’. Our ‘position’ is that truth is not negative no matter how you feel about it. It simply is and it must be faced now or later. WE believe we will have the ‘New’, that the Cabal/bad guys will or have been defeated, but it is more likely than not that the circumstances Guru’s and others deal with each day-- are not in anyone’s best interest except the Cabal--. And also, that it is very likely a blessing that the fiat boys and their puppet politicians have not been able to push through their fiat R.V. which would allow their ‘trainloads’ of Dinar to generate Trillions in new fiat not only recapitalizing their fraudulent financial playpen but also providing them the ‘paper assets’ with which to once again control the ‘physical’ assets which would mean an extension of the status quo indefinitely and continued  ‘control’, even of the New,  by the criminal financial elite. The ‘stakes’ are ever so high and in our opinion we are ‘not seeing all the cards.’ And so WE suggest FAITH is the order of the day. Those who have brought us this far are very likely able to see it through to a successful conclusion. Also likely, IMO, is that those who have caused so much pain for so many over such a long time WILL NOT be held to account, will negotiate their way out of deserved exposure and ‘for the good of the country’ will not be exposed publically, a very great mistake in our opinion.

I am trying to get back to business. My mind is wandering. Most of you believe China is behind and pushing for the R.V.. Our Intel is different. It says China (the ChiComs) do not want and will not stand for a ‘re-set- of global currencies. Our sources in China say that would cause the Yuan to be RV’ed upward and would destroy their export based economy. Having thought about this in the context of WU (not the real WU as she is deceased) and others possibly being in Reno, if true (as reported by others), my best guess is that it would have to do with such things as ‘private placements’ and ‘oil credits’ and other ‘exotica’ and not a worldwide R.V. as anticipated. WE even question that (oil credits) as it is now well known that Northern China contains the greatest oil deposits on the planet exceeding even the recent phenomenal discoveries in Australia.  They don’t need anyone else’s oil. ‘Caveat Emptor’, this is another opinion piece interspersed with Intel WE can not verify. If the Cabal is attempting to R.V. in fiat as WE suspect and if they are being stopped by unknown powers as circumstances imply, it does not mean the R.V./Reset is dead, only that it will not be executed by the bad guys in fiat and when/if it happens in asset backed banking it will simultaneously make possible a return to the Republic and its Constitution.        

Many are congratulating Keenan on his progress. Do you realize that Keenan is getting his team together to pursue vast sums in the Collateral Accounts on behalf of original Asian depositors from previous generations and that he is pursuing nothing on our behalf?  I’m not saying he is doing anything wrong, just that he does not represent us. 93 Quads he says? B.S. say our sources. 92 tunnels in Indonesia containing the ‘real money’ he says? No, our sources say. Just as many thought vast amounts of Yamashita’s gold and the Japanese/Nazi plunder from WW II was moved out of the Philippines caves and tunnels, the actual amounts were far less say our sources who built the boxes to hold the loot that was loaded onto American war ships.

Fulford says look to the fall not the immediate future. WE also have offshore sources saying the end of Sept. or first weeks of October. WE put no more stock in their estimates than anyone else’s as ALL are consistently wrong. Our sources say the delays are BECAUSE THE FIGHTS OVER MONEY ARE ONGOING. In other words the elites argue as always over Trillions while the slaves starve. And if we starve to death they don’t care, as we are, after all, ‘useless eaters’ are we not?  So what has changed? What do you see changing? Did the world ascend on Dec. 21st? Wells Fargo has no money to R.V. with WE are informed by sources. They can ‘prepare’ till blue in the face but without the funds to disburse to those exchanging their Dinar it’s a ‘No Go’. With fiat they can use book keeping entries (phony ‘deposits’) to pay you for your Dinar. Someone must be stopping that from happening or why has it not happened as the hundreds of ‘any minute’ reports have called for in recent months? Is that what you want, a recapitalization of the fraudulent Ponzi, a continuation of the Corporation?  Even if it means more delay would it not be better that the ‘New’ finish the overcoming of the ‘Old’ first, and that the R.V.(global resets) be done in such a way as to allow a return to our legitimate government?  To accomplish this WE believe the Chi-Coms and their magic fiat Yuan money machine must be flushed in the toilet along with the Fed and the Corporation and the other Central Banks ability (Bk of Japan, Bk of England, etc.) to create from thin air as all are continuing to do in massive, historically unprecedented, quantities right now. Yesterday (Monday) enormous amounts of money were thrown at domestic Bank Stocks to prop them up and to maintain their MOPE Policies, Management of Perspective Economics (Sinclair). I believe the current Debt Based Monetary System is on the verge of failure, of implosion. They are trying to save the bankrupt system by issuing more debt- Government Debt this time- as it is the only entity left which can borrow into existence sufficient sums to feed the debt monster and ‘hold it all together’ a while longer. They did that. It worked for a while but it’s a completely false monetary and economic arrangement and is now recognized as such. And so, as WE see it, Obama and the establishment are riding a water slide into the deep end with no way to get off while in their never ending arrogance they continue to make demands, continuing the attempts to ‘control’ the roll out of the New. ‘If they could have they would have already’ (R.V.ed in fiat) is the short version of our analysis.      

Because this subject is actually negative, WE very very seldom mention the possibility that the NWO  ‘cashless society’ is being implemented right under our noses. This is a possibility. I don’t feel like writing about it right now and hope there will never be a need to write about it, however, only the ‘Willingly Blind’ travel with their eyes closed.

In summary, we hear the U.S., China and the G-7 continue to do all possible to block the New with Obama at the forefront of that endeavor-- and failing that, unrelenting attempts to ‘control’ the New and to remain in power at all cost. WE believe there are ‘good guys’ somewhere doing everything possible to create a different and more ‘user friendly’ outcome. Their silence and lack of visibility is likely necessary under the circumstances. WE continue to hope that some of the ‘any minute’ messengers have better Intel than us and will be correct today-- or certainly by noon tomorrow.

                     Casper, Wendy and WE    opinion

p.s. Shirley McLain’s book-- ‘Out On A limb’-- is a great read.

p.p.s.  About to hit send when call informs us ‘they’ (the Fed and the P.P.T.) are, this morning, throwing Billions and Billions at the Bank Stocks in an attempt to keep them from rolling over.
Posted by enerchi at 8/13/2013 11:07:00 PM

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Post by Jayzze Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:52 pm

topper told me the same thing
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Casper Update - August 13, 2013  Empty Re: Casper Update - August 13, 2013

Post by Purpleskyz Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:58 pm

HA!!! I used to love that show. Had not thought of that in decades.

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Casper Update - August 13, 2013  Empty Re: Casper Update - August 13, 2013

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:52 pm

ZAP! More than a decade of scamming! LOL

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