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Post by Ponee on Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:31 am

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[BondLady] I want to show you all an article from yesterday and one from today. yesterdays first then today's .It's funny only soccer could rile them like this .We know this would absolutely devastate them

Iraq given two months to improve infrastructure, or Gulf Championship 22 in Basra will be moved to Saudi Arabia 07/24/2013 0 Comments Urgent.

Iraq awarded Gulf federations two months to improve its infrastructure and would be transferred to Saudi Arabia 22 Gulf Wednesday, July 24, 2013 09: 22 | | | {Baghdad: Euphrates news} give Secretaries Gulf Iraq unions two months to improve its infrastructure, otherwise the Gulf Championship 22 in Basra would be withdrawn and transferred to Saudi Arabia.

According to a source in the Iraqi Football Union of {forat news} "andAfter four hours meeting heads of Gulf football federations unanimously granted Basra, Iraq a deadline until October 5 a is coming to full preparedness to host the Gulf Cup {22} football. "

"The decision was made after long discussions where the participants reviewed the most important recommendations of the Commission of the Gulf inspection visits to Basra, and transcribed numerous observations on the Iraqi file, which contained shortcomings in certain aspects with regard to infrastructure and security challenges, the decides after the heads of unions granting Basra time required."

It was likely that the Arabian Gulf Cup twenty-second edition to be held in Basra to Saudi Arabia because of lack of infrastructure.

And "the meeting addressed the most important obstacles that would stand in ensuring the success of the second edition of the contest, and listened to a detailed explanation of the Chairman of the Committee of inspection engineers, Marilyn country which indicated the amount of time that require processing installations for playgrounds and supported by the Iraqi Federation, confirming their readiness not to up to the minute".

For his part, Hammoud, President of the Iraqi Federation successful "family of football in Iraq a success event is expected", noting that "during the technical delegation accompanying him and rehabilitation specialist sports facilities", arguing that "during the past phase of intensified Union in cooperation with government agencies and official preparations for the tournament the best output image regularization", referring to "respect the desire of the GCC associations in ensuring the success of the contest".

And there will be eight unions Secretaries-General special meeting in Manama next week to place special requirements on the Iraqi Federation provided before the deadline, in addition to the intensified coordination with Gulf inspection visits to monitor the completion of the work in Basra. http://www.alforatnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46151:-22-&catid=38:2013-03-27-10-35-34&Itemid=56

[BondLady] I believe it was one of the huge reasons Maliki wanted it, he's adding notches of accomplishments to his belt right now through his whole term. Just look he got them back into the arab league and it's been like 40 years since they were, got them into NOW kuwaiti oil bidding and stuff. He got them out of chapter 7.

He got them into the international arab banking conference too for the first time in like approx. 12-20 yrs more like 20 something I can't remember the exact number and now he would bring them finally without sanctions their beloved soccer team to play the super bowl with Iraq and some other country for the title at home in Iraq for the very first time

[lightingcslt] so cool

[BondLady] It was a tournament will be approved definitively in Iraq not during the General Conference to be held to that end next October END

[BondLady] so yes I think this played a big thing on wanting the infrastructure law also schools and hospitals and major major construction, all kind of investments. okay back to the other article

[BondLady] Hamidi demanding football federation to suspend the user's posts in protest against the withdrawal of Gulf 22 Gulf of Basra 25-07-2013 02:53 PM Baghdad (news) .. called MP for the province of Basra Fatima Hamidi Iraqi Football Association to suspend the user's posts Gulf in protest against the withdrawal of Gulf 22 of Basra.

said in a press statement today: that it is necessary that there will be stands firm and serious by the union Iraqi football toward counterparts Gulf, to withdraw them set up events Gulf Championship in Basra for the second time in a row.

said: that Iraq has the right to set up the championship at home, especially as he has built sports city full for the establishment of the tournament on its own, to unions Gulf of faith the ability of Iraq the establishment of the tournament at home, especially as he vowed to set up the championship for less than the previous tournaments / End / l. m / end

[BondLady] see

[lightingcslt] they getting antsy, so this is why we are getting infrastructure done now

[BondLady] I just think it's funny that it took soccer to kick their political BS butt's into action and to get these amendments etc.. done


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