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TD -- TURKI is at the helm and CEO of this project DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TD -- TURKI is at the helm and CEO of this project

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TD -- TURKI is at the helm and CEO of this project Empty TD -- TURKI is at the helm and CEO of this project

Post by Ponee Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:31 pm

7-19-2013 Intel Guru TD My contact sent me an email outlining their work in progress of the currency reform program. He stressed in his email the continuation work of such, as explained before , TURKI is at the helm and CEO of this project. The CBI is consulting with various bodies of the GOI of The economic reform programs to execute in conjunction with the CBI execution of the currency reform program. The GOI has numerous programs of importance to jump start a boon in economic growth and timing of each of these is of utmost importance to the CBI plan

7-19-2013 Intel Guru TD He also outlined...that while everyone is at work during Ramada..."Money" is not a instrument of importance during this time... it's not a priority to get this done during Ramadan but certainly something they must do (currency reform) for their citizens soon afterwards this year. 

He also stated that Yes, other countries, entities like the World Bank, IMF etc. have urged for execution but RESPECT Iraq handling their OWN AFFAIRS IN THEIR OWN TIME!!...Iraq is sovereign, it is in charge of it's affairs and...couple weeks off till Ramadan is about over. My source again today stated possibility starting this train with Engineer Turki at that time of celebration is possible. I believe all this also clearly debunks the notion of this...196 country Global Reset business...Do U actually believe OTHER COUNTRIES are going to hold off their own currency reform programs because Iraq isn't ready yet??

Read more: http://www.dinarguru.com/#ixzz2ZVuGuLfR


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