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Post by Ponee on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:29 am

7-3-13 Stryker: Folks, the news is real strange so far this week but I have, along with others always believed it would be right before Iraq's currency reform. There are also not a lot of Parliament articles that indicate that the laws we or they need passed are set on their agenda but they have said that they did not want to disrupt the Parliaments flow until the last part of the session because they are so controversial, so that part doesn't bother me at all.

Gamaray though did post a very interesting article that spoke of Iraq's Gold Reserves and it is noteffected by the global market, matter of fact it says it will
be a big supporter of the Iraqi currency!

This is very interesting because the Federal Reservevoted just yesterday to increase Basel III to allow Gold to be counted as 100% as reserves unlike itwas
under Basel II at only 50%. If you haven'twatched my show from last night and want to learnmore about this just go here:

7/02/2013 -Tuesday Evening With Stryker

The article went on to say that on August 25, 2011 that to lift the zero's from the Iraq currency would be the biggest corruption in the Iraq at that time. It further stated though that some economist believe that Iraq is now prepared to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar, stating also that deletion requires political and security stability as well as economic stability.

With these last statements from this article and another to confirm it I will state the following according to these: "deletion requires political and security stability as well as economic stability"

1) "political stability"

Political stability is what we are seeing with Barzani and Maliki agreeing, Kurdistan and Baghdad getting along like the most perfect marriage, that is what the economist are referring to I believe.

2) "security stability"

I now understand why they are all stating that Chapter VII is released and back to where it was before they were imposed in 1990 because it has. Look at how much everyone also said that the removal of Chapter VII and all its sanction would bring to Iraq a sense of security and stability as it states in these articles. No, not security as in stopping the bombings of terrorist attacks, that will come with pride of country, return of their real wealth to country and that is we are reading about now.

3) "economic stability"

This is what I have been talking about for over a month now, they must control their market rate and get it back in line with the CBI rate because a country cannot justify changing its Monetary Framework and Exchange Rate Regime if they can't even control a Dirty Float or as it is also called, an Artificial Rate or even better a Float of Orbit.

This is the Articles of the Day by far:

Turkish: Central reserves sufficient to cover next year's budget ceiling

All I can say is wow and that we are watching all this unfold is the most educational thing that I have ever witnessed in my life and I am so glad that I was told about it by one of my best friends.

Have a great day. Stryker Blog


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