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Wed afternoon dinar Chatter from Recaps DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Wed afternoon dinar Chatter from Recaps

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Wed afternoon dinar Chatter from Recaps Empty Wed afternoon dinar Chatter from Recaps

Post by Horizon Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:44 pm

Wednesday Afternoon Dinar Chatter




wolverine7] Regarding GB, here is the exact quote: "in the next 24 hours this country is going to be rocked and i think in a good way..part of it is in a very good way...part of it is in a very bad way but in the next 24 hours this country will be rocked. We will give you details in the next 24 hours."

[sng4him] Breaking News on Fox....IRS steals med records of millions of people

[calibeach] sng4him The IRS is going down........ IMO

[sng4him] calibeach calibeach Agreed!!!

TNGirl] sng4him Holy Hannah!!!!!! You have to be joking! Turning Fox on now!!!

constantlyabiding] Wasn't it said that the IRS would be the enforcement arm for the National Health Care??

[TNGirl] TnBikerGal Breaking News on Fox about IRS stealing peoples medical records!

[DiddyKong] kelbell Here are the things that I keep in mind that we are seeing so far...... IQD to IQN conversion, KPM in Iraq, Ch7 to Ch6, Glenn Beck's update (may not be relevant), and Fed Reserve updates. Doesn't seem like it will be long now
Read More Link on Right

[sng4him] DiddyKong yep....Great post IMO

[sektor] Diddy you forgot to add the IRS getting ripped apart IMO

[wolverine7] TNGirl OOOOH, that one will go over good with the public..

[childofgod] DiddyKong Good summary! And I am tired of waiting! Lol

[gdsgrl21] ravectors What did FOX say??

[ravectors] gdsgrl21 just talking about IRS needing 13 Billion in 2014 to implement O care


[Robertprofessor] I'm suspecting Glen Beck has been getting info for some time and has made similar statements before, but they were premature. Maybe this time, it will happen ... what ever "it" is.

[okrocks] Robertprofessor yes like all others have lol

[DiddyKong] Robertprofessor agreed

[myprayerrealized] Robertprofessor G Beck has been making "wolf cries" for many years ... that is how he became a very rich man! :superlachen:

[ravectors] wolverine7 it's all about money and power, I read somewhere if there were 10,000 or so donors ponying up $7000 each the Fair Tax would be the law of the land, cost of legislation.

[tc0043] Robertprofessor IYO do you think the announcements will be about the IRS and FED RESERVE?

[Robertprofessor] tc0043 Could be. Could be more than that. I can't keep up with how many scandals are breaking. Newest one is 10 million Americans have had their medical records looked at by NSA ... or something like that. It's just pouring out like through a sieve.

[sailman] Robertprofessor "friend" been told to expect payment to be in IQD as of this weekend and that his local workers will be getting salary via SMART CARD at same time Smile

[Robertprofessor] sailman I hate to say it but we have heard these things reported in the past; however, if the rv is nearly upon us, then we should EXPECT to hear again what you just shared.

[okrocks] ♪♫•*¨*•.•*¨•*♫♪ Stop, Hey Whats that Sound? Its an RV Coming Round ♪♫•*¨*•.•*¨•*♫♪



[Berean] why is Beck the only one talking about this event that is within the next 24 hours............there should be others with that information as well

[harleyrider] Reposting from above: 11:53 AM moneydr: BulldogFord65 wrote on June 12th, 2013, 9:14 am:Is anyone listening to Glenn Beck? He's in DC and met with a group of senators and congressmen yesterday, and just now on his radio show said that he just learned of a major game changer that's going to happen in the next 24 hours. He said it will greatly divide our country and we need to be ready. He is not saying what it is, and will not discuss it in detail until tomorrow, but said it's happening in the next 24 hours.

[moneydr] Berean maybe he's the only one with a big enough mouth and set

[Berean] yes, could be

[moneydr] I love whistleblowers

[moneydr] on Intel Guru: Delta urgent from Iraquia TV: Kuwaiti Prime Minister arrived Baghdad

[lakeisland] Looks like some major things are happening this week. Hope the RV in the states is one of them...

[moneydr] question: so apparently the Kuwaiti PM is now in Baghdad. Knowing what little I do about these things, can anyone confirm if this is a good thing. I would think so. According to Flashing, he says this will possibly settle the single difference between both countries and make possible the release of ch7 and of course the RV. Any thoughts?

[Berean] moneydr yes, this is what dinarians have been waiting for.........which should end Chap 7

[ [buckwheat] moneydr The delay is and has been with the US govt., so it really has no bearing on us at all

[FLPatriot59] moneydr It has been posted that the KPM said he wouldn't return to Iraq until they had an internationally-traded currency, i.e., an RV. Since that has now happened (supposedly), it is postulated we have an RV (or will have very soon).

[moneydr] buckwheat FLPatriot59 would be wonderful to get this show on the road

[ [moneydr] buckwheat if our govt is truly holding things up ... the pressure should really be mounting to get this thing done.

[FLPatriot59] moneydr Well between Beck, the KPM, and last weekend's uneventful meeting between O & XI, things are certainly pointing in that direction!

[buckwheat] moneydr It is

[moneydr] FLPatriot59 do you know what happened with the supposed National Meeting that happened, what? Last weekend? Thought that's what we were waiting for

[FLPatriot59] moneydr Absolutely nothing reported of any consequence to the general public. However, I read that privately O asked for - and received from XI - a higher percentage of his take on the proceeds from the RV. Purely rumor, for what it's worth.

[moneydr] FLPatriot59 Cool. Thanks. Maybe O's greed will get the better of him

[FLPatriot59] moneydr We all reap what we sow, including the POTUS.

[moneydr] FLPatriot59 Just would like to be around to see the "come uppance" take place

[moneydr] FLPatriot59 HUGE fall

[cookiesdad] any opinion on the Glen Beck stuff

[bjj (Barb)] cookiesdad , not sure what Glen is referring to but hope it is a good thing.

[cookiesdad] tell me about it

[oilerfan] bjj (Barb) i think he is referring to the restore the republic in my opinion

[cookiesdad] oilerfan ... that is what I think too

[bjj (Barb)] oilerfan , I was thinking it might be something like that too. Hope so.


Nesara BlogSpot Dinar Updates Wednesday Afternoon: John MacHaffie



RUMOR - Federal Reserve was signed off by Rothschild in Camp David last week and assets transferred to Republic Treasury. No Fed Reserve -----IRS collection services have been terminated.

RUMOR - Major announcement in 24 hrs. Speculation is the Republic Restored and New Banking System.

Wed afternoon dinar Chatter from Recaps Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbUTUwRpDbhT-xIofJl3G31OXoGzOAJS3qKlCApR1lrvZghQYKngbnt9AnaQMakin' Plans...Wed afternoon dinar Chatter from Recaps 7_6_8
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