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BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening

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BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening Empty BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening

Post by Ponee Sun May 19, 2013 9:29 am

BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening


[bluwolf] HELLO

[bluwolf] HOLA

[arizona49] bluwolf Good evening and how are you tonight?

[spanky4565] Bluwolf, a pleasant surprise as always

[bluwolf] the irs scandal will in no way affect the president of the united states of america,there are no delays whatsoever,and you will be going towards your banks soon. This scandal is all political . This i say with all due respects.

[bluwolf] yes and the fat lady will sing

[bluwolf] just get your paperworks ready

[MC] bluwolf just need my email woohoo1

[bluwolf] this side show is ending now,a lot of folks will be hitting the bucket soon.

[bluwolf] in government.

[rich17] bluwolf We have been hearing soon for an awfully long time. Respectfully what do you consider soon at this point?
Read More Link on Right

[bluwolf] just what it is asn,amn,atn,soon,close,in a minute,in a second,soon

[rich17] bluwolf Thank you but all of those words and abbreviations have been used for months.

[bluwolf] rich whatever my friend

[MC] I'm ready for somebody to say it happened yesterday lol

[HUGO] bluwolf what you just shared is the complete opposite of what TK just shared with us a few minutes ago.

[ram1] bluwolf are you seeing anything on the bank screens down in your area?

[BamaSteve] MC It did in Europe.

[spankey] bluwolf: In the near future ! lol

[Studmuffin] bluwolf cool man

[bluwolf] we both have opinions and facts

[Blessednready] bluwolf woohoo1 RV is Coming to town!!

[bluwolf] Blessednready yes my friend

[BamaSteve] bluwolf What makes you believe now when it hasn't happened before?

[rich17] bluwolf Thank you for sharing what you do have. We appreciate hearing anything we can. It is kind of you to come on tonight.

[bluwolf] rich17 you are so welcome

[bluwolf] BamaSteve i don't believe i know

[ram1] bluwolf are you seeing anything on the bank screens down in your area?

bluwolf] ram1 cannot say at this point

[Midnight Blue] bluwolf Hitting the Bucket soon? that is a saying that i am not familar with. Sorry for may be a stupid question, but what do you mean?

[bluwolf] Midnight Blue exactly what each word means.

mykitty] Midnight Blue I interpret as gotten rid of.

[thedogmom] maybe kick the bucket ?

[sonnyday] like kickin the bucket, but ur still alive

[.geo] Its called hit the bucket bc it was a phrase that was made when fishing was one of the main ways of living, and the fish were thrown in the bucket and would die. So things to do b4 u die

[Apostle_2012] bluwolf Do you recommend your beautiful Island to someone who is looking for a great vacation?

[bluwolf] Apostle_2012 Yes I do, Puerto Rico does it better.

[Midnight Blue] sonnyday kicking the bucket, I understand. Maybe that is a term from where Bluwolf lives.

[bluwolf] Midnight Blue nope it comes from your back yard in the USA

[rich17] bluwolf When it happens...will it happen simultaneously everywhere? And is there a time of day when it has the greatest chance to happen?

[bluwolf] rich17 yes and in the begiining of the week

[BamaSteve] bluwolf You said to me 6 minutes ago "i don't believe i know". Does that mean you have new info or source that you didn't have before?

bluwolf] BamaSteve oh Ihave many things said to me today,all good but I cannot share.

[bluwolf] for I will delay things

[bluwolf] and that is not going to happen on my behave,comprende

[msjeta1] bluwolf with this new system is Thompson Reuters gone?

[bluwolf] msjeta1 nope

[wango1] bluwolf if O talking can't stop it how can you talking effet the rv?

[bluwolf] wango1 we are here to guide you and we get phone calls from people in high places and we respect what we do for all and we do not put our agendas in front of what is the right thing,make no mistake with me or tk or okie we do know what we are talking about and when and what to say and when to go silent.

[BamaSteve] bluwolf What is the LOWEST rates you are hearing?

[bluwolf] BamaSteve not going to happen

ich17] bluwolf Since you are saying it will go active everywhere at the same time...I assume you do not believe the dong is trading in Europe at high prices or that tier 3 people have cashed in behind closed doors.

[msjeta1] bluwolf so we still have the alignments like before?

[bluwolf] msjeta1 yes… nothing has change

[bluwolf] ok thank you stud and folks,just wanted to clarify about your president he is not the problem

[rich17] bluwolf THanks for that clarification. Do you feel there is another problem?

[bluwolf] rich17 yea but the news will spill them in a couple of days.

[rich17] bluwolf Is the problem going to slow down the RV?

[bluwolf] rich17 no just the nation

[jehemev] bluwolf I hope the recipients of this blessing do God's work. I will use most of mine to help educate our brothers and sisters, they need it,

[bluwolf] jehemev yea that would be good

[bluwolf] good night

[bluwolf] happy journeys

[toni] bluwolf thank you

[Midnight Blue] bluwolf I am a little confused. Are you saying there is no delay in the RV and it will show soon, but another problem for the USA ill become apparent in a couple of days?

[wango1] Midnight Blue the USA will be fine and so will the RV. this is to fix issues not make them

[Midnight Blue] Sorrywango1

[wango1] Midnight Blue no worries


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BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening Empty Re: BluWolf and Get Members Chat Late Saturday Evening

Post by Ponee Sun May 19, 2013 9:30 am



05/19/2013 12:02am

Bond Lady
thank you very very much , now if that gos into effect with hours we could see a revalue of the dinar in the united state , some thing people didn't look at is when you currency is devalued as the dinar it is also on the black ball list this is why , the people in wells Fargo said , they were not taking the Dinar , once it is fully lifted on a set date , hope by Monday midnight , we can see this happening . next week , china I believe has already lifted there band and so has Brittan as well ,, this is a big key , and I have sat back made my cracks , and little ditties , this lady won 64 silver dollars , with that find , this is the big key to the hole puzzle , im as happy as a pig in hawg waller , and if I am reading jester this is what he was waiting for as well ..

05/19/2013 12:27am

To "hit the bucket" means that you threw or shot something and hit a bucket. bluwolf said that, "this side show is ending now, a lot of folks will be hitting the bucket soon."

To me that means the RV is immanent and that a lot of folks (us the dinar holders) will be hitting the bucket (we will win the game).

05/19/2013 12:31am

Bluwolf I am from Puerto Rico. Live in the south. Do you think BPPR will be the only one bank in the island that will exchange dinars?

barb link
05/19/2013 1:20am


05/19/2013 1:56am

Bluwolf, with all due respect, the IRS scandal is not political. Much evidence is pointing to the contrary. Part of what has been very wrong with our country is that we Americans have been abused and bullied by powerful, greedy and immoral people. It is past time for that to stop. The IRS has been a nightmare and now much of their illegal activity is being exposed.
The ones who have been intimidated and abused in this instance are those who are trying to return our nation to a Godly one, the Republic that was intended by our forefathers. They are moral, good people who do not want a government that controls, dictates and forces us to do those things that we feel are against God's laws. Our nation was not established by socialists or dictators or people who want God to have no part in our nation. We are fighting for our very existence. It is so much deeper than political. Please don't blow it off as foolishness.
Please join us in praying that God's Will for our nation will be accomplished and that we can be restored to a nation where God and His ways are openly taught, discussed and demonstrated. Perhaps one day the world will see us as a nation of caring, moral citizens and leaders who care about not only our country, but the world. It must begin with each of us paying attention to our past and wanting to be part of the necessary changes for a great future.


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