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Specialists affirm the need for Iraq to join the WTO, businessmen will join even after 50 years DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Specialists affirm the need for Iraq to join the WTO, businessmen will join even after 50 years

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Specialists affirm the need for Iraq to join the WTO, businessmen will join even after 50 years Empty Specialists affirm the need for Iraq to join the WTO, businessmen will join even after 50 years

Post by Ponee Mon May 13, 2013 7:39 pm

Specialists affirm the need for Iraq to join the WTO, businessmen will join even after 50 years

2013/05/13 20: 04


Confirmed deal with matters of trade in Diwaniyah on Monday, "Iraq" needed to join the World Trade Organization, while the Commerce Department confirmed that accession to the WTO "will move the Iraqi economy," ruled out "the possibility that business on the ground even after 50 years," and attributed the reason to the "absence of legislation" capable of putting Iraq under the international system, demanding the abolition of the "Department of Commerce".

And the official said information on the WTO section of the Ministry of Commerce Fred Jacob Luna told (range), on the sidelines of the seminar sensitized by the Chamber of Commerce of Diwaniyah, "accession to the WTO, take a careful, deliberate manner, send the file to display the goods to the Organization", we showed "we are entering the third negotiating round after receiving several notes about the previous two rounds and offer goods to reach her potential."

Jacob said that the WTO "section in the foreign economic relations Department of the Iraqi Ministry of trade, it is expected that through these steps not Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization soon," However "but to complete steps in a measured way," and stressed that "accession would help Iraq through appropriate legislation and laws in line with international laws and legislation".

For his part, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Diwaniyah said Vishnu told (range), several seminars and workshops organized by the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce in the provinces, seeking to discuss Iraq's entry to the World Trade Organization, to promote the national economy ".

"The Iraqi legislature by appropriate laws that are consistent with international legislation", and explained that "the accession of Iraq to help improve the economic level and the increase of employment and the possibility of Iraqi industries to competition products.

The President said Iraqi businessmen Union in Diwaniyah (180 km) South of Baghdad, in an interview to phone (range) that "Iraq would reap significant benefits in the event of its accession to the World Trade Organization", however, "but I'm sure that this will happen 50 years ago."

"Iraq stalled in its legislation and its implementation, and the organization represents one of the largest portals in the world, and we are not open to ourselves, and don't have any intellectual or economic system, industrial or banking success."

The "Iraq did not maintain economic status but is declining rapidly", pointing out that "This makes our impossible, we must think about reducing administrative structure the latter."

He stressed "the need to get rid of phone from the Ministry of Commerce first," indicating that "the biggest obstacles to trade, having moved to buy from supermarkets known as Sheila corruption and intrusion".

He noted that "this is one of the faces of war", saying that "today the State by episodes of lying and we cannot keep up with the world and join trade organizations under it."

An associate said Diwaniyah investment Chief Hassan Al-yasiri told (range), "accession to the WTO is essential to opening global markets", adding: "but it faces several challenges, including the invasion of foreign goods, in addition to unemployment, as well as the destruction of the local product to protect it."

Al-yasseri said that "the State shall work to protect local products and industries and punitive legislation that guarantees protection and operation and development of the competencies at all levels," adding that "Iraq has no choice but to catch up with the economically developed countries, and to benefit from their experience in developing its economy."

The WTO announced on its inception in 1995, and is one of the smallest old world organizations, where the WTO is the successor of the General Agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT), created in the aftermath of the second world war.

Although the WTO is still modern, multilateral trade system developed originally under the GATT was fifty years old, celebrated the Golden Jubilee in Geneva on 19 March 1998 in the presence of many heads of State and Government leaders.

Twenty years have seen exceptional growth in world trade, as exports of goods rose by an average (6%) Annually and helped GATT and the World Trade Organization to create a strong and prosperous trading system contributing to unprecedented growth.

Civilian activists expressed in Salah al-Din, (status of Tikrit, 170 km north of Baghdad), on (28 March 2013), expressed as a result of not knowing the expenditure of public money in the General custom in Petro dollars, and criticized the "almost complete" and export oil rather than invest and develop other economic sectors.

The Association for the development of industry and commerce in Iraq criticized, on 19 March 2013, the lack of State support to industry and trade import sections opened wide to the detriment of national products lost competitiveness, with the shortage of electricity and fuel and not to keep up with the angels to global developments and the lack of appropriate legislation the most important factors in declining industrial and economically, Iraq confirmed its detection areas ready for industrial investment and help stimulate foreign and Arabic to invest jointly with Iraqi investors, industrial and commercial sources other than oil.

Iraq has witnessed after the 2003 case of unrestricted openness to the world, leading to the flooding of the local market with goods from around the world unchecked, as well as declining domestic production, because of the security chaos and the scarcity of fuel and altoka, and failed efforts of the Government agencies concerned, so far, including standardization and quality control and the ministries of environment and health in the face of the flood of shoddy goods, despite the efforts made in this regard.


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