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SWFloridaGuy Update - Emailed To Recaps

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SWFloridaGuy Update - Emailed To Recaps Empty SWFloridaGuy Update - Emailed To Recaps

Post by Ponee on Sat May 11, 2013 7:13 am

SWFloridaGuy Update - Emailed To Recaps


Hard to address the timing of the RV when there is no guarantee that there will ever be one. Over time will Iraq's currency appreciate.... I can't imagine why it wouldn't but there's many different avenues they could choose to acheive such that level.

Personally, I'm hoping for a more gradual approach that promotes long term stability. If you've ever studied large currency appreciations, a sudden drastic increase can have negative long term effects and lead to the collapse of the system.

However, if any country has a prayer of an appreciation shock (by that I mean something around 75%+ initially), it is Iraq.

Over time they will recover it is inevitable in my opinionn unless they resort to civil war which I doubt the US/Russia/China/UN etc. would allow. So I tend to think we will prosper but it will take time. This opportunity is far from a scam. The real scam is these imbeciles who post for either adulation or personal gain, who claim to be prophets with divine knowledge of prosperity

We shouldn't be to harsh on the newbies though. These are tough economic times and it's understandable that a little hope, no matter how absurd, can overshadow common sense.

Bottome line - we're all on the same team and I hope we all prosper whether that be next week or ten years from now. I also hope that those false prophets catch a sever case of sudden leg syndrome so they can truck their way back to Reno.


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