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Post by Ponee on Sat May 11, 2013 7:12 am

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[tlm724] hey everyone want to talk about traiffs no, well tough we're gonna anyway first lets see what tariifs are

[tlm724] A tariff is a tax on an imported good. Therefore for each unit of a good that is imported into a country the tariff increases the price of that good by however much the tariff is.

[therealbubbie] tlm724 yeah sure what the heck !!

Tariffs are usually implemented when the world price of a good is lower than the domestic price of a good. A tariff thus is a form of protection from foreign competition that can produce that good at a cheaper price. The jobs of that industry are thus protected by the tariff, as opposed to the jobs being eliminated by foreign

[tlm724] therealbubbie k *slap*

[tlm724] Just so you know the "current" law states "Second, a fee of custom on imported goods is contained in the tariff schedule of customs duties by not exceeding (20%) of its value, " which is really high, they will probably reduce that in the amended law at least i hope they do

[tlm724] I'd like to quote BondLady from a chat she did on Feb 26th ready

rate change should happen too because i don't know how their going to tax the people on 1166 unless theres something someone else sees that i dont"

[tlm724] This is probably a good time for you all to re-read that chat when you have time heres the link

[lightingcslt] well thats easy she doesnt see much anyways omg lol

[tlm724] LINK

[tlm724] lightingcslt *slap*

[sisterbreen] tlm724 ty

[tlm724] So she has a very valid point, how can you tax the people if their average yearly income is less then say $1000 USD ?

We know that Iraq imports a variety of goods, but food imports (wheat, rice, barley, sugar and meat) and medicine are by far the largest component of the iraq import bill, their agriculture sector is growing everyday but that will take time to meet the countries large demand and move into the exporting phase

[lightingcslt] very true

[tlm724] These tariffs, regardless of the percentage, will hit the citizens the hardest. We all hope that there will be an increase in the spending ability for the people which will also increase our spending ability

[tlm724] Lets look at this statement from an article posted on May 4th

" While the Commission confirmed the economy and investment parliamentary he can not apply the tariff law in the country at the moment, unless the federal government is working to control the ports of the Kurdistan region, noting that the application of tariff law needs to find alternatives to the materials inside"


[tlm724] Can't apply because of lack of port/border control port/ border control !

[tlm724] Now look at this from May 6th

" Baghdad, Tariq al-Araji called for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers need to speed up the passage of the law of border crossings by the House of Representatives for his contribution to putting an end to operations corruption financial as well as introducing the latest technology for testing and standardization, control and surveillance.

" and " imports from all origins and freely and mechanisms currently used in ports, making control is weak, which contributes to the spread of hotbeds of corruption, which requires taking serious measures and decisive,

suggesting that the ratification of the border crossing by the House of Representatives will put an end to the operations of corruption as well need to speed up seriously trained staffs are professional and provide mechanisms, equipment and appliances necessary,

especially with the use of modern technologies and systems developed for testing and standardization, control and surveillance.

[tlm724] LINK
[tlm724] need to speed up the passage of the law of border crossings by the House of Representatives

[tlm724] Appears to me these two laws go hand in hand, they can't have one without the other

[tlm724] While we are looking at tariffs and borders check this out from May 4th also

BAGHDAD - morning confirmed the Finance Committee representative that revenues border crossings unofficial Kurdistan region amounted to 12 billion dinars during the past four months. said a member of the Secretary-Hadi Abbas's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network)

The majority of the goods that enter through the border crossings of the territory does not match the specifications of customs, environmental, and most materials Finished expired and unfit for use. explained that the file of Customs is one of the important issues and key which is supposed to be handled between Baghdad and Erbil.

[tlm724] LINK
[tlm724] revenues border crossings unofficial Kurdistan region amounted to 12 billion dinars during the past four months,

[tlm724] 12 billion 4 months !

[tlm724] the seven point agreement between Maliki and Barzani should take care of this

[tlm724] Its not "just" amending , voting and passing the Tariff Law. It's borders, ports, monetary and economic adjustments for the increased revenue. Its putting into place a tremendous amount of mechanisms to facilitate the change.

[tlm724] They are doing all these things as we read and learn about them daily. They are a on a roll and I like where we are, we check things off our "watch list" daily.

[lightingcslt] tlm724 very good darlin

[tlm724] throws the mic back under BondLadys desk for shelly to chew on

[sisterbreen] tlm724 tyvm

[tlm724] lightingcslt ty suga sisterbreen yqw

[lightingcslt] tlm724 our only problem now is when they gonna vote on these laws. they are not on the agenda as of yet seeing them anyways

[tlm724] lightingcslt well everything is NOT always on the agenda as we have seen many times. I think alot of the issues will be resolved with the 7 point agreement, implimenting that agreement is one of the most important part's


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