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OCrush Update - Post From Peoples Dinar

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OCrush Update - Post From Peoples Dinar  Empty OCrush Update - Post From Peoples Dinar

Post by Ponee on Fri May 03, 2013 3:53 pm

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OCrush Update - Post From Peoples Dinar



Helloooo Everyone,

This is the latest! The cabinet had there session yesterday (FULL). They worked on the seven points that were agreed upon (tweeked them) and had them signed with Maliki, Barzani and the CoM:)

The next step is to implement them at the parliamentary session! They finally agreed to the oil and gas law (from 2008) to share the oil wealth with all the Iraqi people:)

Now they need to pass it (parliament). They also agreed to ratify the 2013 budget to include the actual payment to the oil companies and pershimega.

They could do this because the budget was truly never opened. They were using the Japanese money (emergency funds) to keep the goi going. The cabinet completed there task now its up to parliament. There are also some smart people in Iraq to figure out the debt conversion to there citizens.

There is a law that needs to be ratified to make it legal once the conversion is put in place.

The cbi can legaly RV the dinars, but the parliament holds the key to set the law to release the LD's and to set the law to monetor and destroy the dinars we hold. Without these laws being put in place, the cbi has to wait.

I have no doubt this will get done after the parliament passes the ratified laws brought forward by the cabinet, which they already approved. This is getting exciting and I hope this helps:)) Cheers All:)



The ratification of the budget lines need to be voted upon, not the whole budget;) Cheers Diane;)


jeff19 Posted Today, 08:35 AM

MP Najiba Najib: - the process of switching the currency when you delete the three zeroes which do not need to legislate law

Friday, 03 May / May 2013 08:50 | : Ambassador Agency News |

{Baghdad Ambassador:

News}Said a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Najiba Najib, that the process of switching the national currency when you delete the three zeroes which does not need to enact the law by the House of Representatives, but the instructions issued by the central bank.

said Najib in a statement received Ambassador News a copy of it on Friday : The Law of the Central Bank allowed the Bank of the validity of the currency exchange and restructuring, so the project to delete the three zeroes tubeless for the enactment of the House of Representatives,but the controls serve as legislation to regulate the process of replacing the currency. said:

There is a problem may occur when the implementation of the project, which is the issue of indebtedness between citizens, indicating, for example, when you borrow a person million dinars Upon implementation of the project will become a thousand dinars,

in the case of recovery of debt would anger the citizen creditor, so that this issue needs to legislation, while the project is fully tubeless law.

has called for a number of deputies and economic experts to the need for legislation, a law that regulates the process of replacing the currency when you delete the three zeroes, as well as the process of destroying old currency



jeff19 Posted Today, 08:53 AM

Deputy for the citizen affirms the possibility of the government to amend the budget bill and send it to parliament as a bill passed

Friday, 03 May / May 2013 12:51

Baghdad: Euphrates News MP said the citizen Bloc Hassoun Fatlawi "the government can modify the budget bill and send it to parliament for approval as long as it agreed it agreed with the Kurdistan Alliance."

He Fatlawi told Euphrates News that "under the new agreement between the two governments federal and provincial, which included in one of its clauses amend the law on the financial budget of the Federal for the current year, the federal government make that amendment and send it in the form of a bill to the House of Representatives to read it again and voted on and passed . "

He said the "adjustment can be done based on the existence of a financial surplus and inevitably exists and the government know how things are going, there may be transfers money from one door to another."

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government has visited Baghdad, on Monday under the chairmanship of Nechirvan Barzani, discussed with the National Alliance, a number of contentious issues between them and work to find solutions to address them, and then after the region's president met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office received Euphrates News that "During the meeting were discussed various points of contention in an atmosphere of frankness and seriousness and a common desire to find solutions to all outstanding issues,

it was agreed to solve all the problems in accordance with the Constitution and the federal system and under a unified Iraq, It was also agreed to give the security aspect is particularly important in all parts of Iraq and to strengthen coordination in this area and to find ways to achieve it. "

Kurdish parties decided during a meeting on Wednesday, led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the ministers return to the capital Baghdad on Thursday, and the return of deputies next week.

And ensure that the recent agreement between the Governments of the center and the Kurdistan region of seven points is amend the law on the financial budget of the Federal Assembly for the current year 2013,

resolving oil and gas law, the resolution of the issue of the leadership of the Tigris and the island, redrawing the administrative border of the disputed areas, compensate with Anfal victims of chemical attacks,

the administration Common to the issue of visas and airports by the governments of the center and the province, to appoint a representative to the provincial government in Baghdad, and another of the federal government in Erbil for coordination and exchange of information .



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