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Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested: DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested:

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Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested: Empty Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested:

Post by Ponee on Thu May 02, 2013 3:34 pm

Brought over from DINARRECAPS.com

Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested:


Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested: **

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[millionday] ok here we go everyone

[millionday] The center of the debate on the Law of the infrastructure, which faces objections by some lawmakers and its importance in accelerating the implementation of strategic projects, proposed General Manager Bank of Mesopotamia Islamic affiliated to the Ministry of Finance, the financing of these projects across the Islamic Sukuk, pointing to its adoption in many countries of the world and impressively great success where . said general manager Abdul Hussein Mundhiri in his speech for the (morning) it became necessary to look for other alternative provides the funding required for the implementation of hundreds of infrastructure projects to be through the provision of basic services to the citizens.

[millionday] note -- looking at the multiple things that need done right away
[millionday] roads utilities ect

[millionday] Two options He Mundhiri that in all cases, the government search for a replacement necessary funds for these projects, the most important are two options either to issue treasury bills, medium-and long-term, this option will contribute to the expansion of budgets next was a lot of pressure on the rest of the investment projects Other planned, pointing out that this may lead to cancel some or postponed for years to come. Especially when the infrastructure projects to be funded are estimated at $ 38 billion. The second alternative He said In order to meet the challenges faced by this mechanism, it is possible to compensate for the second alternative is a law instruments Islamic to get through on the funding required where attracts these instruments of capital, local and foreign, in this case, the government will not be a city for one because the project has become under investment is give it the opportunity to finance other projects is as important as infrastructure projects through annual allocations, which monitors the investment budget in the general budget of the state.

[millionday] Reconstruction requirements He pointed out that this technique will bring speed to meet the requirements of reconstruction because the wheel reconstruction will go Bakatrtin the new. Referring in this regard to the experiences of several countries, a secular political system have resorted to this Islamic investment and legally issued every state of the instruments through which funded energy projects. Numerous experiments He pointed to the experience of the United Arab Emirates, where issued the emirate of Dubai law instruments funded through the Department of Civil Aviation as well as Egypt, where he passes law currently phases recent legislative as well as Sudan, where financed through (Merowe Dam) and Bahrain, which has funded most of the infrastructure projects through the law of instruments, Islamic, which is considered with Malaysia Qotai of Islamic finance, as well as to Gat Singapore and Turkey to create the biggest bridge have through Islamic instruments

[millionday] note -- so as we see they are expecting huge help in the funding

[millionday] and are going to the globe and mostly islamic help --- meaning they are going to start moving money and jobs will be everywhere

[millionday] Style of practice He Mundhiri by saying there are non-Muslim countries have used this funding, such as Germany and Britain. The estimated value of Islamic Sukuk issued in 2007 by more than $ 45 billion and then declined in 2008 to 30 billion due to the global financial crisis and the scarcity of liquidity and lack of vision for the future of the global economy, but it returned to rise in the years 2010 - 2011-2012. A variety of guarantees He said it is important to anticipate that these instruments issued by through Lama sovereign guarantees from the government or pledge in return for guarantees in kind of the same or real estate projects funded by these instruments.

[millionday] note --- they are wanting them to invest in real estate or sell bonds -- anything to keep from having a deficit like ours
[millionday] smile

[millionday] now read this part carefully
[millionday] smile

[millionday] Revitalization of the capital market He pointed out that we are today before a chance new financing on the market Iraqi Finance is active across the capital market (SEC) during the trading of these instruments are selling and buying in the light of the investments that will enter this market promising to give the country the necessary funds to implement projects needed and overdue for several years. Cash reserve He predicted Mundhiri in the event of the enactment of Islamic Sukuk, he will not face the difficulties currently faced by some countries due to lack of agreement on safeguards foster these instruments, where we have the oil wealth that is estimated reserves of more than 150 billion barrels, the second largest oil reserves in the world in addition to gas and resources Other natural. Pointing out that we have a large cash reserve, which is increasing day after day because of the increased oil sales.

[ROBINREDHED] the second largest oil reserves in the world
[ROBINREDHED] and a worthless currency?

[millionday] they are saying that the capital market is coming to life and that they have collateral that will cover much instead of backing things by air
[millionday] smile
[millionday] not a worthless currency for long my friend
[millionday] smile
[millionday] brb with the rest

millionday] He called Mundhiri need to speed up the adoption of this proposal and submit it to the House of Representatives of the importance of the project in order to avoid history and المساجلات and passes law shortest time, and explained that the instruments Islamic several types of instruments Almdharyh and instruments references and istisna, participation, etc. for each type air legitimate banker.

[millionday] ok let me say this
[millionday] they are saying that they have money in the budget to rebuild but not enough to do it as fast as they need to so they are talking about they can open the budget and do what they have budgeted for and also ask for islamic help and funding and barter for it or have them invest in their country

[millionday] this is making it obvious that of course --- money is going to be moving very soon ---
[millionday] brb with more

[ROBINREDHED] awesome news
[ROBINREDHED] keep it coming you are the bomb

[millionday] here is a report about the real estate market
[millionday] very interesting

[millionday] Keep the real estate market element strongest in moving factors of economic growth in all economies of the world in spite of causing the events of global financial crisis affected most, if not all the countries of the world, and the reasons are known first of excessive real estate investments, including flooded the need for and the second is the most important export of the financial crisis to get rid their effects are harmful to the economy, went to the least efficient financial and including not allowed to have a face ravaged crisis Vanhsart in the vicinity of the euro zone, and those are the assets of the game as a result of conflict between the dollar and the euro, which tried to cross the border and التسيد on currencies, but he collided with the wall of the dollar, which was stopped for his ego and when its borders.

[millionday] odd
[millionday] lets see if it changes
[millionday] i was told it was great
[millionday] hmmm

[millionday] It was the size of the impact of the financial crisis uneven in the Arab world in particular, where the longer effects the economies of most investment abroad, but who accompanied her financial capacity to receive blows of the crisis, which showed بوادرها quickly but soon disappeared after the government intervention right, especially in countries Gulf, and now apparently has returned to normal, according to the reports that suggest the return of shares of the real estate market to the fore in the stock market Gulf, where information indicates that the volume of real estate investments Emirates in 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 Kdbulg $ 36 billion through the launch of 40 a new real estate project refers to the region's recovery from the effects of the financial crisis.

millionday] Here we are in Iraq is not affected by the crisis, but with little result some belongings business but we did not invest the crisis in attracting international investments, which was looking for an environment favorable, and Iraq was better than provided, on each (if you missed intake, say congratulations) but we suffer here from crisis in the management of real money, especially in the investment side how? There is much talk here about the smuggling of money Aonakl foreign currency and the possibility of the question, because the owners of wealth are seeking to invest, this being at the time of seeking economists to suggest ways to attract capital Iraqi immigrant, but what is happening now is the opposite, where more immigration, and the reason definitely a lack of areas to invest this money flowing into overseas investments Bakr So what is the solution?

millionday] Solution simply lies firing the real estate market to operate freely and let the Iraqi private sector and foreign real estate investments without restriction Ahoshrt Alabhdod maintain economic security line of red, and this is not what did not seek management Iraqi Central Bank to make way for full play to the Iraqi banking sector private practice activities Real Estate buying and selling, تملكا and thus create an environment guarantor for not escape the Iraqi capital for Apple migratory encourage them to return. No different two that Iraq's need for housing and infrastructure projects Other, service and productivity what Atkvaha all budgets, so it is leaving the real estate market operate freely will lead to move all elements of the economy operates dynamic فتحل problem of unemployment and mounting construction and less violence and prosper the country achieved economic growth, all thanks to revive the real estate market and the key to the solution, however, the central bank.

millionday] wow that is one crummy translation
[millionday] but in other words

[millionday] cbi needs to start right away attracting as much financing for real estate so jobs move and the housing market puts money on the streets
millionday] which is not hard to understand if you think about it like this
[millionday] as soon as our market fell in real estate many jobs were lost and this is why
millionday] if the equity and value of what you own is going down and the cost is going up -- you cant afford another or improvements so that is a huge part of the working class
[millionday] and without the working class in an economy is it is not healthy
[millionday] you have to have three classes to have a healthy economy
[millionday] rich or high ect --- working or middle and poor
[millionday] without one the others dont work and the economy gets like ours -- it stalls
millionday] and the housing market is a very very huge part of it due to the amount of work and jobs it effects
millionday] so this report is talking about the importance of the housing market being a huge attention of iraq to create a healthy and growing economy
[millionday] and sustainable
[millionday] make sense

[millionday] investment licensing for tourism development

[millionday] The Director General of Babylon Investment Alaa Ibrahim bayonet, for granting Ajazatan استثماريتين in the sectors of tourism, housing a total cost of the two projects is estimated at 25 billion Iraqi dinars. Said bayonet in a press statement that the license first awarded to resort project entertaining tourist in the area of the skull in the center of the city of Hilla Company Blue Nile local and at a cost of more than $ 8 billion Iraqi dinars and an area estimated at 15 acres and includes a project architectures, games, and green areas. said: that leave other investment awarded to the establishment of a residential complex under construction horizontal in hand,

[millionday] my father sank to a local investor at a cost estimated at more than (17) billion Iraqi dinars and consists of (179) Dara and of varying sizes. pointed out that if the implementation of this investment project will be a part of solving the problem of housing in the province, while tourism project will be an outlet for the people of the province of Babylon. mentioned that the Investment Commission of Babylon awarded since its founding year (2008) until now (59) vacation investment in various economic sectors.

[millionday] my father ?
[millionday] any who --- they are issuing huge investment licenses
[millionday] lol

[millionday] remember we have the emergency meeting tomorrow about the budget
[millionday] it is expected to be opened and trust i will be in here
[millionday] brb with more

[Royal] what time is the meeting

[ROBINREDHED] ooooh i wish i could be

[millionday] it has not been released

[ROBINREDHED] the time?

[millionday] the ministers from the kurds and government comes back tomorrow as well --- power sharing in gov
[millionday] yes the time hasnt

[millionday] here is something else they have put in the news
[millionday] now understand they are calming and i am not bringing the whole report but i want to show you where they are headed

[millionday] The issue of manpower in construction projects and investment in Iraq of topics given by the organizers of the economic sector of great significance for it is one of the things that are in the reduction of unemployment and Human Resources Investment properly and to serve the development process that Iraq needs at this stage. The student academics and specialists in economic affairs to speed up the adoption of laws that guarantee the rights of the working class, at the same time stressing the need to develop the expertise of workers by giving them the right opportunities and employment in projects that need to be accumulated expertise they have gained from their work in various projects.

[millionday] jobs and alot of news all about how fast they will be there
[millionday] this will help calm the masses

[ROBINREDHED] its looking positive

[millionday] i agree -- very
[millionday] smile
[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] Counting Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the House of Representatives 'parliament' biggest obstacle in the way the government. The detection of rejection of the request of a number of people to establish militias, renewed its support for the people of Iraq (Awakening). Maliki said in his speech while attending the Second Conference of the tribes of Iraq, which was held in Baghdad on Wednesday: The «cooperation is missing between the legislative and executive branches and there is a war and hostility and failed tremendously in the legislature, and its failure means the inability of the Prime Minister on the implementation of what is required of him, that he can not in turn, only through ministers dealing with professionalism and away from affiliations.

[millionday] He said Prime Minister: The «the biggest obstacle in the way of government is the parliament, and that things if remained unchanged did not change the map in the next election progress will be very difficult,» he said, adding that «the solution lies in the government of the majority of national political similar to what exists in all countries , not on the basis of a majority of sectarian ». pointed out that« the state will not abandon the people of Iraq from the Awakening who have left fingerprints clear and strong on security and stability, and who calls the enemies of Iraq to kill them and accusing them of various charges »,
[millionday] adding that« the government wants to build and live and do not want to consume and deplete the internal wars led by ignorant and with great regret became in advanced positions state ». continued Maliki: The« problem of Iraq is the harmony of the minds of ignorant people today outlines the division of calls to the region along sectarian lines », indicating that« the establishment of the province is in the Constitution, but did not determined on sectarian backgrounds and the specific controls and not in force and the military parade and insults and accusations.

[millionday] wow -- red that sounds exactly like what you said lol


[millionday] so i would assume however that he is calling for them to come together -- as a nation
[millionday] strange coming from maliki

[millionday] The leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr to the need to reject all forms of discrimination on the basis of the doctrine, stressing the importance of concerted efforts with which to "fortify Islamic unity." Urged Mr. Sadr during a meeting of delegations participating in the Conference (Ms. Fatima Zahra title of Islamic unity) International The second, which began its work in the holy city of Najaf on Wednesday, the participating delegations "to preserve the unity Islam through معايشتها of the hearts not only the image and appearance. The description of the province of Najaf as a "door of the Shiites," declared "open this door for all Muslims who believe in monotheism and the letter of the Prophet Muhammad (r) and the love of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and his companions (ra)", criticizing the votes that take the differences sectarian and religious pretext to atone, saying this regard, "the differences between the religions do not require atonement other to some other

millionday] this i am bring is a very important conference

[millionday] ." It is hoped that the conference will discuss which is attended by a number of Arab and Islamic countries and the three-day research and studies on the personality of Ms. Fatima Zahra (AS), as well as other Events, including visits of thresholds and holy shrines Infallible Imams (AS). Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference Dr. Sheikh Ali Smeisim between during the opening speech preferred Fatima Zahra (AS), and its role in the unification of the Islamic nation, saying that "everyone will meet today under the shadow of the mantle safe Zahra (AS), lively humanity and urbanization and love," noting that the Koran talked about the virtues of the human being pure, "and

[millionday] i understand the religious side of this but the group of attendees and the meaning behind it is very important as unifying the arab world

[millionday] and expressed the hope that the love of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and the love of Fatima Zahra (AS) employees of the unit of Islamic and non-discrimination in all over the world, pointing to what appeared in the sources of the Muslims of the virtues of the right-Zahra (AS) and the differing persuasions., said a member of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference Ali high for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," The conference saw the participation of dozens of religious figures and scientific and from different countries of the world and religions and doctrines of variety, pointing out that the delegations from the "Lebanon and Belarus, Morocco, Kuwait the Netherlands, Belgium, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Syria and France,

[millionday] "attended the conference. as expressed by many delegations participating in the conference about the importance of the establishment of such forums, which said it represents an important pillar of the pillars of the rapprochement between religions and sects in various parts of the world, stressing the need to continue to establish in the times ahead As posed by the importance of the future of religion, Islamic Sharia in general. has over Mufti Russia Arwa religion kind in a speech on the sidelines of the conference was happy to participate and visit the holy city of Najaf, stressing the need that heading Muslims to factors unity among themselves and renounce the differences that do not achieve anything,

[millionday] while representative of the State of Sudan thanked the mystery of the ring Ahmed Haj Ali, based on the conference because they were able to collect this number of different Islamic sects personalities and attitudes to celebrate this momentous occasion a generator Ms. Fatima Zahra (AS). In turn, praised Hezbollah Secretary General of the Syrian people Nawaf Al-Melhem, the size of participation and organization, expressing his delight honor of visiting the city of Imam Ali (AS), noting the importance of research and treatises of scientists and thinkers on the life and virtues of this lady great. "We hope to God Almighty that emerges Islamic unity Through the love of Fatima Zahra (AS), which we desperately need at this stage, expected to contribute to the conference in unifying ideas and rows between Muslims.

[millionday] so this is the thing
[millionday] there is nothing about joining of such huge leaders and also calling God to attend with the situation and how it has been torn for so long -- also the nations that attended and the side statements and meetings must have been very interesting -- kuwait
[millionday] i meant nothing that could be better

[millionday] the unity we are watching as we watch all of the changes if you seperate what we are waiting on -- you have to admit have been amazing to see
[millionday] or i am a dork
[millionday] lol

[millionday] brb with more
[millionday] i can see the entire atmosphere there is changing
[millionday] very interesting as we see two conferences in the last week that were all positive and also all about the unity of iraq in the arab nation ect
[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] Kurdish forces decided on Wednesday, the return of Kurdish ministers and MPs to Baghdad in a move that paves to reset the crisis between the center and the region. KRG President Barzani said in a press statement: "The Kurdish forces decided with the consent of the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the return of ministers and deputies Kurds to Baghdad." And hold the Council of Ministers on Thursday its usual after the postponed Tuesday because of waiting for the return of ministers of the Kurds. The Chairman of the Government of the region that "extended an invitation to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to visit Erbil and meet the region's president, Massoud Barzani," adding that "Our conversations with the National Alliance continues and we agreed on 7 points."

[millionday] The United States welcomed the decision of the Kurdistan Alliance ministers return to cabinet meetings. A statement from the U.S. embassy in Baghdad received the Agency (news) copy of it: that the United States expresses welcomed the decision of the Kurdistan Alliance for the return of his ministers to Baghdad to attend a meeting of the Iraqi Council of Ministers to be held tomorrow, Thursday, and commends the fruitful dialogue that took place between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki The delegation of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, led by Prime Minister Barzani, which resulted in this positive development.

[millionday] and here is the best part of this

[millionday] The statement continued: has consistently by U.S. officials to open channels in close contact with Iraqi officials and political leaders in both Baghdad and Erbil, with a view to promoting a constructive steps on the road to national reconciliation, calling on all members of the Iraqi Council of Ministers to return to continue the fruitful cooperation and steps confident and concrete that will end the province Iraqi government institutions and work to achieve progress in the process of democratic and economic reforms late for the good of all Iraqis

[Red Skyy] millionday If they open the budget will we get at rate

[wilbur48] Millionday if the rv is the budget and they change the dinar value to 1 on1 would it give them 138 Trillion dinar LIke 138 trillion dollars??

[millionday] so as we see and have heard the UN and the US and the globe is very happy about the return of the kurds and all the agreements that have been signed and agreed on so now they will put all the laws in place in these meetings tomorrow and have the emergency meeting about the budget and are expected obviously to open it but we will see
[millionday] the result of pulling in the three zero currency and redenominating the country will show us a ------- rate

millionday] wilbur48 no the reason they have said this is so when the citizens bring the currency in (3 ) zero they will also bring in the usd to get one to one so they can pull them from the streets and minimize the demand of the usd
[millionday] when you minimize the demand for the usd and raise the value of their dinar you have confidence in the dinar and then confidence in investors
[millionday] that is the goal that will lead them to success and

[millionday] it also will give pride for their citizens in their new iraq and their new monetary policy

[letsroll] millionday do you know why banks are closed inside iraq

[millionday] i know that they are doing huge data entry and they also are securing the banks --- they are also funding

[ROBINREDHED] funding the banks?

[millionday] they have funded rasheeda and the other and the ministry of finance
[millionday] we are watching a lot of change
[millionday] and please if you have not read what they have done with the stock market from two nights ago -- read it --

millionday] the accounting is done with it and they are obviously and as they state in multiple reports --- they are prepared for the exchange of the currency
[millionday] and are waiting for the orders was written in one report

[millionday] we are in such a great position right now with everything being done tomorrow -- it will be amazing how they are getting these things done in such order as we thought

[millionday] tomorrow all of the changes that maliki and barzani made and agreed on will be put to ink ect -- meaning ammendments ect and the emergency meeting is exciting

[millionday] i will be on here and watching most of the day

[millionday] they have also agreed on the finding of the security for the disputed areas -- we waited for that until we forgot to look anymore lol

millionday] i want to keep the hype out and try not to show any real excitement but goodness alot is getting done -- smile

[millionday] we should see the emir arrive very soon now that the gov is calm and together

sunnyca] millionday ROBINREDHED Do you think there is a good chance we will see the RV tomorrow????????????

[millionday] sunnyca it could happen at anytime but i think they will finish preparing as they are doing right now


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Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested: Empty Re: Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested:

Post by chevysteve on Thu May 02, 2013 4:19 pm

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Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested: Empty Re: Millionday and RobinRedHed Wednesday Night at PeopleInvested:

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Sorry Chevy, I should have told you to take NoDoz before reading. affraid


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