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Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there.... DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there....

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Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there.... Empty Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there....

Post by Levitations on Thu May 02, 2013 6:53 am

Wednesday Afternoon Dinar Chatter



[hardley101] It happened about 2 hrs ago. Very old friend went into WF for normal banking. Noticed hi energy in the air and asked teller what was up. She replied,"Some big stuff happening in foregin currency, not sure what, but we are just about out of foregin currencies." The other teller said the IQDwas getting ready to change value..."

[hardley101] He asked little more. The employees (2) both said they were waiting for final instructions from above and would most likely have a special booth to accomodate WF customers.

[hardley101] The guy that told me the story is a 20 year friend who would qualify for the "most conservative man" on the planet award. He beeped in on me 6 times as I was on another call. This guy doesn't get excited about ANYTHING aND HE WAS READY TO WET HIS PANTS!

DiddyKong] hardley101 thinking about Reno, I would say 1-4p PST then if they move and push hard today

[TNGirl] hardley101 love that kind of story! I'm more than ready! :

[GJHHonor]I missed it… hardley can you share what he said?

[hardley101] GJHHonorFrom a friend… He went in bank for normal business, sensed a high level of excitement in the air. He asked the teller what was going on. She said, "Foregin currency dept is going crazy, something BIG is happening. We have been FLOODED with people looking into foregin currency. We are out of several, and just about out of VND. But the funny thing is, the excitement is about IQD. It is getting ready to revalue. We are just waiting for words from the higher ups."

[GJHHonor] mrs.) Thanks hardley101

[hardley101] THen the teller next to her chimed in and said they were going to be setting up special boothes for WF customers to get handled smoothly."

[DiddyKong] hardley101 hmmm..... preparations today then pop tomorrow maybe?

[couchspud] hardley101 - just got here, what bank was this?

[hardley101] couchspud A WF Foreign Currency Exchange Branch in CO.

[hardley101] My buddy then asked when this was happening as he owned IQD. They told him VERY SOON. Oh, and I forgot to say, he bought her last 2M VND!

[kelbell] hardley101; wouldn't the tellers knowing about it cause some sore of frenzy though??

[hardley101] kelbell there was obviously already a frenzy in the bank. Thats what started the conversation!

[hardley101] My buddy is a guy I have known for 20 years. He is ULTRA conservative. When I first told him about this 2 yrs ago he just laughed. A year ago he did some work for me and asked if I would pay him in IQD because he didn't want his ULTRA conservative wife knowing he was getting involved in a crazy deal

couchspud] hardley101 - that's great. My wife also does not know I'm in this crazy deal. Planning on surprising her when it goes :clwn:

[hardley101] My buddy does not follow chat or news boards. He would have no clue except for the fact that he owns IQD. I have know him for 20 yrs. He is a 63 yr semi retired bus driver....

[hardley101] couchspud I told my exwife about it and she said that was why she divorced me...said I was still wacky as a wooden watch! LOL!

[couchspud] hardley101 - hopefully she won't come back and want some of your winfall when it happens

[DiddyKong] hardley101 yea.... watch her see under that wooden watch is nothing but pure gold.... she's gonna be like "Awww snap son!"

[ivy10] hardley101 "Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated". We celebrate you here my friend.

[hardley101] couchspud I tried to convince her and she said she didn't want anything to do with it, and I wouldn't have to worry about her asking! LOL!


[DiddyKong] hardley101 actually when i was at the bank today, the teller was asking me about my get foreign currencies and said a whole lot of people were coming in for VND.

[awakein3d] I have a big WF regional branch 2 blocks away... the manager there knows me from my other businesses and he owns IQD... he told me not to share that fact with my other aquaintences in that office... I should walk over and see him!


sektor] WARNING: THIS RV/Global RESET may cause incontence, over excitement, sleepless nights, lack of bladder control, good dreams, etc. Please consult your physician before proceeding it may not be for the faint of heart.

[sektor] I'm sure some syptoms were left out

[chefbear96] sektor my warning label talked about weight gain!!!

[DiddyKong] Just got from the bank got me some more VND. My personal banker said that he does not see how the VND could RV with the Dinar. I told him about double dipping and he said that is plausable and even if VND were to RV, wouldnt be much, maybe 1 VND = $0.20 at the most, but he said the Dinar.....

[DiddyKong] he is Personally waiting on it happening real soon

[sektor] .20 is .20

[sektor] it's still better than where it is at now

[bebba] DiddyKong second bank story today.. and sounds the same... woooo hoooo.. thanks.


[okrocks] yes things will be different for us... the best way to proceed is find where, who and how the big money peeps take care of their monies... follow their suggestions and look for who they use for advice, etc... sure do not want advice from small taters lol

[Jester] okrocks good advice... get your money... then take some time and hire some good people to figure out the best tax and asset protection strategies for your situation... do not take advice from a dang chat room...

[awakein3d] I have my IQD and VND ready ASN to exchange on the QT at WF as soon as IMF is GTG and IRS is finished with me... then I'm going fishing and never use a 3-letter acronym again...

awakein3d] I received a very positive message this morning from a high-up source deep inside this global financial shift. The language syntax is somewhat different, poetic even, but that's the way this source communicates. Thought I would share some of it though... normally I'm a "lurker". Smile

[awakein3d] ..."The coming days will be marked by a series of unusual events which are to manifest your new realm"... "What is to happen is not some sort of salvation but a natural progression of events prophesied to lead you to a new land filled with prosperity. Too long you have dwelled in a world of falsehoods, suspicion, and alienation. Now a wholly opposite reality is to unfold before you."

ng - you friends with him too?

[awakein3d] "Do not be in disbelief or mistrust at receiving the basics of a natural life. Your freedom and personal sovereignty are divine gifts bestowed on you when you were first conceived. Be once more the blessed children who are open to receive their divine bounty."

[nolaspice] awakein3d that totally ROCKS

[greasee5] awakein3d ty

[awakein3d] "Be willing to help your fellows as this prosperity spreads across the world. Use your talents and your Love to create a new realm gifted to you by the Heavenly Hosts. A time of great joy has arrived!"

[DiddyKong] awakein3d sounds like Ebril/Baghdad......Kuwait getting their money later. Boom!

[awakein3d] DiddyKong it's a little more sweeping than that... it is the moving of the global changeover...

[awakein3d] DiddyKong The return of Common Law - not our current Admiralty Law - and the reinstitution of our Organic Constitution will render all our fears of current government shananigans and financial security as moot points... this C/E "reset" is the first step.. a big step... but only the first...



2:10PM EDT [bear5642] Greetings everyone

[bear5642] I want to tell evryone I am on mission this week while on vacation to get some answers and I will accomplish my mission. I am expecting THE CALL from my contact shortly

[tsirmon] Do we know a time frame when we will see the RV?

[bear5642] agentoo7 I will hear from my source today and it doesn't matter when. I will report he told me last stating having great news. You must understand we have been speaking with this guy for about 1 1/2 years and this. It’s the first time he has been positive

[iamsoready] bear5642 thanks so very much you are so appreciated

[bear5642] I did speak with ScottiG last night and he is having a serious time with his neck and head pain so please keep him in yours prayers. he also said we are there it is about to happen

[arizona49] bear5642 As always, please let ScottiG know we are praying for he and his family everyday

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Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there.... Empty Re: Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there....

Post by chevysteve on Thu May 02, 2013 11:51 am

How do they come up with such crap??? These idiots are obviously on the Government (taxpayers) tit!! They have nothing better to do than to make up such long, elaborate shite, it's crazy....

These losers need to get a job and get off the welfare roll. My tax dollars are paying for these idiots to sit at home and spew lie's.

What a pathetic waste of human life:(
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Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there.... Empty Re: Just stuff being said about the dinar here and there....

Post by IQD4US on Fri May 03, 2013 1:25 am

I take exception that someone is using I4U - too close to IQD4US - AND it's all crud...
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