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Sp1000 Shares Point of View - Post From Dinar Vets

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 Sp1000 Shares Point of View - Post From Dinar Vets   Empty Sp1000 Shares Point of View - Post From Dinar Vets

Post by Levitations on Thu May 02, 2013 6:48 am

From dinarrecaps

Sp1000 Shares Point of View - Post From Dinar Vets


Sp1000: I have been holding dinar for four years. I have been reading and reading posts made by others and also read the news myself.

I have been on that roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs over the years being pumped up by these gurus spouting their news it is ready to RV Friday but I cant tell any details because my sources are way high up in the government or in business and I am not allowed to share it.

Well, I call bs!!!! Being in the lower end of management in a large worldwide company I can attest that when something this important is being discussed or planned there are no loose lips or secret intel. Remember, loose lips sink ships.

There are hundreds of posts out there by people giving their thoughts about this and this is mine and mine only derived from hours of research and talking to a few people.

There was one person who posted his theory, and i believe it was here on DV, and the only one that really made me ponder this in a different way. I totally agree with him and wish i could shake his hand.

Anyway, there will be no RV until there is a stable government, HCL, Erbil, and the tariff law in place. Shabibbi has stated that he will do it when there is a stable government in place.

HCL and Erbil need to be in place because this controls all the disbursements of profits from the sale of oil and puts the needed restrictions on pollution and controls who sells what to who. I think thats what it all means anyway.

They have been fighting with the Kurdish people for years over all this and it finally seems that both sides are ready to negotiate this and get it done. Well, at least the Kurds are making an effort to show up for meetings.

This is why it will be at least a month or maybe longer before we will see any kind of movement in the exchange rate. Maybe it will happen sooner, which would be awesome, but it would really surprise me.

The post by a member, and i cannot remember his name, but was posted about 5 weeks ago, hit the nail on the head about the exchange rate. The CBI has stated that they are pulling in the large bills and disbursing US$to the people.

I am sure this has been going on for a while and they have destroyed a large amount of those bills in preparation for the re-denomination just like shabs said was going to happen.

Shabibi has stated a couple of times he intends to bring the dinar up to par with the US$which tells me a 1-1 RV. This is also supported by the theory of my unknown poster.

If the cbi RV's at a rate higher than 1-1 the people will be seriously upset because all those US$they are holding will be worth less than their face value.

If the rate is $3 then a US $1 bill will only be worth 33.3 cents and what person wouldn't be upset when they instantly lose 66% of the money they have stuffed in a mattress saving for a rainy day. I know i would be upset to say the least!!!

The GOI is not going to do this to their people, they will revolt. If you think there is violence, rioting, and demonstrations now, you could multiply that by ten fold.

The rate will be 1-1 and the people will be told to exchange all their us$for dinar because it will be worth less than the dinar in coming months as the exchange rate will change again. This only makes sense.

Who would intentionally screw their people like that, unless of course you live in the good ol' USA, but thats another story i would love to get into but this is not the time.

The RV will be 1-1 and the people, as well as those outside iraq, will be given a certain amount of time to exchange their money and all of us will cash in and get rich and hopefully live happily ever after, we hope.

After the set time to exchange US$for dinar has passed the exchange rate will take another jump and i am thinking somewhere in the $1.25 - $1.50 range and will remain there for quite some time with small raises as Iraq rebuilds its infrastructure.

There you have it, my thoughts and predictions.

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