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Stryker's Blog Update -

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Stryker's Blog Update -  Empty Stryker's Blog Update -

Post by Lil Sister on Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:27 am


Stryker's Blog Update


The weekend was full of all kind of strange news, good, bad and indifferent. A few videos told a story of them being on the brink of Civil War with now both Sunni's and Shiites protesting against each other. Here's the link:


to the two videos in case you missed them, thanks Yota for the find!

Other news stories showed that Maliki was now trying to marginalize the TV Stations by making them stop broadcasting as he has done in the passed, see this link:

http://stryker10.forumchitchat.com/post/Maliki-begins-the-battle-with-the-media-and-closes-%2810%29-Satellite-6318079 for more details if you haven't read them yet.

Here is a brief statement from this one article I provide you the link to above:

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a new front with the decision to close the media ((10)) Satellite accused of fueling the situation in the country. Has announced that the media and communications, on Sunday, the suspension of work permits 10 satellite stations for allegedly adopted the speech "sectarian" who accompanied the events of Hawija.

But now other articles are coming out this morning talking about the meeting that Maliki just had with Barzani, President of Kurdistan saying that they are making headway on all matters including the Oil & Gas Law among many more, here is just a few headlines:

Maliki and Barzani agree to approve oil and gas law and give the security aspect is particularly important link: http://stryker10.forumchitchat.com/post/Maliki-and-Barzani-agree-to-approve-oil-and-gas-law-and-give-the-security-aspect-6319757

Click this link to read this next one and several more in this thread: Nechirvan Barzani puts Maliki condition for the normalization of the situation between Baghdad and Erbil

With these articles and other articles now coming out that are stating Iraq will be waiting until next year for Chapter VII release, (see this link: http://stryker10.forumchitchat.com/post/Nechirvan-Barzani-puts-Maliki-condition-for-the-normalization-of-the-situation-between-Baghdad-and-Erbil-6319542

for more details on this) we need to start thinking the worst and praying for the best, so we all don't get to disappointed if we don't see this take place this year.

I am not trying to get people down but just the opposite, I am trying to keep everyone grounded so not to give any false hope. I still feel that the target date is July 1st but there must be stability and security in Iraq before the Currency Reform can take place and they are way away from that right now.

The next 2 to 4 weeks are real important to this taking place so we will continue to watch, read, research here at Stryker Blog in hopes of helping everyone that we can to uncover the pieces of the remaining puzzle for as many that care to know the truth.

Oh, and I will continue to Blog as often as I can and report our findings on my WebTV and Blog Talk Radio program as well, in hopes of keeping everyone educating as much as we can.
Lil Sister
Lil Sister
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Stryker's Blog Update -  Empty Re: Stryker's Blog Update -

Post by Ponee on Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:03 pm

Stryker's Blog Update -  9k=


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