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Thoughts from Dr.Rod at I4U Forum Thursday PM DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Thoughts from Dr.Rod at I4U Forum Thursday PM

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Thoughts from Dr.Rod at I4U Forum Thursday PM Empty Thoughts from Dr.Rod at I4U Forum Thursday PM

Post by Ponee on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:40 pm

I have no idea who Dr. Rod is, But I think I LIKE HIM !!!!!

Thoughts from Dr.Rod at I4U Forum Thursday PM


[DrRod] My dear friends, I thought I would share a few more thoughts about this roller coaster ride that has been going on for so many years…

I am reminded often that many are so fed up with the roller coaster ride that we have all experienced. In answer to some who are ultra-negative and bring discord:

The Second Step: You Read and Were Inspired, you logged on to various chat rooms and found that every other day there was a new prediction of cashing in. This second step brought about some joy, anticipation and hope for a better life…

The Third Step continued with Hope and Great Anticipation, But More Questions, but there was a sign that things were not always true or easy to understand, thus the third step saw the beginning of questions and even doubt in what you bought…

This Third Step led to the Fourth Step which was in some cases pure Doubt and Disappointment accompanied by ill feeling towards those who brought in what they were told

The Fifth Step was a step which showed Responsibility and Maturity, one which said: OK, I’m not getting the news that I want so maybe I better do some research myself and also not take so seriously everything that I read on the net.

Once in a while the fifth step got all twisted by trying to look for the answer to the RV/CE in anecdotal information. Every now and then, some pearls of wisdom were shared which “made sense” but did not get us any closer to our blessings.

The Sixth Step was at times, A HARSH Realization That No One Knows: this step was back to hoping on every word of every guru, and but being reminded that no one really knows…

This step could at times prove to be more frustrating and disappointing, which led to attacks in various ways

The Seventh Step was one of Self Reflection and Acceptance: This step is a culmination of all of the other steps with the conclusion that one has to make his/her own decisions and that others should not be blamed for the non-appearance of the RV/CE. The Seventh Step will include the most maturity.

And thus here we are. Which Step are you on? No need to answer. Just do an accounting of where you are today. Remember that only YOU can decide to become mature in your decisions that you make.

Blame no one for what the dinar hasn’t brought you so far. Be mature and accept responsibility.



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