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Member Discussion On Funds Protection - Post From Dinar Alert DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Member Discussion On Funds Protection - Post From Dinar Alert

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Member Discussion On Funds Protection - Post From Dinar Alert Empty Member Discussion On Funds Protection - Post From Dinar Alert

Post by Ponee on Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:02 am

From dinarrecaps.com

Turki protection of funds and reserves discussions in Washington

Discussed the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki in Washington, the protection of Iraqi funds and reserves of the Central Bank and the Development Fund for Iraq, with the U.S. Federal Reserve in New York.

The central bank said in a statement that the Turkish met with officials in the «Central» American in New York, on the sidelines of meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington, DC, and discussed with them the issue of the protection of Iraqi funds and reserves, the Central Bank of Iraq and the Development Fund for Iraq and the technical issues other ».

The Iraqi assets abroad, a major cause of the worsening relationship between the Central Bank of Iraq and the government, which tried more than once to withdraw cover currency deposits abroad to cover the deficit. And cause rejection of the bank, which enjoys full independence does not accept the government granted him, issuing arrest warrants for the former governor Sinan al-Shabibi and imprisoned a number of senior officials, which, while still a parliamentary committee investigating the case until now. Dar Al Hayat

Read Full Article : www.sotaliraq.com

Tlar: The last paragraph says it all. Has anyone seen any article showing the charges against Shabibi have been dropped, or is it that this subject is taboo in Iraq and it is what has been dropped? Has the Integrity Commission said anymore on this subject?

Carrello: Tlar, I have not seen anything, and I would think it would travel around Iraqi news outlets and Dinarland like wildfire.

Kaperoni: We all need to accept that there is a likelyhood that nothing will happen to the dinar as long as Maliki is in office. I hope I am wrong, but he does not seem to want to give in. I continue to be amazed though that so many in the GOI want Iraq to move forward with economic reforms.

Vice President Khudair Khuzaie came out a few weeks ago and said..."..activate the strategic framework agreement signed between Iraq and the United States, with all its provisions..." I just am baffled why so many want to move forward, yet nothing gets done.

I am hoping the threat of losing all this money to creditors is enough. If Obama protects it again for another year were screwed. So far so good...but we will see.

Shaund2073: Screwed? or just have to wait another year.. no matter what the currency we hold will gain value.. just when.. I would like it to be tomorrow but Im in this for the long haul and still a young man.. so I can wait.. However I dont see us waiting to much longer.. they are running out of currency, have so much stacking up against them its hard to beleive this one man / iran will keep this away from the world.

Cornbread: Are u kidding me this country would love to see a couple million people get rich off of something that they dont have to pay for,and remember its not about us its about the iraqi people! People needs to stop thinking that this investment is about us,we are going to win because we are holding the currency.

Timsters: i agree 100 % tlar

Einstein: I would think Obama would want this to move forward. It would open doors of additional trade with Iraq as well as an influx of capital into our economy. Hillary had been advocating for businesses to invest in Iraq. Am I missing something here?

Carrello: No, Einstein. You haven't missed a thing.

Punisher: Turki better do the right thing and be in preperation mode. No more begging for protection of the funds. Time to start progress...

2COLLECTG: guy`s have we all forgotten that this was the bush cheney project? pres O has been told don`t interfere with this money! remember when all the presidents alive took the class pic pres O IN BETWEEN POPPY BUSH AND JR well i bet they both said we got the iraq project you just be president!

Captainstrikedown: Einstein, I agree that President Obama would want to move this forward. What I think some us might be missing or failing to appreciate is the amount of behind the scenes diplomacy going on involving many moving parts: Iraq, US, UN, WB, IMF, other governments-all in an effort to nudge things along but at the same time respectiing (or appearing to) the sovereignty of Iraq. I still think the best strategy for us is to stay calm, hope and wait.

Carrello: Captain, a wise observation and sage advice.

Sadie: We have to remember too, that this is a country that for decades was under a dictatorship..

I don't think they know how to think for themselves. And when you have never thought you had a future under Sadam, its hard to think or decipher even how to get to a future (like a battered wife)

So Geo. Bush and Shabibi needed to lay out a plan.....but with no evidence of the plan working they are scared to impliment anything.....And then enter another dictator, who stole their money, I believe they are still pretty shell shocked.......But, it does appear they better get to moving or they will be stripped of billions......jmo

LilBitOfLuck: Here is my two cents. The CBI or the GOI or Maliki could come out and say we are waiting for another year and that would be the end of it. But that is not what is happening; story after story are getting their people ready for something.

GordonSteele: Another Perspective:

This could be an excellent opportunity for the US/IMF/WB to exert even more pressure on Iraq to clean up their act and root out corruption.

This might include formally reinstating Shabibi to the CBI, replacing Talibani with a president who is healthy enough to actually perform the functions of that office and also initiate proceedings against Maliki so that true reform can be instituted both in currency policy as well as in the political process.

It should be remembered that if Iraq loses the DFI funds, that might be a setback from which they would not recover.

Carrello: Gordon, where ya' been? I like your thinking on this, and agree that your perspective is a distinct possibility, and very likely.

Kaperoni: I have always agreed with the theory that getting this done helps not only the world, but Iraq as investment comes in. But since Maliki has a "weak dinar" policy we must examine why?

I think it comes down to him being fearful that giving wealth back to Iraqi's could or would be used against him or his political party. And If I am correct, he wants a more cohesive GOI (or a more controlling one) before he would be willing to let it happen. That being said, there is much going on behind the scenes to progress economic advancement in Iraq.

2COLLECTG: the day we hear that the iraqi`s have received they`re share of the wealth then we wll get ours! let`s just remember this is not about us this is about IRAQ!

Kaperoni: Baghdad to discuss with Washington to renew the protection of Iraqi funds abroad


Redwing: Dumb question here, so please forgive me.... what exactly is Iraq supposed to do to protect the DFI funds? I know everyone is saying "rv" to this question, but on a factual basis is there any verifiable evidence of anything they can do to prevent the billions in lawsuits??? In Reality what is significant about may 22 deadline?

Kaperoni: Redwing, not so much RV, but live up to the agreements for the debt forgiveness. Which means for Iraq to enter or re-integrate into the global economy and have a convertible tradable currency. At that point, many benchmarks (agreement terms) will be met forgiving Iraq’s debt.

Those that still want to take a shot, can negotiate a settlement or additional investment opportunities with Iraq. The bottom line is Iraq needs to stand up and take care of there own business affairs. To be self reliant and self sufficient. That is how they protect there money.

Kaperoni: Iraq discusses with the 'central' American renewal protect his money in foreign banks

BAGHDAD - Naseer Goldfinch Monday, April 22, 2013 LINK


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