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AJ and IronMan Chat on the Protection of the DFI Funds DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

AJ and IronMan Chat on the Protection of the DFI Funds

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AJ and IronMan Chat on the Protection of the DFI Funds Empty AJ and IronMan Chat on the Protection of the DFI Funds

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:29 am

Found at: http://ajanderson.forumotion.com/

[IronMan] AJ, what do you make of this...are we going to extend the protection of the DFI funds?

[AJ] In my opinion this is the most important portion that is relevant; "the protection of the Iraq Central Bank reserves and Iraqi and the Development Fund for Iraq and issues a faith."

It appears Iraq CBI and the US are once again in negotiations for an extension of the DFI funds protection. The key word here is
"faith", it appears they have secured that protection. There will be other articles coming out soon that will clarify this more so.

[IronMan] Do you think this makes our wait even longer...or is May Pay day Smile lol

[AJ] It very well could, coupled with the articles that came out about laws needing passed. Remember when I posted this on April 10th, 2013?

"Touchdown is at the 50 yard line waiting on Iraq to pass laws so the field moves to the forty, then 30, then 20, then 10, then 1 and maybe they will jump over the players for the touch down and I do not see any pass plays to get the ball there fast! How long is that going to take? Longer than a football game!"

I also said back then to watch for these articles concerning the DFI funds that was next on the list.

In my opinion we could very well be waiting until January 2014, before we see the RV?RI, despite what others are claiming. But, for the sake of some I sure hope not.

[IronMan] I do remember you saying that and you were right AJ.

Nothing we can do about it if we have to wait until January. But like you said, I sure hope not.

[AJ] On April 8th, 2013 I said watch for these articles in this thread:


Full article:

With Central Bank fed funds Iraq and backup protection
Posted on Friday, 19 April 2013

Baghdad/Obelisk: search Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul-Basit Turki, Friday, in the u.s. capital protection, Iraq and Central Bank reserves and the Development Fund for Iraq with the Feds in New York.

The Central Bank said in a statement "the Obelisk", "the most egregious Bank pain teleconverter focus Iraqi Abdel Basset Turki happy met with officials at the fed mother Reiki in New York on the sidelines of the spring meetings taking place in Washington d.c. during these days.

He said he discussed with Turkish Bank a mother Ricky drali in New York, the protection of the Iraq Central Bank reserves and Iraqi And the Development Fund for Iraq and issues a faith. "

And was US President Barack Obama last year, signed an executive order to extend immunity to Iraqi money in the Development Fund for Iraq for a year given the State of the situation in Iraq.



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