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AJs Intel April 16, 2013 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

AJs Intel April 16, 2013

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AJs Intel April 16, 2013 Empty AJs Intel April 16, 2013

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:29 am

AJs Intel April 16-2013

Good Morning,

What does LOP really mean?

In the traditional sense of investing what LOP really means is devaluing currency or Loss of Purchasing Power, which makes perfect sense for the US dollar but not Iraq. This is why the Lopsters just do not get it.

A true LOP is the devaluing of a currency which in turn causes goods a services to go up and it makes it harder and harder to make your income dollars stretch and save money for investing at the same time.

Iraq has already lost their purchasing power with the dinar and I do not know where Iraq can find anymore devaluation in the dinar. The only Profitable Iraq’s CBI can really do is revalue since the devaluation was artificial in the first place.

To LOP 3 zeros off a 25K note making it a 25 note makes no sense at all without an RV of some kind, because it would take a wheel barrow load of 25 IQD just to buy a coke!

In the sense of a LOP in Iraq simply means removing the 3 zero notes from circulation and then the 3 zeros from the present exchange rate. That's it pure and simple!

Some say Iraq has had a 1to1 RV already, could this be true? Maybe, maybe not and someone with a Worka account could better answer that question. But, if Iraq has, this would be the reason why we cannot exchange; removal of Iraq from chapter 7 so the IQD could go global. Possibly one of the missing pieces of the puzzle that remain, but in my opinion it’s the last piece.

Iraq must first hurdle the passing and sign the agreements of laws and get the laws implemented. The below article is one of the most crucial laws, among others.

Kurdistan Alliance's (et al): No new agreements between the province and the center but previous agreements will be signed. April 15, 2013, http://translate.goo...HzK1GNLQUW9-P2A

“Sadoun said in a telephone interview with The Agency forNews News (et) that the dialogues will continue through the committees formed by the parties to act as a solution of outstanding issues and sign agreements with the Baghdad government, stressing that he did not new agreements but will be signing earlier agreements on issues of Article 140 and the law of oil and
gas and entitlements of the Peshmerga and the oil companies and the leaders of operations in the disputed areas, which are in the framework of the constitution.”

The TRIPS Agreements; these laws deal with import and export and the protection of intellectual property rights, both, inside and outside of Iraq, unions and protection of employees and criminal prosecution, among others to many to list. There are 109 laws in all to pass under the Paris Convention and WTO Trips agreement. To find out about these laws you can go here:


A short description:

The Handbook describes the historical and legal background to the TRIPS Agreement, its role in the WTO and its institutional framework. The book contains a guide to TRIPS notifications by WTO members and describes how to access and make use of the official documentation relating to the TRIPS Agreement and connected issues. Topics covered include copyright and related
rights, trademarks, geographical indications, patents, enforcement of intellectual property rights, dispute settlement in the context of the TRIPS Agreement, and current TRIPS issues.

As well as the legal texts of the TRIPS Agreement, the publication also contains the provisions of the WIPO conventions referred to
within the TRIPS Agreement, and subsequent relevant WTO instruments.

I have the text file in Word of all the TRIPs laws that need passing but way too much to print here.

I am in the opinion that the above mentioned laws are all that is left as all others such as taxation or duties for imports and the
banking laws have been passed in order for Iraq to get out of Chapter 7 and their currency going global. I also know that Iraq has been working on these laws, so watch for the laws concerning TRIPS agreement and WTO in the coming news articles.

God Bless All,



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AJs Intel April 16, 2013 Empty Re: AJs Intel April 16, 2013

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:54 am

At least the newbies won't have to worry about a LOP after reading this. Thanks AJ.


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AJs Intel April 16, 2013 Empty Re: AJs Intel April 16, 2013

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:10 pm

punisher wrote:At least the newbies won't have to worry about a LOP after reading this. Thanks AJ.

Your welcome!


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