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Delegation to the United States complains "central weakness responsiveness DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Delegation to the United States complains "central weakness responsiveness

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Delegation to the United States complains "central weakness responsiveness Empty Delegation to the United States complains "central weakness responsiveness

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:43 pm

The province's delegation to the United States complains "central weakness responsiveness" and underscores the province's commitment to the Constitution

Author: Editor: HA, RS

10.4.2013 14:44

Long-Presse / Erbil Delegation Kurdistan, which recently completed a visit to the United States, Wednesday, commitment provincial constitution federal and agreements and to address problems through dialogue with Baghdad, and said the position of regional president and the Kurdish parties dismissive for "aggravated cases more," stressing that "the region is looking forward to openness to the world and to build bridges with the international community. "

The presidency of the region in a statement issued after the end of the visit the Kurdish delegation to the United States, and seen (range Press), a copy of it, that "President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Region Head of Delegation of the region held in the first day of the delegation's arrival to the United States a seminar at Georgetown University Washington in the presence of members of the official delegation circle coordination and follow-up in the territorial Government, Qubad Talabani and Foreign Relations Department official of the Government of the Territory, Falah Mustafa with a number of experts and university professors. "

The statement added that "the delegation Browse through the symposium current situation in Kurdistan and Iraq and the region in general and threw light on the current crisis in Iraq and efforts to address these crises and affected the lives of citizens in general," stressing that "the commitment of the province to the Constitution and agreements and to address problems through dialogue in general as a solution unite to overcome the crisis, "and that" the position of the President of Kurdistan and the Kurdish political parties is to reject the worsening issues more and unresponsiveness of Baghdad to the demands and rights of the citizens of the Kurdistan Region. "

The statement continued that "the delegation of the region confirmed enable the province to take positive steps in the various political, economic and development," noting that "freedom and democracy Sudan Harbour in the region as well as the protection of human rights as well as infrastructure projects and service projects experiencing rapid progress in the region," attributing the cause to " encouragement of the free market and the private sector and local and foreign investors. "

The statement pointed out that "the Kurdistan region is looking forward to see trends, programs and strategy of the United States in the Middle East, and the role played by the crisis and its support for democracy, freedom and human rights in Iraq and the region."

For his part, pointed out the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, drastically during the seminar held by the Institute Alotlantek (Atlantic council), the presence of more than 200 political figures and experts in the field of oil in addition to investors and business owners that "the Kurdistan region has taken all steps within the framework of the rights given by the Constitution, in order to develop the oil sector and it was based on the constitution of Iraq in all the steps that the Government of the Territory continues its quest for the development of this sector more. "

Turn expressed President Barzani's Chief head of the delegation, Fouad Hussein during his visit Chamber of Commerce U.S. for "Artaahih about the evolution of the level of trade and economic relations between the region and U.S. companies," explaining that "the region is seen to U.S. companies as a true partner, and there are plenty of areas that could be the parties should work to strengthen relations more level economic and commercial traffic and investment between the two sides. "

The statement quoted officials at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, "their satisfaction with the visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan Region," stressing "the importance of economic and trade relations with the region." As statement pointed out that the delegation of the region ", the relations between Kurdistan and Turkey and the role of mediation between the party PKK and Turkey who want to address the problems between them through dialogue and the position of the Kurdistan Region over the problems between Baghdad and the region and the current situation in Syria, in addition to the developments and changes in the region."

The statement added that the official Department of Foreign Relations of the Government of the Territory Falah Mustafa said at the conclusion of the delegation's visit to the United States through, dinner prepared by the Institute Atlantic delegation province that "Kurdistan quickly progress on relations region at the international level and that State officials adult visiting the region constantly," noting that "this shows how the attention of the international community to build relations with the Kurdistan Region."

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced in the 6 April 2013, that the high-level delegation headed by the President of the Presidium of the region and includes membership and Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami, and Qubad son of President Jalal Talabani, will go on the 7 of this April to the United States, and pointed out that the agenda The delegation distributed to official meetings and for the transfer of intellectual perspectives Erbil to Washington and think tanks and the media on the package of issues of common interest at the local and regional levels.

The media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi said the number of media that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki issued in the 7 April 2013, a decision granting the Minister Kurds leave, and assigned portfolios, which was occupied by Minister Kurds a proxy for other ministers. And increased the resolution gap between Kurdistan and Baghdad, to attack the Kurdistan Alliance hours after the decision and calls it "heresy" and stressed that he "blew up" the dialogues former, while crossed the Liberal bloc bra for "تفاجؤها" this decision, and promised "a threat to the Kurds and campaigning for the owners," saying they would meet to study this decision from a constitutional standpoint.

The Kurdish forces conducted several meetings over the past month, most recently on the 8 April 2013, and over five hours under Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, and decided to send a delegation to Baghdad convey a message Kurds pleading for the National Alliance, which includes their vision to resolve the current political crisis and other demands , stressing that it adopts see Barzani in the evaluation of the visit of a delegation coalition "positive" but is looking forward to practical steps to address the causes of the crisis and not just asking "good intentions." And announced the Presidency of the Kurdistan region in the 4 April 2013, that a delegation of the National Alliance visited Erbil and discuss with the leaders of the region crisis between the federal government and the provincial government, with an eye to the parties emphasized the importance of continued dialogue and expand and find a mechanism to resolve outstanding problems.

The Barzani in (the 14 of March 2013), that the cause of the crisis through which Iraq is currently "not abide by the constitution," which defined the functions and rights of all parties, and that the solution lies "in the implementation of the Erbil" as they road map to save Iraq, and stressed that the Kurds will not accept subordination and their role in the new Iraq commensurate with the size of the sacrifices they have made for this role, and asked, "Are we partners If yes Fenrid actually If Vleslk not all of us the right way". It is noteworthy that the chronic crisis and worsening between Baghdad and Erbil, portends possibilities open board with more than a leadership Kordestani, led by regional president Massoud Barzani has repeatedly, and the charged atmosphere resulting from near the provincial elections in the twentieth of April current, suggesting the difficulty of reaching solutions to outstanding problems both between Baghdad and Erbil, the "thorny" or on other fronts, fearing repercussions impact on the electoral scene.



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