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People Invested call notes 8/7/ 4p-6p est DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

People Invested call notes 8/7/ 4p-6p est

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People Invested call notes 8/7/ 4p-6p est Empty People Invested call notes 8/7/ 4p-6p est

Post by jjhall Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:57 pm

Thank you for your transcription TiffanyDinar and dinarmama7, we appreciate you!

recording https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences/-17-65-67-17-65-6793-17-65-678261103-17-65-6761-24-86-111-17-65-67-17-65-67.mp3&e=1364961600000&cn=94-43-28-63

[TiffanyDinar] Welcome to Katt's CC Center. THe call is being transcribed here so please sit on your hands. Thank you kindly!
[dinarmama7] It is a very sunny Sunday, Aug 7, 2011 in Georgia for Fresh
[dinarmama7] recorded and q & a if we can
[TiffanyDinar] BGG and Okie are here
[dinarmama7] BGG, OKIE, spartan, seeker drummerboy - ??123
[dinarmama7] We have been real excited for not days, weeks, months and years
[dinarmama7] Where are we at? Some common things. Binar Banker one of the most respected dealers in my opinion.
[TiffanyDinar] DinarBanker.com
[dinarmama7] Seek all proper channels for financial advice.
[TiffanyDinar] Great organization that is hot topic right now
[dinarmama7] dinarbanker.com a great organization. One of the hot topics,, website issues, ordering dinars offline. I personally believe as an individual that is invested. We have seen a couple things play out recently.
[dinarmama7] The general feedback we have been receiving, they were in the busines of selling dinar.
[dinarmama7] There is really no straight answer as to why. Not website specific. as far as feedback.
[dinarmama7] To a layer above them, as to how the whole supply chain goes for dinar.
[TiffanyDinar] General feedback from dinar banker information is they get currencies from Middle East from other currency dealers there
[dinarmama7] This is my opinion, they get heir currency from bigger fish. They are not buying directly from cbi
[dinarmama7] for the most part they get them farom cbi or somewhere in middle east.
[dinarmama7] what intrigued me about all developments, I think everything is a sign. There is always good to take away from it.
[TiffanyDinar] THink every thing is a sign of good things to take away from it
[dinarmama7] If you have a water bill, you pay it, we are assuming county can provide you water. You can turn on sink faucet, water pours out. So how I see supply chain going, they are only as good as county providing water to house. How I rationalize it, it could be based on water flow to house.
[TiffanyDinar] Supply chain here to DB is how good they can get dinar from bigger dealers in Mid East
[Idahojon] 1 209 647 1600 pin 201783# peoples invested is there another number or pin or board for this call. Thank you
[dinarmama7] What I liken it to, we have large orders come in, we'll buy the hot tub, pool, will the water be there. Yeah, you can still get a little water, but if someone buys a large order ...
[TiffanyDinar] It really is a delicate game of supply and demand
[TiffanyDinar] Idahojon please check in the main chat
[dinarmama7] delicate balance - supply and demand - I will kick it off and turn it to whoever.
[dinarmama7] Maybe they are hearing from their contacts, maybe this thing is geting close. That's water coming out of my faucet that will eventually run out.
[TiffanyDinar] Idahojon Click on Okie chat room (double click)
[dinarmama7] Anybody want to pick it up.
[TiffanyDinar] BGG
[dinarmama7] BGG - I would not have said anything about this if you had not brought it up.
[dinarmama7] AQ is on also.
[TiffanyDinar] AQ will be here also too
[dinarmama7] AQ and BGG - I had a quick comment. NOt relative to this immediate conversation.
[TiffanyDinar] BGG has contact from where bulk of dinar comes from
[MHE-1] please move me to CC center1!!
[jjhall] [atjlfolk] Bridge to PEOPLE INVESTED Conference Call 4PM EST. Sunday August 7, 2011 - Fresh, Drummer Boy, Okie, BGG and More!! 712-432-0075 pin 299410# skype callers use freeconferencing.7124320075. 2nd bridge 712-432-0900 pin 860257# skype callers use freeconferencing.7124320900 pin 860257#
[TiffanyDinar] He says the money supply of dinar is running out
[TiffanyDinar] In 30 days there will not be any more to be had by the general public
[dinarmama7] Where the bulk of money comes from, chain of supply. W/o going into a large amount of detail. Their money supply is running out. There is a very limited supply of dinar. At the current rate right now, if nothing changes, pretty much 30 days, no more to be had for the public. It needs to RV. Ned to be bring cash back in.
[TiffanyDinar] Even that says that we are at the end of the ride
[dinarmama7] We are coming up to end of ride no matter how you look at it. There is a bunch of stuff that I will not put out.
[dinarmama7] Our hottest window to look at today and tomorrow.
[dinarmama7] There is not an endless supply of 3 0 notes to be had.
[TiffanyDinar] Today or tomorrow is the hot window to look at right now
[TiffanyDinar] Dummer Boy
[TiffanyDinar] Drummer Boy
[dinarmama7] Fresh - general observation. When people tried to order yesterday, and called, no reason given.
[dinarmama7] Not a computer problem, no explanation given.
[TiffanyDinar] THere was no explanantion given
[dinarmama7] Only explanation given, we are not taking any orders right now.
[TiffanyDinar] One of our great Mods has been in touch with DB and conversations gave her impression that he was dancing around the bush to not say much
[dinarmama7] Fresh - I thought this was dead on, and may upset some people. One of our great moderators, weighalot, has been in touch w/db. All these conversations were leading to - (great relationship w/them) her comment was he told her he was dancing around the bush. It is basically like, "hey, we do a lot of busines, I want to buy more dinar. Why can't I." Well we just aren't selling them right now. I can't say, I can't say. Kind of that little subtle - gut feeling we all want to get. That made sense.
[TiffanyDinar] DB was just saying we are just not selling dinar right now but he couldn't say any more than that
[dinarmama7] aFresh - take it up t the next level
[TiffanyDinar] Wants to tell everyone that info that gets comes from a very large info crew, It's just not from me
[dinarmama7] BGG - first thing I want to do - heard a lot of things about what people want to say about me, is tell everybody w/in the sound of my voice. I have such a big info crew. For instance Dmoney has brought some very very good first hand information. T money also. No relation. Brought brilliant information.
[TiffanyDinar] Dmoney, Tmoney have brought a lot of information
[dinarmama7] Went through a transition and gave everybody everybody's phone number. We just all share information.
[dinarmama7] I am not some kind of info hog, I'll answer questions and tell you what we have.
[dinarmama7] A lot of info last Thurs that there were some very very indications that was to be announced midnight Thurs.
[TiffanyDinar] BGG - information from last THursday rate, etc was suppose to be announced that day
[dinarmama7] There were huge sources saying that was when it was to happen.
[dinarmama7] One of 3 letter agencies emerged from meting overseas were supposed to announcce it. It did not happen.
[dinarmama7] Why, we will not point fingers. There was some great info that it was going to happen and it did not.
[TiffanyDinar] 3 letter agencies was at meeting that announcement was to be announced at midnight Thursday but it didn't happen. THat has happened a number of times in the last 6 wks or so
[dinarmama7] Will followup on it as we can.
[TiffanyDinar] BGG did not call it on THursday but just put out information for everyone
[dinarmama7] Fresh - I would concur that I heard - how does this intel gathering go?
[dinarmama7] What we need to be mindful of when we talk to our friends. Person A tells person B and C. Is that where all the info comes from PersonA?
[dinarmama7] We talk offline about every other day. I reached out to you, I got some information. About midnight looks good. We saw a major decline in the stock market in last 2 weeks. Mirrored by China, Europe as well.
[dinarmama7] Think about Oct/Nov 2010 last year, the stock market was starting to crash like it is now.
[TiffanyDinar] Oct/Nove 2010 it is his opinion that market was about to crash like we just saw
[TiffanyDinar] Click on the tool bar on the speaker
[dinarmama7] Bernanke came out and said we are going to do QE2, what that is, pumping money into infrastructure. USD in other countries, oil,
[TiffanyDinar] Theory heard from contact was what was happening was a devalue of the global market
[dinarmama7] where I am getting at, the nature of it was kind of related to global market. The theory I heard from my contacts that are involved in this to say the least , global level, not RV, financial players. Systematic devaluation of global market. Deflation, what does it mean for us?
[dinarmama7] Let's say the dollar has ben undervalued for years. What may be happening, these countries know they are poised to increase their currency.
[TiffanyDinar] The countries know they are poised to increase their currency value
[dinarmama7] What if they are doing that because their currency will go up 20%. If we know the players, the people who buy treasury bonds, 10 yr treasury bonds. That is the global market play here. Shrinking money situation.
[dinarmama7] That is why when you see Jitters, Fed Res, Bernanke, very good info coming from these people. Really reducing money supplies. Their country may be worth 20% more overnight.
[dinarmama7] BGG turning back over to you.
[dinarmama7] BGG - Thanks for backing me up on that. I suspect if we were that close on Thurs. Anyone else want to toss in on that.
[dinarmama7] New currency in Iraq, the most significant info I have heard in a little while, personally got 4 references of my own, coins in circulation. Someone on web today coins out.
[dinarmama7] You in Katts cc room. No typing
[dinarmama7] The fill is a next stepdown from a dinar
[TiffanyDinar] There are fil coins that are a step down from dinar
[TiffanyDinar] 100 fils = 1 dinar
[dinarmama7] it kind of dawned on one of our intel crew, that is not a 1,000 dinar coin, a 1,000 fill coin. Would equal 1 dinar
[dinarmama7] about the same size as our coins, nickle, dime, quarter
[dinarmama7] CBI contacts, planning on leting those coins be distributed Fri or Sat
[TiffanyDinar] On Friday evening, contact locally said CBI contact said they were distributing coins that night or Saturday
[dinarmama7] A pretty well known guy on web, had in front lines of banks and on merchant level waiting to be put in circulation
[TiffanyDinar] Coins have actualy been in banks there
[dinarmama7] Family over there said the same thing.
[dinarmama7] Started distributing them yesterday. 4th direct contact, going to do it yesterday or today.
[TiffanyDinar] They started putting them out yesterday and Iraqi relative of a contact said the same thing
[dinarmama7] What I have said for awhile,a s soon as you see coins in marketplace. RV immediately.
[TiffanyDinar] An RV needs to happen soon after the coins come out
[TiffanyDinar] Coins are actually worth more because of what they are made of
[dinarmama7] The base metal of the coin is worth more of the face value of the coin. If put out in mass, dealers could pick up all coins and take to scrap dealer. If not an imminent RV, they could make a prety significant profit by scapping coin.
[TiffanyDinar] They are beyond worthless right now because of the currency value right now
[dinarmama7] If there is an RV in next few days, the flip side o f my reasoning, we knew it would be close to an RV
[dinarmama7] As soon as you see coins publicly, see an RV immediately.
[TiffanyDinar] Coins in public= RV right away
[dinarmama7] One text I will read to you = got it the other night - from a guy who has boocoo contacts
[dinarmama7] Another one of our intel crew - just so you know
[dinarmama7] The info you get from me, it comes from a lot of people
[dinarmama7] My guy has very significant DC vontacts, fairly entrenched in congressional side
[dinarmama7] sent text yesterday, "I know you have been buy BGG, did not want to bother you
[TiffanyDinar] Text from contact with many many contacts in DC, security, congressions side, said DC contact called this AM and got email and call with a rate between Sun-Tues
[dinarmama7] Direct contact from Iraq from 6 am we would se a rate in banks from Sun - Tue. Rate only be released when we see it
[dinarmama7] The world will see that Iraq is the wealthiest nation in the world.
[dinarmama7] That is on dinarrecaps and in OKie forum
[TiffanyDinar] As long as there are no more US curve-balls we would see it and he would be able to come home to his family in US
[dinarmama7] This could have happened a year ago, we have seen trial and error of where it failed. We are talking about the HCL, UN, the new Chpt 8, which is required.
[dinarmama7] Erbil Agreement, chicken and egg. New coins are out. That rings bells to me.
[dinarmama7] The value there is they do not release a second time, coinage, it would be scrapped.
[TiffanyDinar] Most prople do not counterfet dinars becasue they are not worth anything
[dinarmama7] The point we made earlier about 3 zero dinar drying up. The same reason why most people do not counterfeit IQD, they are not worth much now. How does it relate to coins. Made mistake in past, got scrappped
[dinarmama7] Precious metals worth more.
[TiffanyDinar] ??123
[debtarheelgirl] brett
[dinarmama7] Bret123 - I think I talked to you about 2 - 3 wks ago.
[TiffanyDinar] Brett123
[dinarmama7] Been working in oil field 2 or 3 years now. Spoke to gentlemana back in Feb, until these oil issues are resolved.
[TiffanyDinar] In feb guy said until oil issues are resolved nothing may happen. Guy was sent home because he was not getting paid and then went back because he was going to get paid
[dinarmama7] Then gentleman got sent home, not getting paid, then went back to work. The dinar has gone up in value over here.
[dinarmama7] It got me excited be cause gentleman works for me. He had so many doubts before.
[dinarmama7] Just wanted to let you know that.
[TiffanyDinar] Now all of a sudden they are excited about value of dinar going up
[TiffanyDinar] THis guy is now invested in diar and is very excited
[dinarmama7] Once I saw this guy get this excited, he had been made fun of because he bouht some. He is all excited now, never gave him the value of dinar.
[TiffanyDinar] Okie
[dinarmama7] OKIE - BGG? OKIE! Yeah, listening to you guys, basically gave overview of what I had to say.
[TiffanyDinar] contact that cashed out in Cairo at $3.45
[dinarmama7] Have contact who cashed out in Cairo $3.45. I know that to be true.
[TiffanyDinar] So we know that it is at least that rate
[dinarmama7] Getting back to money situations, there is less than 2% of IQD in Iraq, the money is so old and worn that they cannot tell the difference between old and new
[TiffanyDinar] THere is so little money in circulation right now and what is there is old and worn out
[dinarmama7] Lot of problems w/world market, world currency, moment by moment watch right now. What ramifications because of stock market.
[TiffanyDinar] RV was scheduled for Thursday sbut so much happened in the world with market, WB and IMF wants part of percentage
[dinarmama7] IMF, WB wants cut of what happens. Now sources tell me Today or tomorrow will be our day.
[TiffanyDinar] Today or tomorrow is what contact is saying now for RV
[dinarmama7] I assume our rate will be $3.45 or higher. You overviewed what I had alredy known and published on my website.
[dinarmama7] I appreciate all of you intel gatherers. Thank you all for coming to OKIEOILMAN.net
[Maxwell] dinarmama7 that is great news!
[TiffanyDinar] THanking everyone for coming to okieman.net
[dinarmama7] Fresh - It's seemless betwen our sites. www.OKIEOILMAN.net
[TiffanyDinar] okieoilman.net
[dinarmama7] The registrration crashed us the other night. The registration is closed, but will deal w/mods to open it back up.
[TiffanyDinar] So many got on chat that they crashed us down from growing so fast
[dinarmama7] We were growing so exponentially fst it was crashing our server.
[dinarmama7] Peopleinvested.com what I like about how our sites mesh, it is all about sharing information. I jumped on lastnight and said I would like to be a guest. Okie reached out and said he would like to make the call and here we are.
[TiffanyDinar] Okie volunteered to be on call to help out all others
[dinarmama7] Fresh really respects OKIE and team.
[TiffanyDinar] okioilman.net is a site for CHristian brothers and sisters and we don't sell or promote anything
[dinarmama7] OKIE is a site for christian brothers and sisters. We do not promote or sell anything. We are only furnishing info we get. It is very fluid. It could be changed tomorrow. But tomorrow looks like red letter day for us.
[dinarmama7] Fresh - we are giving away a couple of 10K notes, would love to see you pop in
[TiffanyDinar] Pop in at peoplesinvested.com
[dinarmama7] The only requirement is to register. If you want to donate to charity, let us know.
[TiffanyDinar] Requirement to donate to charity if you when is to register first
[TiffanyDinar] win
[dinarmama7] Appreciate having you here, if anyone has to drop off, we appreciate you.
[TiffanyDinar] Okie thanking all and complimenting BGG with the intel that he has which is always ahead of the clock
[TiffanyDinar] GO RV from Okie
[dinarmama7] OKIE - compliments to BGG, so far ahead of clock. Wishes People Invested best of luck. GO Rv
[TiffanyDinar] Seeker
[TiffanyDinar] THanks BGG and Okie for great intel
[Thepatientone] that link don't work it should be http://peopleinvested.com/
[dinarmama7] Seeker - Thanks BGG and OKIE for all that intel. What you said about the coins being fills and their value to the dinar. IF you put something out on Saturday and wait until past Monday to be worth something. All scrapped.
[TiffanyDinar] On Tues, the coins are going to end up in scrap
[dinarmama7] Still hearing everything that needed to be fone, all done, not announced, not official, but done. Process satisfied for going forward.
[TiffanyDinar] Contact in Bagdad that told seeker that all sales in Iraq ended on July 31st
[dinarmama7] Contact told me a couple of days ago, all sales ended on July31 to people who were not citizens, inside Iraq.
[dinarmama7] The gov't of Iraq started a program to stop merchants for using USD for all purchases. Forcing them to use IQD only.
[TiffanyDinar] Govt in Iraq started a program to stop UD dollar from being used and to use dinar only
[TiffanyDinar] That can't take place for very long without RV becasue all that is left is the smaller denoms
[dinarmama7] The majority of the 3 zeros ihas been retrieved.
[TiffanyDinar] Seeker - does have independent of some of the other sources
[dinarmama7] Pretty good sources - making diligent job of piggybacking info from same source. I do have some good sources, independent of other fine guys aand their sources.
[TiffanyDinar] His favorite source said that the dinar went amber on screen and it is suppose to be at point of no return.
[dinarmama7] My favorite source, the dinar went amber yesterday. The first time actually amber. It tried to reinstitute a while back, and was drawn back. Once it goes amber, cannot be pulled back.
[TiffanyDinar] Only way to stop now is by CBI
[dinarmama7] Only way it could, would be if CBI pulled it back. No one else can.
[TiffanyDinar] Kuwait dinar should change in value along with the IQD
[dinarmama7] Heard about a robbery of the CBI. Have some feelers out on that. Also expect KWD to revalue.
[TiffanyDinar] According to seeker
[dinarmama7] Low currencies are going to be mated together, not paired, their money will roughly of the same value.
[dinarmama7] Did get some info that KWD would have a change. No more detail, do not want to mislead anybody.
[TiffanyDinar] Got information that kwd was going to have a change but doesn't know exactly, nailed down
[dinarmama7] As far as VND goes, not sure if it will change at same time or not.
[TiffanyDinar] VND- not sure if it will revalue at the same time or not
[dinarmama7] We know there are people who listen to these sites. You would think they would to stop any double dipping.
[dinarmama7] As far as rate, I can tell you betwen $3.40 and $6, that is just what programs running are telling.
[TiffanyDinar] Rate- bouncing between $3.40-$6.00 but that is not real rate. THere are only a few that actually know the real rate
[TiffanyDinar] He is hearing the time will be same as Okie says- today/tomorrow
[dinarmama7] Rate only known to 3 people on planet. From what I am hearing, from my main source, same as OKIE said as far as time line. Today or tomorrow. Seems to parallel and jive rather well. Very confident now. We got past that line in sand when they went amber.
[dinarmama7] Kind of like picking lock on gate. Just a little walk up to the house.
[TiffanyDinar] We went past line in the sand when the light went amber, so we are finally in the gate
[dinarmama7] Fresh - Something we don't talk about much, q & a
[dinarmama7] Personal take, what do you think about the VND? Personal opinion, the IQD and the simultaneous value, 100+ currencies taking off. Double dipping and the VND does not, chicken and egg does not. If that does not happen, then double dipping could occur.
[TiffanyDinar] Fresh - VND-- personal opinion, potential millionaires would join the market and will jump into dong if it soes not revalue at the same time
[dinarmama7] A lot of new multimillionaires would jump into VND. Regardless of whether it revalues.
[dinarmama7] If it is a double dip scenario, take post RV money and invest

[TiffanyDinar] AQ doesn't have new intel but what Okie touched on--1% that WB and IMF wants is for the World Global Settlements. Don't believe it has anything to do with RV
[TiffanyDinar] THis whole thing is a world changing thing!!
[dinarmama7] Everybody seems to think the 1% BIS wants and Imf, is from the valuation of IQD. Personally, that 1% is for the WGS. Just making sure, we know the gov't is crooked, but that is WGS thing. I don't think it has anything to do w/the IQD
[dinarmama7] Personal opinion, VND and IQD will be together.
[TiffanyDinar] Dong will not go before or after IQD revalue but will go together
[dinarmama7] If anyone has paid any attention. another basket of currencies. A lot devalue, a lot revalue. The saudi Real.
[TiffanyDinar] THere are alot of currencies revaluing together and that's what is taking so long with this
[dinarmama7] The powers that be are the main issue. Think of how many millionaires will be out there now.
[dinarmama7] Last Thurs about 3pm edt, one of people was kind enough to post on our forum.
[dinarmama7] A call to action and where are we at. This is Fresh.
[dinarmama7] We got to the top powers in our gov't who do not flench when their constituants speak.
[dinarmama7] The triclle down economics related to this is huge. I am not too informed about WGS, but people way above my pay grade are.
[dinarmama7] The rise and fall of various markets, building in a deflationary component, the stock market crash,
[TiffanyDinar] RV is imminent and real
[dinarmama7] Sorry - can't keep up w/him
[TiffanyDinar] There is so much going on behind the scenes that we don't know all over the world
[TiffanyDinar] He is hard to follow and talks very fast
[dinarmama7] What is going on behind scenes? Basic forum? CBI, news sites, articles from CBI, why it is delayed,
[ntimian] dinarmama you are doing great thank you
[dinarcougar] you are doing awesome dinarmama
[dinarmama7] seeing decisions - been delayed, we are seeing chicken and egg
[TiffanyDinar] We are seeing the chicken and egg scenario with all of this
[dinarmama7] This kicks off a lot of bigger things - all will happen simulataneously
[dinarmama7] about to kick off a global event
[TiffanyDinar] There are so many global events that are all coming together
[dinarmama7] Anybody else want to comment on anything? Hearing silence!
[TiffanyDinar] Round off some point --
[dinarmama7] Spartan? A few of the articles I've sen, Tues will announce ministers. From that time, that is when we will see everything. I know the erbil, some say been announced,
[dinarmama7] Tues big day in Parliament, I believe we will see everything happenl
[dinarmama7] That's all I've got today.
[dinarmama7] Fresh - Anybody else?
[TiffanyDinar] Parliment has a big day Tues. announcing more ministers, erbil maybe 100% announced
[TiffanyDinar] Q & A time....
[dinarmama7] BGG - Okie said his contact that cashed out in Cairo - some people are getting to exchange early.
[dinarmama7] The rate he is talking about is about right. Where I would imagine it to be.
[dinarmama7] I won't say that is what the rate will be, but my gut says that it is about right.
[dinarmama7] I saw some chatter on web, on the fills that is my suspicion. It is already being misconstrued on web.
[TiffanyDinar] First...Okie's comment on cashing in Cairo...the rate makes sense and is not exhorbinate. That is what the rate he has a gut feel on
[johnniejones] crying Dgzdfzdf
[TiffanyDinar] He has had access for quite some time
[dinarmama7] He has had access to the coins already, has had access to them for quite awhile.
[dinarmama7] They were available 2 or 3 months ago.
[dinarmama7] Just his interpretation, that when it comes out and we know what we are supposed to know, that is what it will be.
[dinarmama7] BGG leaving.
[TiffanyDinar] Current coins in article, he thinks it will be a fil coin (I think this is what he is saying)
[dinarmama7] Thanks BGG and OKIE.
[TiffanyDinar] BGG saying good bye for tonight and Fresh is thanking him for coming on the call
[dinarmama7] seeker - agreeing they are fills - if he hd a buck to bet on it, he would put it down right now.
[TiffanyDinar] Fils the coins are fils. Seeker agrees
[TiffanyDinar] 1000fils = 1dinar
[dinarmama7] The system in the middle east, the countries that use dinar, and fills as pocket change. 1,000 fills equals 1 dinar.
[dinarmama7] If they put the word fill out there, it would start a firestorm.
[TiffanyDinar] Peeps in chatrooms, it may take a little bit for you to understand wht the fil is
[dinarmama7] If they put dinar in place of the word fill - those who are in the chat and have no knowledge of this, it takes a little more to understand. They slipped this in
[TiffanyDinar] It's like 100 pennies here is 1.00 dollar
[TiffanyDinar] Drummer boy
[TiffanyDinar] Okie's registration is now open now
[dinarmama7] Fresh - Drummerboy - posted something on board. Registration is open now.
[dinarmama7] Wooo Hooo!
[TiffanyDinar] Spartan just got call
[TiffanyDinar] Coins are out and he will have a picture soon in 20 minutes
[dinarmama7] Spartan - just got a call. Coins are out. Will have picure in 15 or 20 min. 1,000 coin silver, 500 copper size of dime
[TiffanyDinar] 500 is copper and size of dime
[dinarmama7] 1,000 size of quarter
[TiffanyDinar] They are out in IRAQ now
[TiffanyDinar] RV tomorrow?
[dinarmama7] Fresh - what does that mean? AQ, Seeker, RV tomorrow
[debtarheelgirl] AQ said that
[TiffanyDinar] yes
[dinarmama7] I hae a 1,000 fill coin in my hand right now.
[TiffanyDinar] Question in fresh chat: what gives with DB not selling or a delay?
[dinarmama7] Fresh - dinar banker order - first of all, my opinion. Were they reserve orders, shut down mostly on Saturday.
[TiffanyDinar] Heard reserve orders were going to shut down on Sat.
[dinarmama7] Drop a check in mail? Sure. 10M dinars, $1,800, sure. Can they place reserve orders?
[dinarmama7] Can you place wires over the weekend? No.
[dinarmama7] Very specific instructions on how to complete orders.
[TiffanyDinar] When you place orders, they are honored the next day.
[dinarmama7] 9 am Eastern - people putting big orders. No intention of fulfilling.
[dinarmama7] If you are going to buy physical dinars, and support employees. That closed Sat afternoon.
[TiffanyDinar] Dealers will get probably only 10 minute heads up of RV
[dinarmama7] All this info we crave. 12 hrs, 12 min, before it happens. Ali and Ty, anticipate that they would get a 10 - 15 min heads up.
[TiffanyDinar] THey will get notice of this is happening and is real and would only be 10-15 minutes before
[dinarmama7] We can still buy dinar, is this significant, is it related? I don't know how to answer that.
[dinarmama7] AG - Fresh, if it were me, I would look at the date, that they are as sure as we are that it is going to go. Therefore I have to see how much I have to get rid of quickly. We only have so many to sell, period.
[debtarheelgirl] aq not ag
[dinarmama7] So he counted everything he has to put out. ANd he has to count what he has. Why put it on layaway again.
[TiffanyDinar] type yes AQ
[TiffanyDinar] typo (HA)
[dinarmama7] Fresh - most people cannot send wires over weekend, in US. Critical component in comply8ng w/his stipulations.
[TiffanyDinar] Fresh is very excited
[dinarmama7] If you take all this info, take 10% outof each thing/ I am pretty excited, anybody else?
[dinarmama7] ???? Got a similar call, people w/coins out in oil field. Confirming coins.
[TiffanyDinar] Member posted on Fresh chat that they got a similar call about people having the coins in their hands and it comfirms what was said earlier
[dinarmama7] Exactly what Spartan said.
[TiffanyDinar] Excellent!!--Fresh
[dinarmama7] Fresh - Excellent!
[dinarmama7] We all believe in this. We are not here just to hear ourselves talk.
[TiffanyDinar] WE are not doing these calls to hear aourselves talk but we want tosee this play out just like everyone
[dinarmama7] One thing I want to tackle - cashouts.
[TiffanyDinar] Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3- Fresh opinion- if you are lucky enough to be in first 2 tiers, you have money already
[dinarmama7] Got kicked
[dinarmama7] In regards to dealers still having sizable amounts in stock
[TiffanyDinar] Dealers still having dinar in stock is because dinar has been sold back to dealers for the cash
[dinarmama7] It is possible they are collecing several million dinar a day. Some people are giving up. Don't give up. Hang on.
[TiffanyDinar] Some people have given up on keeping their dinar
[dinarmama7] You'll have to pry my dinar out of my cold dead hands. That has been my motto from day one.
[TiffanyDinar] We recommend that peeps do not give up
[dinarmama7] Some people are just giving up.
[dinarmama7] Please do not give up!
[dinarmama7] Fresh - Some people have placed big orders, and put 10M on reserve when they could have bought a million.
[dinarmama7] We all kind of have our nuances here, are we close, we are kind of close.
[TiffanyDinar] Some bought large amounts on reserve and then could not purchase when they came due when they could have bought a lesser amount and had them in hand
[angelman] yup, sometimes its all greed
[dinarmama7] Let's get excited, let's be concerned and try to run with it. When the info comes out, it is a global event. We hear about people buying huge amounts of gold and silver. The market can go the other way.
[TiffanyDinar] We are very excited as this is a global event and is a world wide even
[dinarmama7] The people who own the bulk of our commodities of the world, gold.
[dinarmama7] Stock markets crash like they are now. Are they crashing for a reason? Because of global economy is geting ready to reset.
[BadTink] Are these the same fils from 1959? or new?
[dinarmama7] Transcription in progress - please no typing
[dinarmama7] scenario on Thurs - all massive changes we are seeing, no magic bullet
[dinarmama7] Big global event way bigger than all the commodities that can be in play right now
[dinarmama7] They are not printing high denoms anymore. We know that.
[dinarmama7] Lower denoms being dispursed on street.
[TiffanyDinar] Fresh close: We are looking at scenario A with a revaluation of the IQD. CBI is putting out new currency and it is being put out on streets
[dinarmama7] The ministers get set, announced, erbil,
[dinarmama7] We are ready to revalue. We are going to roll out the propoganda
[dinarmama7] Shabibi almost said propoganda in English
[dinarmama7] bad word in ENglish - context of word propganda
[dinarmama7] He is very educated. Very savvy individual.
[TiffanyDinar] Shabibi speaks in several languages and is a very intelligent individual
[dinarmama7] Just dropped call
[TiffanyDinar] TV screens will be put out for mass information
[TiffanyDinar] Kuwait RV's 20 years ago
[TiffanyDinar] Not all that I have typed has shown up here- sorry everyone
[TiffanyDinar] Dealers will sell dinar right up to the last moment until the screen goes green
[dinarmama7] Dealers will sell their dinar right up until it goes green. If they have some to sell.
[TiffanyDinar] Not all are having trouble buying orders with dealers right now. It is techical
[myboys] dinarmama7 TiffanyDinar thank you :} :}
[dinarmama7] Last minute rush to get in might be messing w/site. Aware of 3 people who were able to place orders yesterday and today.
[TiffanyDinar] FResh phone was on mute and now off
[dinarmama7] Fresh - Must go by terms of the transaction.
[TiffanyDinar] Wires that go out with a bank on weekend Sat/Sun but it does not register with DB until 9AM the next morning
[dinarmama7] Not sent from Fed Res until Monday
[dinarmama7] Must leave your account

[dinarmama7] Some dealers, initiate wire - your bank initiates - you may legally be locked in.
[dinarmama7] DB was when initiated. Check current terms
[TiffanyDinar] Dealers - if you can prove with time stamp of wire, that is when it is effective according to some dealers and not others. So you would need to know from the dealer you sent it to
[dinarmama7] It used to be if you had proof that you sent the wire, it was locked.
[dinarmama7] Check current terms.
[TiffanyDinar] If it comes down to it, you need to check your paperwork according to the dealer that you purchased from
[dinarmama7] Whoever you order from, read terms carefully to make sure.
[dinarmama7] Ty will be busy cashing out. Won't have time to call on calls. lol
[TiffanyDinar] Hopefully TY will be too busy cashing out to be able to come on a call here with Fresh
[dinarmama7] Fresh - recording stopped - great call
[dinarmama7] Anyone else want to add anything
[TiffanyDinar] Peopleinvested.com
[TiffanyDinar] All excited here and we are going to stop recording of call
[TiffanyDinar] 209-647-1699 201783# is playback number

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