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Budget passed 03/07/13 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Budget passed 03/07/13

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Budget passed 03/07/13 Empty Budget passed 03/07/13

Post by IQD4US on Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:08 am

BAGHDAD / Nina / report / Amrhisham .. succeeded the House of Representatives yesterday to achieve a quorum for the number of attendees and was able to complete the ratification of the state budget for the current year its tools of / 29 / after he managed the day before the vote on the 11 articles of them. Interestingly in order to vote that the Council was able to approve the budget under the principle of majority instead of acknowledging the principle of national consensus, which has in previous periods that was the work of the current Board or earlier. The vote came in the absence of a clear and striking for two blocks large represent a broad spectrum of the people are a coalition Iraqi and Kurdish blocs to confirm that the political process started with wire new road depends on a majority to pass laws rather than waiting to reach consensus among the various factions for approval and that delayed many of them. promised MP bloc white Ahmed Oraibi approving the budget is an important step to activate the principle of majority to pass laws and private laws SOA. said that what happened during the past two days about approving the budget public gives a clear indication that the style of the majority give an advantage in passing laws instead of the policy consensus that no engine of what serves the citizen. added Ureybi that many of the laws and service private law infrastructure are Off due to the policy consensus between the various factions, "calling blocks that voted on the budget to" adopt the principle of majority to pass laws and private service ones that serve the Iraqi people. was shared Rai MP for the coalition of state law Ihsan al-Awadi, saying that approving the budget is a step in construction and an important step politically after boycotting blocs two political absolutely went budget, "adding that a major shift in the political landscape. promised vote on the budget developed important political and twist clear with County Kurds and Iraqi, but the National Alliance before the approval and consent of everyone without any target to block or component or province specific. He Awadi "that approving the budget, despite the absence of two blocks major but was the ratification of the Iraqi requests install Awakening and Kordestani survival rate of 17% and is oil-producing companies in the region did not abolished, but was lifted for the government to take its own procedures." For his part, the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa Araji "The vote on the budget is not ment to the Iraqi people, but that the council was remiss in delaying this budget so there motionless popular protests and an invitation to the demonstrations stirred the conscience of the House of Representatives and rushed approving the budget." and called on the National Bloc white to restore law SOA obstructing lie consensus the agenda of the parliament for a vote majority. said the leader of the Bloc MP Aziz Sharif Mayahi that "political partners in parliament by voting on the state budget majority changed map the political process that is built on the lie of consensus and blocked much of the law service and the most important law of infrastructure." and "The political consensus had been the cause in the corner of a lot of laws services of interest to citizens on the shelves of parliament and turned it into a platform for conflicts and procrastination, but the political will to some blocks of national and eagerness to achieve pulse of the street rose with all its power and hit the lie consensus wall and headed for citizen's voice and vote on the budget. " as he put it explained Mayahi "the move successful and powerful must be the first step to awakening the real House of Representatives in order to modify the path toward passing laws SOA much-delayed because of consensus and conflict is a real call from us to the same national vote that passed the budget to work with the same force to pass the rest of the laws service, including law infrastructure as soon as possible. " on the other side was considered a coalition and Iraqi Kurdish blocs council vote on approving the budget as the imposition of a fait accompli for political bloc through a policy of arm-twisting. saw Iraqiya parliamentary to vote on the budget "a dangerous precedent in the political process" . chief bloc Salman Jumaili at a news conference yesterday and at the start of the House of Representatives vote on the budget: "The / Iraq / believe that the subject of the dignity of Iraqis and their security and stability, submitted on the draft budget, which the government wants to Taatekz him." and added: "It was possible to reach an approval budget, and different from the vertebrae are in line, but for us the dignity of Iraqis and their rights and their security has high priority did not touch the seriousness of the government to address this aspect, which tried to Iraqi in the previous period that deal with him and progress to their audience. " He Jumaili: "We are with approving the budget in line national, rather than through a policy of arm-twisting of politicians and component Iraqi important, "adding that" there is political component is trying to impose its policy on the Iraqi people and suggests that there is no place for partners, "he says. promised this matter بالخطير to be in a country like Iraq is diverse and components important political can not be overcome in order the interest of the country, "adding that exceeded any component will be tempted to think that does not remain in a united Iraq is stable and strong." said coalition Kurdish blocs "he did not stand against approving the budget while the implementation of all the demands of political blocs in the budget except our demands." and demanded Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary Mohsen Saadoun told a news conference yesterday, that the complete paragraph on oil companies operating in the region as a matter of legal and constitutional, noting that the political process in Iraq is built on components. wondered: "Why implement the demands of political blocs, known Ptsultha, at the expense of the demands of blocks other? "he says. said Saadoun told a news conference yesterday, "that the Kurds not to blame for delay in approving the federal budget." and added: "The Finance Committee implemented the demands of all parliamentary blocs, except Kurdistan Alliance bloc own peshmerga and wages oil companies operating in the province Kurdistan. " said Saadoun: "The imports export / 250 / thousand barrels per day of oil Kurdistan back to the central government and not to the region, and it should be on the central government to bear the wages of companies operating in the region in accordance with paragraph / c / article / 24 / of Constitution "and expressed hope that experiencing hours or coming days to resolve this issue." In light of the foregoing political process to come, apparently for a new path in the democratic process adopted in the country ten years ago using style majority in the decision-making and passing laws instead of the policy of national consensus to components political process which had delayed / by these opinions / a lot of passing laws that serve the interests of the Iraqi people. / p ended

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Budget passed 03/07/13 Empty Re: Budget passed 03/07/13

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:43 am

Yes, I agree the budget has been passed a month ago, but there is no evidence it has been implemented. The big question is, is it going to be implemented in Billions of Dinars or trillions. We shall see in the near future. I do know if it is in the billions the lower denomination will need to be released and an RV of some kind done. AJ


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