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Experts: the banking sector and stock market responsive to the requirements of economic development DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Experts: the banking sector and stock market responsive to the requirements of economic development

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Experts: the banking sector and stock market responsive to the requirements of economic development Empty Experts: the banking sector and stock market responsive to the requirements of economic development

Post by IQD4US on Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:13 am

Moving the capital market in Iraq to achieve quantum leaps in performance of the three elements of the market banks, stock market, and insurance companies in order to deal with change and development stage and the requirements needed shift towards a market economy and achieve economic development. In this context, the central bank seeks to improve the performance of Iraqi Iraqi private banks and public and through cooperation with some international institutions where bank issued instructions commensurate with the requirements of the global banking industry and the recommendations of the Basel 1 and Basel 2 expert said at the World Bank d. Majid picture in an interview that the central bank received a grant of 10 million dollars from some donor countries by the World Bank and in cooperation with international companies dedicated to prepare the necessary studies for restructuring organizational, operational and financial Rafidain and Rasheed
and drew the picture that, to improve performance, the Bank trained more than seven hundred employees of various levels, especially leading them in two banks and the Central Bank of Iraq, in order to see the achievements of the global banking industry and the way they work and training with an attempt to apply the work and noted the picture that the central bank promising a new law on the organization of work of government banks, and submitted to the State Council in Month Tmosalmnasrm complement restructuring process, adding that this law depends on the recent trends in the management of State-owned banks, particularly with regard to the independence of the management of these banks for capital ownership governance of banks and hinted picture that studies carried out by international companies made ​​important recommendations for re-organizational structure for banks, methods and procedures to improve the performance of these banks in accordance with international standards and said that these recommendations were discussed by all the relevant authorities, has been approved by the Higher Supervisory Committee on restructuring, consisting of Messrs. central bank governor and finance minister and head of the BSA. said Suri he now being follow up the implementation of these recommendations by the parties representing the Commission supervisory senior, and under the supervision and follow up directly by the governor, including recommendations regarding the need to apply the banking system overall, which will allow the development of the work of banks and expand its services, as well as enabling the banks themselves, and the Central Bank of the application immediate supervision and prudential supervision. He hinted Suri said central interested Islamic banking as a promising special law Islamic banks and sent into the Council of State, as is the bank now legally regard to ensuring deposits with banks and added due to the absence of modern mechanisms, the diagnosis irregularities relating to money laundering come late, and after committing long relatively . The central bank is currently securing these mechanisms and programs, and will impose used on banks all public and private. Either in stock has sought the Iraqi market for securities and through cooperation with the Federation of Euro-to train and raise the skills of workers to apply and Ttoiralanzma modern electronic and advanced in the stock market as well as with the company World NASDAQ اوماكس. They will discuss and determine the study designs required for the new system »X Stream» For these technologies impact on the performance of the market, as it increases the turnover of stocks and then check the principle of liquidity and its ability to implement dozens of contracts at the same moment when the conditions for its implementation and advantages of the new system that has the ability to link and host state Stock Exchange in Iraq and increase the number of investors and thus higher stock indexes and attract investors and longer system later used in Arab bourses - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Bahrain - has a high capacity and large in the implementation of contracts and has the support of a technical high company NASDAQ Global provides the Iraq market hosting market Arbil Securities efficiently implement and trading عاليين In the same context detection President Board of Governors in the Iraqi market for securities Laith sentenced Suleiman al-Tamimi intention of the Council and management of the market to establish training courses lectured by professors specialize in enterprise Iraqi market, to transfer information to all beneficiaries Using the media as the most important and most dangerous way to connect with the masses, as well as for the nature of the work the Iraqi market for securities and the role of media in attracting investment. said «there sessions futuristic and 6 workshops, including a session of اعلامين, and another to extract financial statements of listed companies and the workshop next agreement with the Central Bank of Iraq how to delete the zeros, and its impact in the Iraqi market and the shares listed on the market and continued from »the most important achievements of the Council for this year instructions« custodian «where it saves money investors available in all countries of the world and his keeping the funds of investors, and be either a bank or a joint stock company, or foreign banks, and we are working system of electronic trading, one of the most advanced systems in the world and focused on the role the media organization in attracting investment, pointing out that media development or economic in Iraq is still in the development stage and need to activate this role in order to achieve the possibility of analyzing the information and not just in the transfer , and called for activating the role of the media in the process of economic development in the country's economic, the performance of the insurance sector remained slow and Aeetmashy with the requirements of great transformation witnessed by the country in the field of construction and reconstruction. Finished /

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