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Iraq donor country after 2014 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraq donor country after 2014

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Iraq donor country after 2014 Empty Iraq donor country after 2014

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:05 am

Iraq donor country after 2014 cashingIn

Iraq donor country after 2014

The central issue shake expectations the deletion of zeros
BAGHDAD - Laith Jawad
Parliamentary varied expectations regarding the deletion of zeros from the currency between the continuation of the deletion process specific Pauqatha and affected by the issue of central bank and banking tensions that may lead to delay the process beyond the year 2014 declared that Iraq will turn into a donor country.

Has confirmed the Economic Committee of the House of Representatives that the process of deletion of zeros and the dinar will be early next year after the end of the project procedures.

Said committee member Ibrahim panic (time) yesterday that (the process of deletion of zeros will proceed according to its specified time without being influenced by the issue of the central bank because of all the procedures for the project expired since leaving only the execution).

He pointed out that (deletion hold reformer of the dinar, which has suffered from inflation because of mistaken policy of the former regime, which added three zeros of the dinar to strengthen after a siege on the country the early nineties of the last century), explaining that (deletion will support and enhance the strength of the dinar globally and regionally), pointing out that ( process delete Similar got in many countries of the world to improve the economy and then this process will be great interest in Iraq).

And on Iraq's transition in 2014 to the international donor Male panic that (Iraq, according to the available data now will be one of the most important donor countries in the world in the face of rising oil exports, as well as its contribution to the IMF and the growing economy).
For his part, predicted a member of the Knesset Finance Committee good Auzmn that affect the issue of central bank and recent tensions banking on delayed replacement of the currency and delete the zeros to be implemented early next year.

And Auzmn said in a statement yesterday that (the Finance Committee and the central bank announced earlier in the currency exchange and the deletion of zeros early 2013 but continued tensions case the central bank without finding solutions would delay the implementation of the project until after next year).
He added that the (delay implementation of the project deletion does not affect the currency as much as affect the citizen weighty money supply and increase their numbers when trading in the domestic market), and explained Auzmn that (deletion of zeros will reduce the rates of current inflation resulting from increased money supply for the lack of supply of goods and services).
With regard to the transformation of Iraq to the international donor central bank stressed that Iraq will turn to the international donor after 2014.
The deputy governor of the Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement yesterday that the (World Bank request from Iraq to be a member of the International Atomic aid and become a donor her), indicating that (the government is considering topic in collaboration with the World Bank), and added the appearance that (grants offered by the bank International Iraq was left only a billion dollars, will be spent on the infrastructure of the country), and confirmed that (these grants and aid will end in the year 2014).
He appearance that (the World Bank would be for Iraq after this year Bank of knowledge provides technical advice and expertise, training courses and development), stressing that the (bank put a watershed in 2014 to be so Iraq has exceeded the ordeal and will not be providing any assistance to him after this date) . cashingIn



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